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					                       Web-Based Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Title:   “Picture Perfect” Planet
Developed by:        Erica Humphrey
Subject Area:        Science
Grade Level:         3rd
Purpose of the       The purpose of this activity is to inform students of the negative
Activity:            effects people have on the planet. This lesson will provide
                     examples of ways to help keep the earth clean, and encourage
                     students to help out in their own simple ways.
Learning             S3L2 States that the students will recognize the effects of
Objectives           pollution and humans on the environment and (b.) identify ways
(include at least    to protect the environment. After this lesson, students will write a
one Georgia          paragraph about different ways that people hurt the plant and
Performance          describe how to fix the problem. Students will also solve a puzzle
Standard or          using words and phrases learned from reading and listening to
Georgia QCC):        the rhyme.
Lesson URL(s):
Equipment            An internet-accessible computer lab with enough computers for
Needed:              each student to have their own, headphones for each computer,
                     worksheets to go along with lesson, crossword puzzles to go
                     along with lesson, pencils
How will you         I will work with our special education coordinator to supply any
accommodate          material or equipment to accommodate students in my class with
students with        special needs.
special needs?
What makes this      The students will be using their Language Arts skills to write a
unit                 paragraph about the negative effects of people on the earth and
interdisciplinary?   come up with a solution to a common problem. The students will
                     also be using technology and computers to complete the lesson.
Instructions for     Before students begin the lesson, put the students in partners
completion of        (make sure to pair stronger students with weaker students). Once
unit:                in the computer lab, pass out the directional worksheet to each
                     pair (each student should have their own computer). The students
                     should be able to locate and navigate through the site on their
                     own using the worksheet. As the students work together, be sure
                     that everyone is on task at all times. As students begin finishing
                     the first part of the lesson and raising their hands, pass out a
                     crossword puzzle to each pair. Once the students have finished
                     the crossword puzzle, each student should write his or her own
                     paragraph about one way people hurt our planet and will describe
                     a solution for that problem. Once the students have turned in their
                     paragraph, they have completed the lesson.
How will you         The students will be evaluated for their use of time, cooperation
evaluate student     with their partner, and accuracy of answers informally throughout
learning?            the lesson by teacher observation. The students will turn in the
activity sheet and crossword puzzle and will be checked for
completion. Finally, the students will turn in their paragraph and
be graded based on the content of their paper rather than
                        “Picture Perfect” Planet

Name_________________________________________               Date____________________


Directions:   1. Make sure you are in a group of 2.
              2. Type in the website
              3. Under “Facts „n Fun” click on “Earth Matters”.
              4. On the “Earth Matters” page, read about the different ways to help save
              our planet. List three ways here:

                     1. __________________________________________________

                     2. __________________________________________________

                     3. __________________________________________________

              5. Hit the back button. Under “Facts „n Fun” click on “Recycle Center”.
              6. On the “Recycle Center” page, read about different household items
              that can be recycled to help save our planet. List three of these items here:

                     1. ____________________

                     2. ____________________

                     3. ____________________

              7. Hit the back button. Under “Activities” click on “Games”.
              8. On the “Games” page, click on “Planetpals Dance and Rhyme”.
              9. Read and listen to the rhymes for each character.
              10. Raise your hand and wait patiently for the teacher to bring you a
              crossword puzzle.
              11. Use what you have learned to fill in the crossword puzzle. If you need
              extra help, you can revisit the game or pages in this lesson.
              12. You will individually write a paragraph about one way people hurt our
              planet. Explain what you or your family can do to help stop this problem.
              (Each person should write his or her OWN paragraph!)