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									       Adobe Products for Use by Faculty/Staff ONLY on UWEC-
                          owned computers
                                                        Updated !2/17/2007

Due to licensing requirements, LTS can only sell the license to departments and not to individuals.
Faculty and staff will be required to obtain the license from their respective departments. The products
are not available for home use. Also they can only be used for university-related work.

To order software licenses, please fill out and sign the bottom of this form, return it to:
Julie Hayden, LTS, 36-2652, OL1124. Upon receipt of the form, an installation will be scheduled for
the computer(s) you specify.

If you are interested in manuals, maintenance, upgrades or other Adobe products, please contact for pricing and ordering information.

Please specify operating system: Windows PC _______                          Macintosh ________

   Product                                                                                 Quantity         Unit Cost            Total
   Adobe PageMaker 7.0.2 (No future updates)                                                                       $90
   Adobe Premiere Professional CS3                                                                                $100
   Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 (Windows only)                                                                      $20

You are authorized to charge $____________ for the items(s) listed above.

Date    _________________                                         Account number                 ________________________

Office or Department                          _______________________________

Authorized Signature and Email                ________________________________ _____________________
                                                                             Orders will not be filled without an authorized signature.

Ordered for: ______________________________ ______________________________
             Please include email address or username

Computer name for computer(s) installed on:______________________________ ______________________________
(Name will be like ART2641234)


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