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					                The Specitell Group
        Residential Emergency Management
           Training and Concierge Staffing

3334 Peachtree Rd. Suite 408 Atlanta Ga. 30326 * (404) 625-3354 * *


A category 4 Hurricane or Tornado hits downtown Atlanta. The National Weather
Service tells citizens to find shelter. Living in a High-rise building can be extremely
dangerous in these situations.

Where should the concierge tell the residents they should go to
protect themselves if there isn't a basement?

After the storm is over, management nor the building engineer are able to get to the
building to assist with damages or emergencies and the city's emergency services are
spread thin.

What steps should the concierge take to manage the situation?

A Resident is over in China and has been a victim of a crime and their passport is
stolen. The resident calls their concierge for assistance. What steps should the
concierge take to help the resident?

These are just a few scenarios out of many that can include Floods, Winter Storms,
Biological Attacks, Chemical Attacks, International Emergencies.


                               WE ARE!

Concierge staffs have continued to be a major asset to Residential Condominium
buildings here in Atlanta but are in desperate need of an upgrade. Although they display
customer service and knowledge of personal service, our extensive research have
concluded that the concierge staff across the country are lacking knowledge in
Emergency Management and this can prove to have a disastrous effect on the residents
they serve. Today's concierge also lack the knowledge and resources to assist their
residents in other states and countries.

The Specitell Group is a private sector Homeland Security and Residential Emergency
Management firm that specializes in residential safety training as well as concierge
staffing. Our extremely qualified executives provide an array of services that will develop
a knowledgeable and qualified concierge staff that will be able to manage any emergency
situation that may arise. The answer to the question of whether or not to have Concierge
or Security has been answered. You can have them both. No other concierge company in
Atlanta is able to blend customer service and safety like The Specitell Group.

We hope that you will find this to be a valued asset for the safety of your residents.
Residential Staffing and Training

Option 1:
$18 an hour, Monday through Sunday, 6am-2pm, 2pm-10pm, 10pm-6am

Option 2:
$25 an hour, Monday through Sunday 10pm – 6am

                              Your Building Will Receive;

A Certified Homeland Security Specialist and/or FEMA certified Emergency
A Certified Homeland Security Specialist or FEMA Certified Emergency Manager with
at least 3 years of Customer Service experience will be staffed on each shift 24 hours a
day. They will not only provide the high standard of customer service that concierge
companies require but also the safety and protection of the residents and the property. In
addition to providing residents with restaurant reservations, hotel reservations, florists,
dry cleaning services, car services, wake-up calls, shipping and receiving packages, etc.,
the Specitell associate will conduct building sweeps and patrols throughout the day night
and will contact the police during any emergency situations or security breaches.

The Specitell Associate will lead time critical investigations of vehicle break-ins, security
breaches, stolen property, harassment, and destruction of property. They will review
incidents, interview complainants, interview witnesses with direct knowledge of the
incidents, review and collect data as evidence and assist the police with resolution.

An Emergency Management Manual (customized)
This manual explains the different types of incidents that can occur, how to notice them
and how to protect the residents from these incidents. These incidents are as follows;
Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Winter Storms. Biological Attacks, and Chemical

Concierge Disaster Assistance Training and FEMA Certification (included with
Option 2. All TSG associates already have certification)
TSG’s Certified Homeland Security Specialist will provide training material and testing
in Disaster Assistance for concierge. This training will teach concierge how to manage
and assist residents in emergency situations when there is no help readily available.

TSG will provide one study unit per week with a total of 5 units. At the end of each unit
will be four test questions with a total of 50. At the end of each week the concierge will
email or fax the test answers to Specitell and at the end of the sixth week their answers
will be turned in to FEMA. If and when the concierge passes they will receive a
Certificate in Disaster Assistance from FEMA.
Conflict Resolution Training-(included with Option 2. All TSG associates already
have CR training)
TSG’s Department Of Defense Certified Conflict Resolution Specialist will train
concierge on how to handle and diffuse disputes and conflict amicably. Concierge will
get together on a day decided by the Concierge Manager and will be taught in a two hour
classroom setting. Concierge will receive Certification of Completion for the course.

Criminal Background Checks For Realtors and Resident Business Owners
TSG will provide Criminal Background Check services for residents who own businesses
as well as for resident Realtors who are trying to sell there units. This service will also be
available for the residential manager and concierge manager. Residents can go to
Specitell's Interactive Residential Website and fill out there request and have their results
in 24 hours.

If a resident wants a Criminal Background check on a potential buyer, the TSG associate
can run it on the spot in less than 2 minutes. A TSG associate will also escort potential
buyers up to the resident's condo and stay with them while the resident is
attempting to sell their condo (this is done at the resident's request)

National and International Concierge Services
Residents who are visiting another State or Country will have access to their concierge to
assist them with basic information or emergencies while they are away.

Continual Training for Newly Hired Concierge (included with Option 2. All TSG
associates are trained before staffed)
Each concierge that is hired will begin training at Unit 1.

Continued Training for All Concierge (included with Option 2. All TSG associates
already have training)
Any concierge who is interested in receiving other FEMA certifications dealing with
Emergency Management and how to handle residents in emergency situations, we will
train and test them.

Interactive Residential Website
Residents will have access to The Specitell Group's Interactive Residential Website
where they can go and receive information on the latest news stories, local events, stock
and finance information, etc. They also can use the Interactive Storm Tracker where they
can track storms from the satellite map anywhere in the world. Residents can also make
personal requests of services through Specitell's Residential Services Page, which
delivers the resident's requests to each Specitell Associate in real-time at any time and

Kevin Young, CHS
Certified Homeland Security Specialist
The Specitell Group, LLC

Kevin started with Key People Management as an entry-level concierge. Exhibited
extensive knowledge of security and residential hospitality, and as a result was promoted
to lead concierge. He developed successful professional relationships with the Residential
Managements, residents and vendors. Lead security awareness programs that assisted in
the company becoming one of the top concierge companies in Atlanta, which resulted in
promotion to Operations Manager

As Operations Manager with Key People Management Kevin led time critical
investigations of vehicle break-ins, stolen property, harassment, and destruction of
properties for three Residential Communities. His course of action was to get the case
and review it, interview complainants, interview witnesses with direct knowledge of the
case, review and collect data as evidence, and review pertinent guidelines and data. In
addition, he wrote reports and submit them for corrective action.

Kevin also managed and supervised concierge staff at the three communities to ensure
that KPM guidelines were being met and their policies were being executed effectively.

Kevin then developed The Special Intelligence Group (Specitell) and as a Certified
Homeland Security Specialist with clients such as Key People Management, Renaissance
Walk at Sweet Auburn Condominiums, and AnJohn Productions.

Key People Management is one of Atlanta’s most sought after concierge companies. As a
Certified Homeland Security Specialist Kevin consults with executives on security
related issues such as residential safety and security, etc. Assessments and reports are
given to help prevent internal crime in its beginning stages. Kevin also consults with
concierge and security staff on security, and facility protection guidelines, as well as how
to execute them successfully
Renaissance Walk at Sweet Auburn
Renaissance Walk is a luxury condominium building that has hired TSG to effectively
provide security and safety services of their residential facility. TSG and its associates
implemented security policies for employees and developed effective building sweeps
and security patrols that helped create and maintain a safe and secure environment for the

AnJohn Productions
AnJohn Production is a production company that produces stage plays a releases them
nationally. Specitell is contracted to make sure the venues they are playing were safe and
protected. TSG also contract security personnel to provide security for the actors. As
Certified Homeland Security Specialists, TSG makes sure that every venue and theater is
safe and up to standards with its security policies.

Personal Protection for Executives, 2008 (Technolytics Institute)

Enterprise Risk Management, 2008 (Technolytics Institute)

Homeland Security, 2009 (ACFEI)

National Incident Management System, 2009 (FEMA)

National Incident Response Framework, 2009 (FEMA)

American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (A.B.C.H.S)

American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI)

National Emergency Management Team (A.B.C.H.S)

National Emergency Response Team (Georgia Homeland Security)

United States Marine Corps Reserves (1994-1996)

1994 Virginia State Taekwondo Team

1992 United States National Taekwondo Team

1994 United States Taekwondo Championship Team

-Corporate Espionage
-Electronic Bugging Systems
-Digital Footprints
-Identity Theft
-Extremist Groups
-Terrorism Strategies and Tactics
-Travel Security
-White-Collar Crime
-Social Engineering
-Computer Crime
-Information Warfare
-Computer Hacking
-Critical Infrastructure Protection
-Technology Warfare
-Insider Threats

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