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					Empire Surveillance & Investigations                                                     PI # 22176

Orange County Office
                                                                                Office: 949.645.1492
2135 Mariners Drive
                                                                                  Fax: 949.209.3068
Newport Beach, CA 92660
                                                                            Toll Free: 800.830.7030
P.O. Box 15812
Newport Beach, CA 92659


This Private Investigation Agreement is made as of the               day of                      2007
by and between EMPIRE SURVEILLANCE & INVESTIGATIONS, and                                               ,
herein after referred to as the CLIENT.


1.1 To investigate in as complete and full a manner and to the best of its ability, all matters
    referred to it by the CLIENT and to make periodic reports as requested by the CLIENT as to
    the progress of the investigation.
1.2 To conduct the investigation at all times in a prompt, efficient and fair manner, with the
    understanding that it is the investigator's purpose to ascertain facts.
1.3 The agency shall at all times protect the CLIENT'S interest by not disclosing any information
    obtained from any other person in connection with any investigation being conducted without
    first obtaining the consent of the CLIENT for the release of such information.
1.4 The agency shall maintain records sufficient to support any expense incurred in the
    performance of any service under this agreement.


2.1 The CLIENT shall pay for investigator's services hereunder at a rate of $75.00 per hour spent
    investigating matters pursuant to this agreement.
    Requests to schedule surveillance work within twelve hours prior to the start of the
    surveillance are billed at a rate of $75.00 per hour.
2.2 The CLIENT shall reimburse agency for all expenses reasonably and justifiably incurred in
    connection with investigator's services hereunder, including mileage at the rate of $ 0.50 per
2.3 If requested, the agency shall render statements for services performed and expenses incurred.
2.4 Upon signing of this agreement, a retainer of $                     shall be paid by the CLIENT,
    services shall be performed while a positive retainer balance exists.
2.5 A four-hour minimum applies to all surveillance work conducted on behalf of the client. In
    the event the client requests to cancel scheduled surveillance work, the request must be
    received no later than six hours prior to the surveillance or the client will forfeit the four-hour

                                 CONFIDENTIAL REPORT
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2.6 TRAVEL AND SET-UP TIME, will apply to the overall surveillance time. Thirty minutes
    (30:00) before and thirty minutes after a surveillance operation will be included in the overall
    surveillance time for Orange County. One hour (1:00:00) will apply to the overall
    surveillance time Los Angeles County.
2.7 In the event the investigator’s presence is requested or required in court, the FLAT RATE of
    $750.00 per denim will apply. Thirty minutes of travel each way will apply.
2.8 Verbal reports shall be given in all cases, however, if written documentation is necessary or
    requested, a fee of twenty minutes per page will be applied.
2.7 Computer data base searches shall be billed according to services/fee schedule.
2.8 Representations made by the CLIENT as to relevant facts or subsequent statements made to
     the investigator regarding the specific details shall be considered honest and accurate, if any
     representation or facts are determined to be a intentional misrepresentation by the CLIENT in
     an effort to further investigative services beyond legal and ethical limits the CLIENTS shall
     forfeit any claims to reimbursement of remaining monies after fees and services have been
     invoiced, to also include CLIENTS retainer and or deposits.


3.1 Either party to this agreement may immediately terminate the same, with or without cause, at
    any time upon written notice to the other.
3.2 Following the termination of this investigation, if requested, the agency shall render a final
    statement for services and expenses incurred.
3.3 The agency agrees that at all times during the term of this agreement, and after the termination
    hereof, the agency will keep secret and not disclose or make known to other persons, without
    CLIENT'S written consent, any confidential information acquired as a result of this agreement.


4.1 Wherever any notice, demand or request is required or permitted hereunder in writing, such
    notice or request shall be deemed to be delivered when same is deposited in the United States
    mail, first class postage prepaid, or personally delivered.

4.2 The CLIENT affirms that there is no ‘order of restraint’ or other restriction filed against them
    in any court, which would prohibit them from, being near or contacting the intended subject of
    any surveillance or database search to find this person. The CLIENT agrees to forfeit any
    retainer if any falsification is made in this area.

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