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									Styrofoam Airplane Craft                                                            1

Children Age 2+ will enjoy playing with
these (if you are careful to make the wings
even on either side, the airplane will really
fly). But to MAKE the craft, children should
be Age 4+ as it requires a bit of dexterity.

You don't have to paint yours pumpkin orange... I had the letter "P" on my mind
when I was making this so we made the Pumpkin Plane. If you painted it an
olive green color, I think it would look like a military plane.


  CLEAN Styrofoam meat tray OR the top of a Styrofoam egg carton
  paint or markers (see NOTE)

NOTE: you can't paint Styrofoam with tempera paint or washable markers. It
doesn't cover well and it will flake off when it's dry. Acrylic paint or permanent
markers work well, but most of us don't want our kids using them. The solution
I've come up with is to have the girls assemble the craft on day 1. In the evening,
I paint the craft with white acrylic paint (you can buy it for less than $1 at Walmart
or the craft store and it will work for many crafts). It dries overnight and in the
morning the girls can paint over it with tempera paint or color over it with Crayola
Styrofoam Airplane Craft                                                              2

AN ALTERNATE IDEA TO PAINTING: I printed the template and traced it over
discard paper (junk mail). Eric colored the paper templates and then glued them
on to the Styrofoam templates (a very thin coat). We only did the top of the wings
and tail that way, but both (2 paper templates) sides of the airplane body. It
works and don't have to mess around with the acrylic paints, etc. Four of them
would make a neat large mobile as well.

  Print the template of choice (you can do this craft free hand or choose to use
  the template)

  Cut out the template pieces.

  Trace the template pieces onto a clean styrofoam meat tray or the top of a
  styrofoam egg carton

  Cut a slit in the body of the plane near the middle for the wings

  Cut a slit in the body of the plane at the back for the tail

  Slide the wing piece and the tail piece onto the appropriate places (it's a bit
  hard because the styrofoam is thick, but it will squeeze... the tightness is what
  will hold your project together).

  Paint the plane the desired color.

  Add designs like windows, airline insignias, etc with paint or markers.

  Set your page margins to zero (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER
  SETUP on most browsers) so the templates print out fully.

  Close the template window after printing to return to this screen.
Styrofoam Airplane Craft   3
Styrofoam Airplane Craft   4

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