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free guitar music Powered By Docstoc – music on the internet – good links pages - homework help pages for music projects - loads of links for teachers – secondary resources by year groups, on line games and quizzes – composition fun and games – online theory as well as games and puzzles to do and print – education page has loads of links to kid based music sites - Education Network of Australia – music page K-12 resources for music education - links galore - Online articles and videos       Free music scores - US Army bands – downloadable recordings - Alexander Techniques for musicians - for buying music - for band biographies and free classical music - for keeping up with the kids and new bands - for Australian Music News - for new music tailored to your taste - for downloading last night’s mind blowing gig - for weekly bulletin on indie music and news - for latest salacious and unholier than thou pop gossip - for never having to root in the attic for old music magazines again - for putting music on the net - for new music writing on the web - for all things Dylan
Parents’ Music Room - articles about music and your child, careers guide, learning an
instrument as well as links to other sites.
Hundreds of printable theory worksheets and puzzles
Online games such as music hangman, matching games and trivia
Two Qld sites with loads of resources and lesson plans for classroom music
Go to the fun zone for online games, also fingering charts
Collection of links to resources pertaining to music technology for education
The Australian Music Website is a resource with information about Australian artists,
retailers, industry and media.
Site about health and injury issues for musicians
Music for teachers—Developing a school music policy and loads of other teacher resources
ABC website—tv and radio programs with music theme/content and some other cool things!
Music education - worksheets for children
Sheet music, guitar tab, site reviews and more, including Christmas print music to download
and print
Downloadable single and ensemble arrangements of Christmas songs
Lyrics, chords, vocal part—very pretty Christmas arrangements!!
The Music Council of Australia invites you to submit papers on issues concerning the
―situation of music‖ for its new online research journal.
www.sibelius .com
The company behind the program
Fingering charts for educators—need that trill fingering or 4 valve chart—here is the place
for you to search
For all those players of low/bass instruments (courtesy of a student!)
For those very necessary music jokes for your next newsletter
The Australian Music Association site—relevant for all Aussie teachers & Musos
Here you will find the report from the National Music Workshop held for Australian Music
Educators last year. Very interesting reading, especially the recommendations.
Music crosswords, chord decoder, rhythm sheet creator, terms and definitions as well as
great practice advice for you, parents and students guitar tablature
Music Literacy articles
Whole language and music literacy
Free downloadable workbooks       A professional association established to promote excellence in
music education and to support and resource Australian music teachers.
Bridging gaps in music teacher education (quote from website)
Go to ―projects‖ then ―Music hub‖
Music and learning articles
Tips for success—choose to teach, focussing on classroom, the business of school
Music Council of Australia—Lobby kit for Schools—great short articles with useful ideas
Based in Singapore for the Secondary School Band—topics such as—playing in tune, how
to ―Swing‖, etc
Links to bands, festivals, tattoos, concerts around the world—amazing!
Loads of tips for the music educator and short articles and info sheets to print eg—cleaning
your horn, playing with braces, etc
What we do everyday!
Cool online music game
The International Society for Music Education
Hundreds of free music graphics, icons and backgrounds
K-12 Music educator resources– free
Learn to play lead guitar—loads of tab tunes!