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					                                                                                                             Section 5.0

Introduction                                                  Automated tickets, such as the Transitional Automated
                                                              Ticket (TAT) and the Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass
ARC standard traffic documents are documents agents are       (ATB) are generated through a computer system of some
authorized to report through the area banks on behalf of      sort. The information that appears on these documents is not
ARC carrier participants. These standard traffic documents    entered manually, but through the entries you have made
include:                                                      when creating a reservation and when driving the ticket.
                                                              Although the information that prints on the tickets is similar
        4-Flight Passenger Ticket & Baggage Check             to that on a manual ticket, you, the agent, make no actual
      * 4-Flight Transitional Automated Ticket (TAT)          written entries on the ticket. As such specific instructions for
        Automated Ticket/Boarding Pass                        generating automated tickets may be received from your
        1 Coupon Miscellaneous Charges Order                  automated system provider.
        4 Coupon Tour Order
        1 Coupon Prepaid Ticket Advice                        The principles regarding the issuance and acceptance of
                                                              tickets will apply to all passenger tickets unless otherwise
Standard Ticket                                               noted within the governing resolution of that specific ticket.
                                                              Governing resolutions may be found in the ATA - Standard
The Standard Ticket is a contract between the carrier(s)      Interline Passenger Procedures.
indicated in the itinerary of the ticket and the passenger.
                                                              Issuance and Acceptance of Interline
Each flight coupon:                                             Passenger Tickets
    Authorizes passage between the points and via the         The following principles and/or instructions apply to
    routing indicated.                                        completion of all passenger tickets except as otherwise
                                                              provided within the governing resolution of a specific ticket
    Serves as evidence of payment of the fare shown on the    document.
                                                              You, the agent, must maintain a thorough knowledge of
    Serves as evidence that an interline agreement exists     tariffs, routings, fares, etc. in order to be able to service the
    between the carrier named in the routing and the          passenger's request effectively.
    ticketing carrier.
                                                              Traffic documents must be used and reported in strict
    Contains all information necessary to allow proper        numeric sequence and validated on the date entries are made
    handling of the online and interline customer and his     thereon. In the event a ticket or other document for any
    baggage via the routing shown.                            reason is withdrawn from stock and not used, such ticket or
                                                              document must be invalidated by writing "VOID" across the
    Contains a record of all conditions that must be known    face. Retain the Agent’s coupon for audit or record
    at the time of reissuance or refund.                      purposes; all other copies must be destroyed. Completely
                                                              voided ticket sets should not be submitted with the report.
    Contains all information necessary for billing purposes
    between issuing and carrying airline's revenue            Issue one complete ticket to cover the passenger's interline
    accounting departments. Value of Flight Coupon(s) is      domestic and/or international air transportation.        The
    based upon the entry in the Fare Basis box and the fare   Interline Passenger Ticket shall not be used for supplemental
    construction/routing    information    applicable    to   services.
    transportation covered by the ticket.
                                                              Each ticket shall cover transportation for one passenger only,
Section 5 will deal primarily with the instructions for       unless an infant, carried free of charge and not occupying a
completing manual documents, such as the Passenger            seat, is included on the ticket of the accompanying adult with
Ticket & Baggage Check, the Miscellaneous Charges Order,      the notation "PLUS INF" following the name entry for the
the Prepaid Ticket Advice, and the Tour Order.                passenger.

* The 4-Flight Transitional Automated Ticket (TAT)
  will no longer be distributed after 12/31/97.
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Section 5.0

Select the ticket booklet that will provide a separate flight     Void coupons from tickets validated on the carriers listed
coupon for each flight in the passenger's itinerary. ARC is       above should be attached to the appropriate Auditor's coupon
currently only stocking 4-flight ticket booklets.                 and submitted with the sales report. This is not required of
                                                                  agencies reporting via IAR Interactive Plus.
Exception - If the segment is via interchange service (a flight
that gives passengers the benefit of a thru-service and is        Flight coupons shall be honored only in sequence as shown
operated by two or more airlines from the boarding point to       on the passenger coupons. Flight coupon(s) shall not be
the deplaning point using the same aircraft), provide a           accepted for carriage, exchange or refund unless
separate flight coupon for each carrying airline.                 accompanied by the passenger coupon.

When more than four flight coupons are required, issue two        Erasures are not permitted on any portion of the ticket. If a
or more ticket booklets in conjunction with one another to        mistake is made, void the entire ticket and start again.
provide the required number of flight coupons. Tickets
issued in conjunction shall be of the same form number and        Each carrier must be provided with a valid Flight Coupon(s)
shall be completed in numeric sequence. For example, an           for the segment(s) over which it is carrying the customer;
itinerary with six segments would require either two 4-flight     therefore, prepare the ticket as though you may be called
coupon booklets, or three 2-flight coupon booklets.               upon to process the fourth coupon for boarding, reissuance
                                                                  or refund, making sure of its legibility. This can be done by
When the ticket form provides more coupons than required          printing block letters with sufficient pressure to register
for a specific routing, enter "VOID" in each "TO" box             clearly on all coupons. A legible ticket will help you, your
following the last valid segment so as to invalidate surplus      customer and the industry.
flight coupons at the end of the itinerary. The voided flight
coupons shall be removed from the ticket booklet at the time      REMEMBER:
of issuance.
                                                                  A ticket is good for carriage for one year from date of
Most carriers no longer require void coupons to be submitted      issue, except as otherwise provided in the ticket, in
to the area bank with the weekly sales report. Void coupons,      carrier’s tariffs, conditions of carriage, or related
from an otherwise valid ticket set, may be destroyed from         regulations. Agents are required to provide the applicable
tickets issued on all carriers except:                            Notice of Incorporated Terms with all passenger sales.
                                                                  (See Notice of Incorporated Terms, Section 3.0 pg. 7-9)
    Aerolineas Argentinas             (AR/044)
    Aero Peru                         (PL/210)                    Five Suggested Steps Illustrating the Simplicity of
    Air India                         (AI/098)                    Ticketing:
    Bahamasair                        (UP/111)
    British Airways                   (BA/125)                    1.   Determine the Lowest Applicable Fare for the
    Finnair OY                        (AY/105)                         routing desired by the passenger.
    Lloyd Aereo Boliviano             (LB/051)
    LOT Polish Airlines               (LO/080)                    2.   Indicate the Itinerary on the Ticket, including
    Malaysian Airline System          (MH/232)                         known reservations status information, whereby a
    Olympic Airways                   (OA/050)                         separate flight coupon will be provided for each
    Pakistan Int’l Airlines           (PK/214)                         segment of the passenger's itinerary.
    Sabena                            (SN/082)
    Singapore Airlines                (SQ/618)                    3.   Make the Appropriate Entries determining the
    Southwest Airlines Co.            (WN/526)                         passenger's routing and the applicable fare.
    Thai Airways Int’l                (TG/217)
    Tower Air                         (FF/305)                    4.   Determine Form of Payment and then make the
    Varig Airlines                    (RG/042)                         appropriate entries, including validation.

                                                                  5.   Close Sale -- Thank Passenger.

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                                                                                                        Section 5.0

Selection of the Ticketing Carrier                             1.   Ticketing identification will be the designation of
                                                                    any ARC carrier scheduled to participate in the
(IN ACCORDANCE WITH ATTACHMENT F OF                                 transportation which also:
                                                                    a.   is a signatory to the airline industry's
General Rule                                                             automated ticketing agreement, which
                                                                         authorizes a ticket to be generated in the name
A. The Agent will use the ticketing identification of any                of a signatory airline. (A record of such
   ARC carrier scheduled to participate in the                           signatories is maintained by the servicing
   transportation.                                                       carrier's computer system), and

B. In the event ticketing identification of a carrier               b.   has provided its airline identification plate to
   scheduled to participate in the transportation is not                 the Agent.
   available, the Agent will use the identification of any
   other ARC carrier who has provided authorization for        2.   If no such carrier has authorized use of its name,
   such use.                                                        another ARC carrier may be designated as follows:

Clarification of "Ticketing Identification"                         a.   The servicing carrier may be named by the
                                                                         Agent as the ticketing carrier, even though it
A. For preparation of a manually issued ARC traffic                      is not scheduled to participate in the
   document, ticketing identification will be through the                transportation, whenever such Agent is not
   use of the airline identification plate provided by any               permitted under C.1.a above or authorized
   ARC carrier scheduled to participate in the                           under C.1.b above to issue an ARC traffic
   transportation. If such an identification plate has not               document in the name of any carrier
   been provided, the identification plate of any other ARC              participating in the itinerary, provided that the
   carrier may be used provided the carrier has given                    servicing carrier has an interline agreement
   authorization for such use. ("Authorization" in this                  with the carriers in the routing (determined by
   instance can be either verbal or written from either the              the servicing carrier's computer system).
   home or local office of the authorizing carrier.)
                                                                    b.   The Agent may instruct the servicing carrier
B. For preparation of automated ARC traffic documents                    to issue an ARC traffic document in the name
   through the use of the Agent's stand-alone computer                   of a specific ticketing carrier party to the
   system (without interface to a carrier's computer system)             airline industry's automated ticketing
   ticketing identification will be determined on the same               agreement, on behalf of another carrier not a
   basis as for manual issuance.                                         party to that agreement, provided such
                                                                         authorization has previously been given to the
C. For preparation of automated ARC traffic documents                    servicing carrier by the specific ticketing
   through the use of a system provider (servicing carrier):             carrier. (A record of such authorization is
                                                                         maintained by the servicing carrier's computer

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