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					                    SAMPLE OF WEB SITE REQUIREMENTS

                              OVERVIEW OF WEB SITE

The objective of the “Thai Pen Friends” (Working Title) website is to create a new
distinct professional site that will allow potential single members around the world to
visit the site with the aim to finding pen friends in Thailand.

The site will have 3 primary markets
   1. Single Men primarily from USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia who are looking
       primarily for a Thai girlfriend however we will also market other countries in Asia.

   2. Thai Ladies looking for foreign boyfriends from above. This page must be in Thai
   to allow for girls to enter their information into the system so that there is data there
   for people to find. Their membership will be free.

All of the above to have a drop down menu feature

The site should also allow for the gentlemen to register and pay online through an
integrated third party payment system and for them to be able to access the full
information on the site once their membership has been approved. I.e. Pay pal system

   Navigation must be both easy and user-friendly.

   To establish compatibility with various browsers.

   1. Perl/MySQL programming.
   Perl/MySQL programming will be used for the databases, functions and contact us
   forms. This will make the site more dynamic, easier to maintain and more interactive
   for the users.

   2. Quality Control.
   All sections of the site will be tested by internal and external team Quality Control teams
   both off line and online to ensure there are no critical errors on the site. SITE FEATURES.

Home Page.
A new professional style will be developed for the site that will represent the “Thai Pen
Friends” brand online. This style will also set the consistent theme, navigation and look
and feel for the entire site.

Although the web site will be in English The home page should also have a Thai flag as
an indications to link to Thai lady registration. Also display local time and weather.
“Send this page to a friend! Feature

The home page must be developed to be clean and fast loading, allowing quick and
easy access to all the major parts of the site.

The home page must serve as a central navigation point of the site not an extra step in
the process of getting to the information the user wants to see.

The Home Page will also be designed to be search engine friendly. So that search
engine spiders such as the “Google” spider can easily navigate the site and engines
that use text based information and Meta tags can also gather the information they need
for accurate and high search engine placement.

                                       CORE SITE.

The following core areas of the site will exist.

          Company Profile
             This section will deal with the corporate information about “Thai Pen
             Friends”, covering the management, corporate profile, history, work ethics
             and other information about how the company operates.

          Registration Pages
             This area will be split into two systems, one that allows girls to register and
             add their information to the system and a second that allows gentlemen to
             register and pay for access to the database.

              So many similar web sites take you through a lengthy profile process
              before the price of membership, therefore on the gentlemen’s section it
              will be clearly display the cost of sign up before the registration is made
              and the payment page will be the last step of the sign up. The users
              selected passwords will be placed on the home page and will be inactive
              until the Administrator activates the account. See Pay Pal integration

              For the men.
              A simple application form is suggested with the following requirements.
              First name.
              Last name
              Your age. (Buttons) 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60+
              Are you. (Buttons) Single / Divorced / Widower / Separated.

              E-mail address
              Where you live (Drop down menu of countries)
              Profession. Button choice. E.g. Professional, Management, own business,
              retired, etc.
              Have you been to Thailand before? (Buttons Y/N)
              Would you be interested in marrying a Thai lady? No / Yes / Maybe?
       Are you planning to visit Thailand in the near future Y/N

       Age group of lady you are looking for. 20-30 30-40 40-50 50+

       Are you looking for someone who is
       (Buttons) Single / Divorced / widowed / Separated.

       (Buttons) Children Yes/No

       Interests: Travel / outdoor sports / Cooking / Eating out / Theatre / T.V /
       Reading / Computers / etc.

       Ladies Page. Similar to above.

   Account Pages
       This area will allow girls to update, edit and change their information listed
       on the site at any time from any location in the world without the need to
       know HTML or other forms of programming.

   Search Engine
      The search pages will allow anyone entering the site to search the
      database using a predefined search format. The results are displayed but
      a person cannot see the contact information unless they have paid and
      logged into the site. All Emails sent to the pen pals through the system are
      sent as blind emails, meaning the sender does not see the recipients
      email but the recipient can see and respond to the email account if they

   Payment Details
       This section will present information on how to pay and what a user gets
       for their payment. See Pay Pal Integration below

   Pay Pal Integration
       The site will be integrated into Pay Pal so that all payments can be tracked
       and recorded via their system. The client will be responsible for the setting
       up of the account. Once done we will link the payment page into the
       system with a selection of 1,3 and 6 month payment options.

   Account Management
       Once an account has been paid for the client will be able to view and
       accept the payment online via Pay Pal and then activate a member’s
       account for the specified length of time. The administrator will be able to
       run an automated check on all active accounts at any time. Any members
       account that is within 5 days of expiring the system will be sent an email
       alert, informing them of the account expiry coming up and linking to a
       renewal of membership page.
          Membership Renewal
             This page will near enough replicate the membership payment page but
             will be for renewals and be tagged as such on payments through to Pay

          Thailand Information
              These pages will cover general information on Thailand and other
              information pertinent to the content of the site. This will cover roughly 15
              links to other web sites. I can do this myself.

          Banner System
             This will be a basic banner system designed to enable the administrator to
             insert any number of affiliate banner codes into the site and have them
             rotate on all pages of the site.

          Dynamic Links System
              This will allow the administrator to add controlled text links to a “links
              page” on the site and change them at any time.

              Administrators to have a counter to see how many new members have

          Contact Us
             This will be a couple of pages that give the contact details for “Thai Pen
             Friends”, such as email, telephone, fax, a map to the location of the head
             office and a contact form to contact “Thai Pen Friends” directly from the
             web site.

We estimate that the core static content of the site will be less than 10 pages.

Admin Module .

All dynamic functions will be managed from a single secure location on the site. Access
to this area will be possible from any location in the world through a secure password.

The administrator will be able to activate or disable gentlemen’s accounts as well as
removing or editing the girl’s accounts.

Search and Registration Features
            The search and registration functions need to be fully outlined and
            decided before programming starts. When the member pays by credit card
            for a monthly membership. They will be sent a reminder via E-mail to
            remind them that their membership will expire in 5 days. Unless they
            cancel the next month’s fee will be deducted automatically.
                     ONLINE PROMOTION / E-BRANDING.
Web site developer should provide the following service.
           Seeding.
           Viral Marketing.
           Search Engine Submission.
           Search Engine Placement.
           Banner Promotion / Management.
           Affiliate Programs.
           E-Loyalty Programs.
           On and Offline Integrated Marketing.

Search Engine Submission : Submitting the site to search engines is extremely
important in the marketing of the website. We offer a service where your site is
submitted to all the core international index locations (search engines, directories and
links pages).

Search engines and directories submitted to are:

             Alexa                          M Web Network
             AllBusiness Directory          NetSearch
             Claymont                       Northern Light
             Direct Hit                     REX
             DMOZ (AOL / Netscape Feeder)   Search It
             EZSearches                     Searchalot
             Fast Search                    SearchHound
             Thailand                       Subjex
             Frequent Finders               SurfGopher
             Go Eureka                      Voila!
             Google                         WalHello
             Goto                           Webs Most Linked
             Info Tiger                     What-U-Seek
             Infomak                        WorldLight Network
             Lycos                          Xaap Thailand
             MSN (Microsoft Network)        Zeal (Look Smart Feeder)

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