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									Page 32                                                                                                                                      Mail Today, Friday, August 1, 2008
             it’s friday! the week ahead
Art is getting competition from photography in this week’s cultural calendar.
 Plus, there’s the regular dose of theatre and music to whet your appetite.
    Biding Time (1) by
    Vikas Malhotra is
    part of the group
    show at Café Turtle

                                                                                                                                  Group photography
                                                                                                                                  show, Café Turtle, atop
                                                                                                                                  Full Circle, N-8, GK-I
                                                                                                                                  From Aug 7-17, 10 am - 9.30 pm
                                                                                                                                  Full Circle and Café Turtle have
                                                 ART                                       THEATRE                                teamed up with Wonderwall,
                                                                                                                                  an online fine art photography
                                                                                                                                  platform, to present this group
                                                 Solo show by Bodh, at                     Kallu Nai M.B.B.S. and                 show featuring Sandeep Biswas,
                                                 Gallerie Alternatives,                    Chandu Ki Chachi, by                   Sadiya Kochar, Sumit Basu, Ishan
                                                                                           Natsamrat, Alliance                    Khosla, Ajay Rajgarhia and Vikas
                                                 102, DT Mega Mall, DLF                                                           Malhotra. Rajgarhia, who is also
                                                 City Phase-I, Gurgaon                     Francaise Auditorium,                  the director of Wonderwall, says
                                                 Till August 18, 11 am to 7 pm             72, Lodi Estate                        his aim is to develop people’s
                                                                                                                                  interest in fine art photography.
                                                 Tibetan art is not just about thang-      On Aug 2 & 3, 5 pm & 7.15 pm           The pictures put up at the show
                                                 kas. Contemporary work is coming          Delhi’s resident comedians on          deal with sundry subjects.
                                                 out of Tibet now and here is a first      stage don’t like a break. Natsam-
                                                 solo show from the land in that           rat presents Kallu Nai M.B.B.S. on
                                                 genre. Bodh, 40, is from Tibet but        August 2 and Chandu Ki Chachi on
                                                 he trained in art at Santiniketan.        August 3. Two shows will be held
                                                 There is also an installation in the      of both plays. Both are comedies
                                                 form of a stupa, with drops of            based on stories by Moliere.
                                                 blood of 1,000 Tibetans. Bodh             Kallu… is directed by Shyam
                                                 says his stupa is “not an edifice         Kumar and Chandu... by Fareed
                                                 but a monument to the truth               Ahmed. Tickets (Rs 300, 200 and
                                                 of Tibetan movement.”                     100) are available at the venue
                                                                                           from 10 am to 7 pm.

  ART                                      MUSIC
  The Doors of Perception,                 Santoor recital by
  by Manoj Kachangal,                      Shruti Adhikari,
  Visual Arts Gallery, India               Auditorium, India
  Habitat Centre, Lodi Road                International Centre                                                                 Sohaila Kapur in Yerma
  From August 1 to 6, 11 am - 7 pm         On August 7, 6.30 pm
  The Doors of Perception is not just
  the title of an exhibition featuring
                                           You haven’t seen many women
                                           santoor players, right? There
  100-odd paintings, made over a de-       are not too many of them, in                                                         Yerma, based on a play by
  cade by Manoj Kachangal. It is also      fact. That’s what makes this
  the name of an ‘inspirational book’      evening unique, for it features                                                      Ferderico Garcia Lorca,
  that will be launched alongside the      a recital by Shruti Adhikari, the
  exhibition on Friday evening.            first woman santoor player of                                                        directed by Kusum Haider
    The title is derived from a poem by    the country. Born in a family                                                        On August 2 and 3, 7.30 pm
  the Romantic, William Blake, but Ka-     of musicians in Bhopal, she                                                          Yerma (Barren) is the story of a wom-
  changal, who belongs to the abstract     trained as a vocalist under her                                                      an whose desire to have a child bec-
  school of painting of Bhopal and In-     mother and her father taught                                                         omes an obsession driving her, even-
  dore, is also inspired by the work       her the finer points of the sitar.                                                   tually, to kill her husband. “Her desire
  of Austria-born American physicist       But she moved on to santoor                                                          for a child is the product of a society
  Fritjof Capra, the author of The Tao     because she didn’t want to go                                                        where a woman’s true achievement is
  of Physics.                              down the beaten path. A disci-                                                       believed to be motherhood. It is set in
    The artist, who specialises in acry-   ple of the best-known santoor                                                        a Spanish village in the 1930s, but it
  lics on canvas, connects deeply with     player, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma,                                                       could well have happened in an Indi-
  the historic town of Mandu in Madh-      Shruti also heads the depart-                                                        an village today,” says Kusum Haider.
  ya Pradesh. It was in Mandu that the     ment of music at the NCERT’s                                                         This English play is being presented by
  medieval love story of Baz Bahadur       Regional Institute of Education      Shruti Adhikari, the first woman santoor        the Spanish Embassy and entry is free,
  and Rani Roopmati had unfolded.          in her home town.                                                                    on a first-come, first-seated basis.
                                                                                player, will present a recital at the IIC

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