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aquatic therapy by tomsgreathits


									                                  Features of
                              Aquatic                                  PHYSICAL THERAPIST OWNED & DIRECTED

                              Water is an effective
                              physical therapy tool
                              because it provides
                              buoyancy which offers
four unique properties:

Support. Buoyancy produces a force that supports 90%
of a patient’s body weight in neck deep water. The warmth
of the water also assists in relaxation and increased circula-
tion for improved healing.
Assistance. Water exercises can be designed to allow
for easier movement than on land. This means that you can
generally do more exercises with less pain.
Resistance. Exercises using the forces of water and
turbulence can be designed to allow for more difficult move-
ment than on land. Increased resistance can strengthen
muscles and provide high level conditioning.
Gravity Reduced Environment.                   For arthritic,
non-weight bearing, or limited weight bearing conditions,
water eases the stress on joint surfaces to reduce pain and
inflammation and allow earlier post-injury or post-surgery
intervention.                                                                                                 . . . Our Focus Is You.

                                                                                                 Since 1952
                                           AQUATIC                                                                                                                       AQUATIC
                                                                                    Therapeutic Associates
                                           THERAPY                                                                                                                       THERAPY

                                           The Water                                                                                                                    The Water

                                           Does                                                                                                                         Does

                                           the Work                                                                                                                     the Work

                                                                                                                                                           . . . Our Focus Is You.
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                                                                  7100 Fort Dent Way, Ste 220         11481 SW Hall Bv, Ste 20                Since 1952
                                                                       Seattle WA 98188                  Portland OR 97223
                                                                 800-249-9020 • 206-241-8488        800-219-8835 • 503-443-6156         Therapeutic Associates
                                                                      Fax: 800-557-2173                  Fax: 503-639-9699                    PHYSICAL THERAPY
                                                                       What is

                                                                  Aquatic Therapy?
                                                               Aquatic Therapy is an important tool for use with a
                                                               variety of patients to accelerate return to prior level
                                                               of function. Whether it is returning to the job or return-
                                                               ing to the team, Aquatic Therapy can be the key to
                                                               speedy recovery.

                                                               The pool allows walking and running activities without
                                                               the demands of full weight bearing and incorporates
                                                               those activities earlier in rehabilita-                                                 Our expert therapists
                                                               tion. The buoyancy of the water                 Benefits of Aquatic Therapy              incorporate unique manual
                                                                                                                                                       therapy techniques on the
                                                               makes exercise easier on joints                 • Allows early intervention regard-     pool deck in conjunction with
                                                               while the viscosity of the water al-              less of injury                        exercise equipment to take
                                                                                                                                                       advantage of the water
                                                               lows multiple levels of resistance by           • Virtually eliminates pain during
                                                               varying the speed of movement.                    rehabilitation
                                                               Our therapists incorporate unique               • Decreases edema due to hydro-
                                                               manual therapy techniques and ex-                 static pressure of water
                                                               ercise equipment to take advantage              • Reduces loading of weight-bear-
                                                               of the water (kick boards, water                  ing joints and spine
                                                               dumbbells, steps, and noodles).                 • Warm water increases the relax-
                                                               These techniques and equipment                    ation response.

                  Who Can Benefit?                              are all designed specifically for re-            • Quickly develops self-esteem, self-
Therapeutic Associates’ Aquatic Therapy is perfect for:        habilitation in the water.                        sufficiency and self-awareness of
Limited weight bearing • Joint protection (Arthritis, os-                                                        patients                                       AQUATIC
                                                               Most importantly our Aquatic
teoporosis and low back pain) • Rehab with an emphasis                                                         • Improves posture and body me-                  THERAPY
                                                               Therapy program involves an indi-
on cardiovascular and general strength conditioning •                                                            chanics
                                                               vidualized physical therapy exercise
Those who have had surgery (ACL reconstruction, Total                                                                                                           The Water
                                                               plan to meet the needs of each                  • Develops muscle tone at a faster
Knee Arthroplasty, Total Hip Arthroplasty, fusions, Rotator
                                                                                                                 rate than most land-based exer-
cuff repair) • Low back dysfunction • Athletic injuries •      patient. One-on-one sessions are a                                                               Does
Neurological conditions; such as: Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple   primary component of each therapy
sclerosis, stroke and polio • Multiple injuries                                                                • Improves breathing capacity due                the Work
                                                                                                                 to hydrostatic pressure
                                                                The Aquatic Therapy Program is used in         • Increases range of motion using
                        . . . Our Focus Is You.                  conjunction with the patient’s outpa-           water’s buoyancy properties              For conditions
           Since 1952                                           tient rehab program to achieve goals of                                                   that require a
                                                                                                               • Provides quick transition to land-
Therapeutic Associates                                            maximum functional improvement.                based therapy techniques and             less strenuous
           PHYSICAL THERAPY                                               activities                               environment.

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