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									Solar Pumping in General
Why solar Pumps

•50 % of energy produced in the world is used in operating various kind of Pump
•Independence from Grid
•Pollution & Noise free
•Low maintenance
•Early pay back period
•Environment friendly
•Long life
Type of Pumps

Submersible Pump

•1800 Wp with 0.75 HP Grundfos Pump.
•Maximum Suction Capacity : 50 M
•53,000 LPD at 30 M TDH
•Application – Agriculture, Drinking Water

•400 – 1200 Wp Grundfos SQ Flex Pump
•Revolutionary Pump works on Grid, Solar, Wind & Diesel
•Maximum suction 120 M
•20,000 LPD at 45 M TDH
•Application – Domestic & Community water supply
Surface Pump
Centrifugal / Surface

900 Wp Array with 1 HP Pump.
1800 Wp Array with 2 HP Pump.

Maximum Suction Capacity: 7.5 M
Total Head Suction + Delivery: 15 M

                                  Capacity of pumps
                                  1 HP Pump. : 75,000 Liters Per Day
                                  (LPD) at 10 M Total Discharge Head

                                  2 HP Pump: 1, 40,000 LPD at 10 M TDH.

       •Flood Irrigation
        •Drip Irrigation
•Community water supply
          •Fish Farming
      •Poultry Farming
      •Cattle Watering
Community Water Supply
Flood Irrigation
Cattle Watering
Drip Irrigation
Total No of Solar Pumps Installed by Aurore Till Date

                    SPS installed Total kWp

        1993-1999        225          235
          2001           219          395
          2002           231          415
          2003           363          643
          TOTAL         1038        1688
Punjab Experience
         Before Solar pumps
                   •Erratic Grid Supply
•High cost of Pumping - using Diesel
   •Logistics of getting Diesel to site
             •High Maintenance cost
                 •Regular Supervision
                  •Pollution and Noise
                    •Inefficient Pumps
•Remote site - Expensive to Get grid
Effect in Punjab

•Taken Off 1,700 Solar Pumps In three years
•2004 – 700 pumps to be installed
•Attractive price due to additional subsidy by State Government
•Early pay back period
•Reliable power supply
•More saving due to low maintenance
•Hassle Free
•Demand for Bigger Pump
•Faith in Alternative Source of Power
Aurore & SPV Pumping in Punjab

•Energy Service Company (ESCo)
•5 year Annual Maintenance Contract
•Field support office in Bathinda, Punjab
•Service call response time: < 3 days
•Trained Technicians
•Promotion of Solar Products
•Reliable Service

       Year        SPS in Punjab &
       2001               175
       2002               200
       2003               280

     TOTAL                655
  Human Resource

   One Project Manager, 4 Team Leaders, 4 People in each team
   Challenge – To maintain enthusiasm & tempo

   •Site Location

   Spread across 200 km from the base camp
   Operating in 5 Districts

   •Working Conditions

   Severe climatic conditions ( Extreme cold in winter to temperatures
   in excess of 47 degrees Celsius in summer)
   7 days a week

   •Detailed Planning
   Necessary for installing the system in a day
   Site should be ready
   Materials & End user at site

Transporting labour to site
Transporting heavy material
Concrete blocks to be taken to site
Civil work at site


Within three months
Non Stop Action    Civil Work at Site

Human Resource    Foundation
 Working Team              Work At Site

Pump Installation   Severe Climatic Conditions
Effect of Solar Pumping In Punjab
•Mature Solar Pump Market
•Financially Beneficial – High Subsidy – Result Early Pay Back
•Awareness & Trust in Solar Energy
•Growing Solar Market - Demand for Solar Products
•Plenty of trained labour
•Employment opportunity - Demand for Trained Solar Technicians
•Confidence in Labour to handle complex installation – Due to Training
•Realise the importance of training and quality installation
•Thank You

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