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									                                                                         5021 Tamara Lane
                                                                         West Des Moines, IA 50265
                         Lighting Associates, Inc.                       Fax 515/225-2530

Advanced Lighting Systems, Inc: LED wash, long             ELA: Outdoor Architectural, custom, and residential
throw products, Fiber Fixtures, Fiber Illuminators.        lighting.
America Cable Systems: Modular wiring systems for          Elcast Lighting: Precision die cast aluminum products
lighting fixtures and wall outlets.                        for indoor/outdoor applications.
ARC Lighting Systems, Inc: Precision controlled spot       ELCO Lighting: Track and recessed lighting fixtures,
and flood accent lighting.                                 exit and emergency lights, under cabinet lighting, wall
                                                           packs, step lights and more.
Architectural Cathode Lighting: Cold cathode lighting
for architectural applications.                            Forum: Commercial, specialty, custom, and industrial
                                                           lighting fixtures.
ALM/Architectural Lighting Management:
Architectural dimming control systems.                     GLC Lighting: Specializing in the design and
                                                           manufacture of custom linear fluorescent.
American Pole: Design and research of high
performance outdoor optical assemblies, to "Historical     Healthcare Lighting, Inc: Medical lighting products.
Replica" Of Outdoor Lighting.
                                                           Highlites Emergency Lighting: Manufacturer of top
Architectural Lighting Works:. Grid spot and flood         quality Emergency, Exits, and AC Power Systems
                                                           Holcor: Institutional lighting including vandal resistant,
Barbican Architectural Products Ltd.: Danish design        minimum & maximum security.
indoor/outdoor architectural.
                                                           ICON: Linear suspended, surface, and recessed
Beghelli: Extensive line of architectural, high            luminaries.
performance, emergency lighting products and
architectural fixtures                                     iLight Technologies: Latest LED-technology with
                                                           design flexibility, Neon replacement.
Bieber Lighting: Outdoor lighting fixtures, poles, and
hardware.                                                  Illuminating Experiences: Wide variety of European
                                                           decorative architectural fixtures.
Big Beam Emergency Systems Inc:, Industrial and
commercial Exit Sign, Inverter Systems and Emergency       Intense Lighting: Architectural, commercial and
Lighting.                                                  residential down lights.

Creative Illumination, Inc: High quality fluorescent       IntenCity Lighting: State of the art IntenCity luminaire
lighting troffers, strip, industrial.                      replaces a conventional 100-watt High Pressure Sodium
                                                           lamp. Its maintenance free, long life and energy
Cyclone Lighting: Outdoor urban lighting                   savings are nothing short of amazing
manufacturer focused on innovative high quality
products, integrating a sophisticated design approach      Induction Lighting:  Induction Lighting Fixtures and
and unmatched photometric performance                      100,000 hour Lamp Technology.
Copper Moon: Leading manufacturer of premium               IP44: Exterior stainless steel and glass lighting; quality
copper landscape lighting products.                        lighting for inside and out.
Day-O-Lite: Linear architectural specification products.   Janmar: Experts in the design and manufacturing of
                                                           energy efficient lighting.
Delray Lighting: Architectural quality luminaries that
optimize energy conservation.                              LA Lighting: Designers & Manufacturers of Commercial
                                                           & Industrial Fluorescent Lighting.
Digital Lighting Systems, Inc.: Lighting controllers,
Dimmers     and animation     products, suitable  for      Lighting Alternatives: High quality cost effective
controlling and dimming incandescent, low-voltage,         T5HO/ T8 Hibays and Lowbay lighting products.
LED, neon, fluorescent and motorized loads.
                                                           Lighting Dynamics, Inc.: Area outdoor luminaire for
DaSal Industries Ltd.: Influenced by European style        pulse-start metal halide lamps that provides greater
halogen lighting, DaSal Industries Ltd. manufactures       light output, lumen maintenance, lamp life and efficacy.
and assembles a range of quality lighting for many
                                                           LightGuard Systems, Inc:       Lighted Crosswalk Traffic
DM Lighting: Custom lighting and an extensive line of      Warning System
specification grade architectural fixtures.
Liteworx: Manufacturing low and line voltage strip          SDL Lighting: Urban, commercial, and decorative
lighting systems since 1972.                                outdoor lighting products
LightLight By Buschfeld: Highest quality illumination       Steng Light: Complete, small scale, precision-made
of art, as well as accent and general lighting systems to   accent and general lighting in metal, glass and
illuminate entire rooms.                                    ceramics.
LPC Light Process Company: Energy efficient                 Specialty Lighting Industries: Specialty Lighting
commercial & residential pendant, wall/sconces, ceiling     Industries has provided innovative lighting solutions for
mount, under cabinet, outdoor & recessed lighting           leading hotels, corporations, retail shops, private
Lumetta: Original design quality interior architectural     residences, galleries and museums.
                                                            Sylvan Designs: Low voltage landscape, decorative,
Lumascape: Premier exterior, in ground, and                 and redwood lighting.
underwater lighting products
                                                            TPR Enterprises, LTD: Most complete line of fiber optic
Lum-Tech Lighting: Light commercial and residential         lighting equipment in the world.
recessed Downlighting.
                                                            The Light Edge, Inc: All aluminum outstanding
MP Lighting: Contemporary halogen track lighting            innovative design T5 & T5HO products .
systems and LED accent lighting.
                                                            Times Square Lighting: Top quality architectural and
Main Street Lighting: Ornamental outdoor light poles        theatrical lighting.
and luminaries.
                                                            Traditional Concrete: Unique concrete light poles for
MMJ Lighting: Specialists in linear low voltage cove        your individual settings.
                                                            Triple R Illuminates: Heavy duty enclosed and
Novus: Exceptional architectural and custom lighting        Gasketed wet, damp, and hazardous location
fixtures.                                                   fluorescent.
Nutech Lighting: 6 Inch Series Composite Recessed           USL/Universal Sports Lighting, Inc: State of the art
CFL Downlights                                              sports lighting equipment.
NuArt Lighting: Area, Facade/Canopy, Sign, Tunnel &         Versailles Lighting: Classic & contemporary pendants,
Specialty lighting.                                         wall sconces, and custom decorative lighting
North Star Lighting/Thorn: One of the most extensive
and complete lines of commercial, industrial, outdoor,      WE-EF Lighting: High performance and quality outdoor
architectural outdoor, area, tunnel, bridge and sports      lighting solutions
lighting available.
Oval Lighting: A full line in the latest design of
surface mount compact fluorescent fixtures.
OptiLED: A new breed of high efficiency LED lighting
Peachtree Lighting: Downlighting, cylinders, church,
medical, pendant, custom lighting.
PA-CO Lighting: Fluorescent Security, Hospital, Strip,
Task, Recessed, Surface & Custom Lighting
Phantom Lighting: Low voltage display lighting and
optical framing projectors.
PLC Multipoint: Highest quality precision commercial
photo lighting controls.
Point Lighting Corporation: Certified FAA lighting
manufacturer of Airfield Lighting.
Primus Lighting: Cove, indirect, architectural accent,
display, and under cabinet lighting.
Quality Lighting: Decorative outdoor, roadway,
pathway, building and floodlighting.
RSL: Professional landscape lighting for commercial
and residential applications.
Scott Architectural: Standard and custom decorative
pendants and wall sconces.
Schmitz Lighting: Predominantly stainless steel and
glass architectural products as well as low voltage
lighting and performance track systems.

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