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					       Randolph County Schools
 K-5 Handwriting Instruction Guidelines
 North Carolina Standard Course of Study Handwriting


4.05 Write from left to right and from top to bottom.
     Write most letters and some words when dictated.
5.03 Use legible manuscript handwriting.

First Grade

5.03   Write all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, using correct
   letter formation.
5.07 Use legible manuscript handwriting.

Second Grade

5.06 Use correctly in written products:
     Letter formation, lines and spaces to create readable documents.
5.07 Uses legible manuscript handwriting.

Third Grade

5.08 Create readable documents with legible handwriting (manuscript and

Fourth Grade

5.09  Create readable documents with legible handwriting (cursive) and/or
   word processing.

Fifth Grade

5.08 Create readable documents with legible handwriting (cursive) and word

RCS Curriculum and Instruction
Revised August 2005
                 Manuscript Instruction Guidelines

   1. D’Nealian handwriting will be used county-wide. Grade levels should
      use consistent terminology for instruction in the formation of letters.
   2. Handwriting instruction should begin in Kindergarten when students
         a. Use a dominant hand in fine motor activities
         b. Cross the midline of workspace with the dominant hand
         c. Copy shapes
         d. Assume proper posture and grip of the pencil
      *These areas should be the focus of instruction until students are
      ready for more formal handwriting practice. Most students should be
      ready for formal instruction in handwriting by mid-year in
   3. In K-2, instruct using proper grips. Stetro grippers and regular-sized
      pencils are helpful in establishing proper grips. Do correct improper
   4. Lined paper is preferable during formal handwriting instruction.
      Kindergarten may start with unlined paper and work towards paper
      that has a mid-line by the last 9 weeks.
   5. Practice sessions should be frequent and short (no more than 15
   6. Practice of letters should be done next to the symbol. Left-handers
      should have the symbol down the middle of the page.
   7. Begin with easy to form letters. Straight line letters and circle
      letters are typically easiest to form. Letters with slanted lines should
      be covered last.

                  Cursive Handwriting Instruction
   1.   Cursive handwriting instruction will begin 2nd semester of 2nd grade.
        3rd grade will review cursive formation.
   2. Students will have ample opportunity to practice cursive writing in 3rd
      and 4th grade. By the end of 5th grade, students should use cursive
      writing for most written products.
   3. Handwriting instruction will be continued as needed in 3rd-5th grade.

   ** Modifications of these guidelines may be made for individual students.

RCS Curriculum and Instruction
Revised August 2005