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					  Pantene Shine Awards for Beauty Experts who have Helped Women Shine
                                  On the Global Re-launch of Pantene

Mumbai, September 20, 2006: Every woman has the unique ability to shine. Pantene - the world’s
largest selling beauty shampoo, understands the importance of a woman’s outer shine to bring out
her inner shine, and on the occasion of its global re-launch, announced the Pantene Shine Awards to
honour Indian beauty experts who have shone in their personal journey, and helped other women
shine. The global re-launch of Pantene is reflected in its New Logo – the Shirra, New premium white
& gold packaging, New association with India’s biggest icon of beauty and self-belief – Sushmita Sen
as Brand Ambassador, and the New Brand philosophy of ‘Shine. I Believe I Can’. To celebrate this
spirit, Pantene honoured six of India’s Top Beauty Experts – Dilshad Pastakia (hair stylist to Shah
Rukh, Preity & Rani), Deepika Mehta (yoga and fitness expert to Ash, Bips & Yana), Queenie Dhody
(grooming expert), Dr. Kalpana Sarangi (dermato-cosmetologist), Dr. Anjali Mukherjee (nutritionist),
and Anita Dongre (fashion designer), each of whom like Pantene, have helped women shine and be
the best they can be.

Pantene with Pro-Vitamins provides radiance and shine, in addition to strength and conditioning
benefits, so as it nourishes and protects each strand, giving 10 times stronger hair. Its new identity
presents itself with a New logo - the Shirra, named after a North African wind, symbolizing
transformation, energy and confidence of womankind. At the Pantene Shine Awards Event, Sushmita
and the beauty experts pinned the Shirra on every woman present, inspiring them to bring their
personal shine stories to life.

Commenting on how her own shine journey has led her to endorsing Pantene, beauty icon and
Bollywood superstar Sushmita Sen said, “I have been using Pantene long before I even thought of
endorsing it. Pantene encourages the spirit of ‘Shine. I Believe I Can.’ and that’s exactly what I’ve
lived every moment of my life with. So when two ‘beliefs’ come together, then automatically there
is an instant sync and magic. With Pantene, I know my hair is looking great, and with that taken
care of, I get the confidence I need to go out and Shine in whatever I do.”

Mr. Sumeet Vohra, Marketing Director, P&G India added, “A Pantene Shine Research study led by
global scientists from the Oxford Hair Foundation, Yale University, and P&G Beauty using the latest
eye-tracking technology revealed that eyes are drawn to visible shine. This outer shine of great
looking hair is directly transformed into confidence of one’s inner shine, which is what led Pantene
to its new Shine brand philosophy of ‘Shine. I Believe I Can’. Pantene celebrates this spirit by
honouring Beauty Experts with the Pantene Shine Awards, for helping others Believe they Can!”
Dilshad Pastakia, hair stylist to top Bollywood stars and ordinary women alike, Chairperson of
Hair India People (HIP) and Pantene Shine Award Achiever shared, “Many women walk into my
salon every day each wanting not just great hair but really the confidence to be their best. This
unique Pantene Shine Award is both humbling and inspiring, for me to continue my journey in
helping women shine.”

In keeping with this spirit of ‘Shine. I Believe I Can.’, Pantene along with Whisper will launch an all-
women job hunt ‘reality’ show. The three-month show kicks off in October on Zee News and will
invite entries from 18-30 year old women across the country to compete for their dream job.

Launched globally in 1947 and in India in 1991, Pantene’s shine journey continues to help millions of
women achieve lustrous, healthy and mesmerizing hair, thus enhancing their beauty and inner shine.

Pantene’s Shine secret has helped create iconic hair styles of international stars like Cindy Crawford,
Meg Ryan, Naomi Campbell as well as its past brand ambassadors in India like Lara Dutta, Bipasha
Basu, Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty among others. Pantene was voted as the shampoo “preferred by
80% of India’s most beautiful women” in a 2005 study conducted by A.C.Nielsen (the world’s No.1
market research firm) in association with Cosmopolitan magazine and has received accolades the
world over, including the prestigious Readers Digest Superbrand Award.

Pantene Pro-V shampoos are available in an all new slick black and white with gold packaging, at
general and chemist stores, and modern retail outlets. Priced at Rs. 99 for a 200ml. bottle, Rs. 54
for a 100ml. bottle, Rs. 3 for a 7.5ml sachet and a new 400 ml bottle at Rs. 164.

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                                    PANTENE GLOBAL SHINE STUDY

A recent Pantene Shine research study by global scientists from the Oxford hair Foundation, Yale
University, and P&G Beauty using the latest eye-tracking technology revealed that the eyes are
drawn to visible shine and distracted by flyaway strands dry areas and split ends. If your hair is
healthy and shiny, it frames the face, and people get to see the real you. Shiny, healthy hair has a
positive influence on creating positive first impressions. Several factors are responsible for loss of
natural shine, such as excessive use of heated styling appliances, re-bonding, colouring, and build-up
from styling products; environmental damage like pollution and UV damage; and dandruff, where
itch-induced scratching of the scalp leads to scratching of the hair fibre causing damage to the
cuticle layers. This damage lifts the hair cells, leading to evaporation of moisture, which
compromises the way hair strands reflect light, and makes it look dull and lifeless. Women whose
hair radiates natural shine are viewed as sexy, healthy and confident. Whether curly or straight,
each strand can now radiate shine with Pantene with Pro-vitamins and goodness of Coconut Oil.

Pantene has been part of the international beauty regime from the 40s Ava Gardner-inspired
‘sausage roll’; to the 50s Marilyn Monroe Hollywood glamour and perfect housewife-inspired
‘beehives’; to the 60s Vidal Sassoon ‘geometric wedge cut’ and Bridgette Bardot-inspired blond long
looks; to the 70s Charlie’s Angels-inspired free-falling curls, flicks and perms; to the 80s Melanie
Griffith Working Girl looks; to the emergence of supermodel and celebrity-driven ‘Jennifer’ and
‘Meg’ looks of the 90s; into the millennium with the introduction of amino pro-v complex into
shampoos – a new generation in hair care that allowed women to exude individualism with loose, and
sexy hair; to 2006 looks that are about easy glamour, personal style and healthy hair that radiates

Let Pantene add shine to your life with 5 Variants:
• Pantene Smooth & Silky for Healthy, Shiny, Straight Look - Helps smooth roughness, straighten
    hair, reduce frizz, and keep hair sleek and shiny
•   Pantene Hair Fall Control for Stronger more Beautiful Hair - Reduces Hair Fall due to breakage
    by up to 50% within just Two Months
•   Pantene Long Black for the Long and Black Hair Look - Darkens each strand of hair uniformly
    from root to tip through intense moisturization
•   Pantene Lively Clean for Healthy, Lively, Grime-free Hair - Transforms dull, oily, grimy and
    weighted down hair to lively, healthy hair
•   Pantene Anti-dandruff for Dandruff-free Scalp and twice as strong hair - Helps you prevent the
    recurrence of dandruff while making hair strong and soft
Now priced at Rs. 99 for a 200ml. bottle, Rs. 54 for a 100ml. bottle, Rs. 3 for a 7.5ml sachet and a
new 400 ml bottle at Rs. 164.