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									                                     Workout Routines
To get started working out, you need to get into sufficient condition to be able to handle
a full workout. I would suggest a general body conditioning routine starting at three
times a week, i.e., Mon, Wed and Fri or any similar pattern you find convenient.
Each workout should last no longer than 45 minutes with rest periods of no less than 90
seconds between sets and reps. Use combination exercises with free weights to start.
This will give you more "bang" for the "buck" in your initial development. Now, check out
the routine below....
Starter Routine
Bench Press
Triceps Press
Bent Row
Calf Curl
Leg extension
Toe Lifts
Do three sets of 10 to 12 reps. The final rep of the final set should be at or beyond
maximum effort. If you succeed in the final rep, either increase the reps or drop the
reps to 10 and increase the weight- about 7 percent. If you start too light, no problem.
The trigger system of increases will quickly have you at or near max.
You will notice that there is no specific abs routine included. Two reasons. First: this is
a conditioning routine preparing your for what is to come. Second: you will find that you
are tightening the stomach muscles in most of these exercises with free weights and
your abs ARE getting some work. Enough to condition them. If you have time (within
the 40-45 min time limit) you may choose to include situps or crunches. Fairly high reps
here - up to 25.
Your execution should be brisk. Not too slow, not too fast. You are trying to complete
your routine in 40 to 45 minutes so a little arithmetic will show you that you are not
going to be doing a lot of relaxing.
After your workout, get some protein. I like a light protein snack prior to working out
(maybe half an hour prior) like a hard boiled egg. Now, here is a key point. We are NOT
directly attacking fat in this routine. We are deliberately trying to build muscle,
knowing that lean muscle and working out will heighten your body's calorie requirements,
causing you to metabolize fat. Other than this, eat sensibly.
Now, it is important to keep accurate records of your workouts. Without accurate
records, it is difficult to plan for the next workout period. Based on your execution of
the current workout, you will always plan you next workout. When you increase the
weight, a 7% increase is about right for these rep levels. I cannot stress how important
written records are. Also, record your body weight and measurements weekly. Weight,
neck, chest, biceps, waist, thigh, and calf are measurement candidates.
If you do not have skinfold calipers, run out and get some. Try GNC. They should have
them. Make multiple pinches and record the readings. This is what will tell you what is
happening with the fat levels of your body - which, at this time, is one of the REAL
OK, that should get you started.

                                  Workout Routines
Advanced Conditioning Routine
All exercises are three sets with two minutes rest periods and should take less than 45
min. Keep records. When the final rep of the final set is too easily completed add
weight if you are on the low side of the rep schedule. If you are on the upper rep, drop
the reps to the low range and increase the weight. About a 7% increase is about right.
The final rep of the final set should be VERY difficult or impossible.
Monday                                        Tuesday
===============                               =============
Bench Press                                   Press
Bent Row                                      Triceps Press
Curl                                          Squat
Standing Heel Raises
                           10-12 Reps
Wednesday                                     Thursday
=============                                 ===================
Upright Rows                                  Triceps Press
Bench Press                                   Reverse Press
Standing Heel Raises                          Calf Curls
                             8-10 Reps
Friday                                        Saturday
==================                            ============
Flys                                          Squat
Bent Row                                      Press
Concentration Curl                            Triceps Press
Toe Raises
                             6-8 Reps
This routine that I'm using uses a technique the author calls micro periodization. There
are three periods to any workout schedule - definition, mass, and power. Each week
includes all three phase producing the effect of gaining mass AND definition
simultaneously! Something many people think is impossible!
The actual workout routine has 4 levels of difficulty as number of workouts per day.
The max level is variant three, where you workout THREE times a day, six days a week!
Hello, superman! Where are you when we need you. I tried variant two - twice a day, six
days a week - and just couldn't handle it. I was too tired to work for a living. I guess if
I was good enough to get a corporate sponsor, I could do it. But, its too much for a
normal human. I cannot conceive of being fit enough to handle variant three.
Sample Variant One Phase One program. This is used for three weeks then phase two is
started. There are six phases.

                                      Workout Routines
              Variant One Phase       One
         Day 1                         Day 2
         Exercise          Sets        Exercise          Sets
         Bent Row             3        Press                3
         Upright Row          2        Reverse Press        2
         Bench Press          3        Barbell Tri Press    3
         Flys                 2        Dumbell Tri Press    2
         Barbell Curl         3        Calf Curl            3
         Cnctrtn Curl         2        Leg Ext.             2
         Singe Toe Raise      5        Crunch               3
                                       Situps               2
         13-15 Reps
         Day 3                         Day 4
         Exercise              Sets    Exercise          Sets
         Bench Press              3    Press                3
         Flys                     2    Reverse Press        2
         Bent Row                 3    Barbell Tri Press    3
         Upright Row              2    Dumbell Tri Press    2
         Barbell Curl             3    Calf Curl            3
         Cnctrtn Curl             2    Leg Ext.             2
         Singe Toe Raise          5    Crunch               3
                                       Situps               2
         10-12 Reps
         Day 5                         Day 6
         Exercise              Sets    Exercise          Sets
         Bent Row                 3    Press                3
         Upright Row              2    Reverse Press        2
         Bench Press              3    Barbell Tri Press    3
         Flys                     2    Dumbell Tri Press    2
         Barbell Curl             3    Calf Curl            3
         Cnctrtn Curl             2    Leg Ext.             2
         Singe Toe Raise          5    Crunch               3
                                       Situps               2
         8-10 Reps
         Rest:90 Seconds on all days
When the allowed rest periods are followed and each rep is executed at a medium brisk
pace, each workout will take less than 45 minutes. Some of the most difficult 45
minutes of the day!! This routine is derived from instructions received from Optimum
Training Systems, in California. It a modification of Leo Costa's original Bulgarian Burst
system modified and refined for bodybuilders.
There are six phases rotated about every three weeks.


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