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					                          Cell Analogy Movie Project
                    a nal o gy [uh-nal-uh-jee] –noun, plural –gies. a similarity between like
                    features of two things, on which a comparison may be based: the analogy
                    between the heart and a pump.

                    You will create a Cell Analogy Movie using MovieMaker software. In
                    your movie, you will compare the cell to another system. This is an
                    individual project that is worth 100 points.

Step 1: Pick an Analogy
Create an analogy of the cell and all its organelles. Some ideas are listed below or you can
come up with your own idea. You may not use a city as we already used that one in class.
    sport/sports team                human body                        school
    house/family                     shopping mall                     ship
    car                              store                             airplane/airport

Step 2: Complete Cell Analogy Brainstorming Sheet
Create an analogy for a cell with which you can compare the organelles of the cell, and
their functions, to the parts of your analogy. Write down your ideas on the Cell analogy
Brainstorming sheet. This will be shared, reviewed, and critiqued with a peer in class.
You need a minimum of 7 analogies.

Step 3: Peer Feedback
Meet with assigned peers for feedback on your analogy. After meeting, work on revisions
to your analogy.

Step 4: Storyboard
Plan out your movie using the storyboard handout. Storyboards are graphic organizers
which show the titles, scenes in the movie, and transitions in a rough drawing form.

Step 5: Create Movie
As a class, we will have 1 block to create our movies in the computer lab. It is essential
that you have Steps 1-4 complete before that day arrives.
Computer lab day: ______________________________.
Name: ____________________________________________ Period: ___________

                       Expert                 Intermediate               Novice                  Beginner
                         A                          B                      C                        D
                                          Brainstorming sheet
                Brainstorming sheet       is complete. I made
                     is complete.          analogies but may      Brainstorming sheet
Brainstorming                                                                                     Missing
                I used the format to       have not used the         is incomplete.
                make clear analogies.      correct format all
                                                the time.

                     Storyboard is
                  complete and well       Storyboard has some
                                                                  Storyboard is unclear
                 planned. It is clear     missing information.
 Storyboard                                                          and show little              Missing
                what images and text      Storyboard shows an
                will be included in the   attempt at planning.

                  Fonts, images and
                                            Fonts, images and      Fonts, images and         Fonts, images and
                backgrounds enhance
    Movie                                 backgrounds enhance     backgrounds make it      backgrounds make it
                    readability and
  Technical                                 readability. Most      a hard to read at       very difficult to read
                   content. Correct
   Aspects                                  words are spelled       times. Frequent         the material. Many
                grammar is used and
                                             correctly. Few        spelling errors or           spelling and
                all words are spelled
                                           grammatical errors.    grammatical errors.       grammatical errors.
                   I have CLEARLY
                                             I presented 5 or        I presented 5 or
                presented 5 or more
                                           more analogies. The      more analogies but
                    analogies. The
                                            audience can see a       the audience has
                audience can clearly
                                          connection between a           difficulty
                 see the similarities                                                       Movie is incomplete
   Movie                                   cell and our system.     understanding the
                  between a cell and                                                        because of missing
  Content                                  Audience members       similarities between a
                      our system.                                                               analogies.
                                          are thinking THAT’S      cell and our system.
                   Everyone in the
                                           PRETTY GOOD – I         Audience is thinking
                 audience is thinking
                                             get most of the        HUH – I don’t get
                  WOW – I totally
                                               comparisons.                  it.
                         get it!

Total Points
                __________________ %
General Design Guidelines
    § K*I*S*S – Keep It Short & Simple
    § Use short phrases instead of long sentences
    § Pictures should make a point.
    § Double check your spelling – Movie Maker does not have spell check
    § Pick fonts from the same family (use variations of the same font)
    § Use Bold Fonts - Avoid ornate or “decorative” fonts - Verdana, Tahoma, Georgia
      are made for presentations
    § Font colors should contrast sharply with the background color
    § The bigger the better for text
    § Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) command attention.
    § Use the same colors theme on all slides
    § Transitions should help focus the audience, not distract them from what you are
      saying. The best transitions are those that drop down or come in from the left.

Really Important To Remember:
  § CONTENT matters the most – it doesn’t matter how pretty or flashy the slide is
     if you are not saying anything worthwhile.
  § It doesn’t matter how good the presentation is if nobody can read it.