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Introduction to Adobe Fireworks CS3
Course length: 3 Days
Course Web Page:

Class Overview

In this Adobe Fireworks training class, students receive a comprehensive introduction to using Fireworks
CS3 to create images for the Web.

Class Goals
•    Learn to create and edit bitmaps with Fireworks
•    Learn to use Fireworks' vector tools
•    Learn to work with layers in Fireworks
•    Learn to add text to graphics in Fireworks
•    Learn to create slices and hotspots in Fireworks
•    Learn to optimize graphics in Fireworks
•    Learn to export graphics from Fireworks
•    Learn to create buttons in Fireworks
•    Learn to create gif animations in Fireworks
•    Learn to create masks and pop-up menus in Fireworks
•    Learn to integrate Fireworks with Dreamweaver 8

Class Prerequisites
•    Experience with basic software programs such as Microsoft Word
•    Experience browsing the Web
•    HTML (Useful, but not required)
•    Dreamweaver 8 (Useful, but not required)

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Toll-free: 877-WEBUCATE (877-932-8228)
From outside the U.S.: 315-849-2724
Fax: 315-410-5320

Class Outline
 I.    Bitmap Editing
             I.A.    Exploring the Fireworks Tools Panel
             I.B.    Floating and Docked Panel Groups
             I.C.    The Property Inspector
             I.D.    Editing Bitmap Objects
             I.E.    Changing the View Magnification
             I.F.    Changing the Canvas Color
             I.G.    Using the Crop Tool
             I.H.    Using the Info Panel
             I.I.    Using the Magic Wand Tool
             I.J.    Saving the Selection
             I.K.    Adjusting Levels
             I.L.    Viewing the Gamma Setting
             I.M.    Using the Lasso and Polygon Lasso Tools
             I.N.    Adding and Subtracting Selections
             I.O.    Creating a New Document
             I.P.    Scaling the Image
             I.Q.    Changing the Image Size
             I.R.    Copying the Selection
             I.S.    Using the Rubber Stamp Tool
             I.T.    Using the Smudge Tool
             I.U.    Using the Eraser Tool
             I.V.    Using the Marquee Tools
             I.W.    Moving a Selection

 II.   Using Vector Tools
             II.A.   Displaying Rulers and Guides
             II.B.   Using the Ellipse Tool
             II.C.   Using the Rectangle and Rounded Rectangle Tools
             II.D.   Applying Filters as Live Effects
             II.E.   Saving as a Style
             II.F.   Adding Live Effects
             II.G.   Using the Polygon Tool
             II.H.   Using the Scale Tool
             II.I.   Making a Copy
             II.J.   Rotating an Object
             II.K.   Using the History Panel
             II.L.   Masking with Paste Inside
             II.M.   Grouping Objects
             II.N.   Importing Graphics
             II.O.   Trimming the Canvas

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Toll-free: 877-WEBUCATE (877-932-8228)
From outside the U.S.: 315-849-2724
Fax: 315-410-5320

 III. Working with Layers
             III.A.   Using the Layers Panel
             III.B.   Adding and Naming Layers
             III.C.   Adjusting the Size and Placement of an Object
             III.D.   Renaming a Layer
             III.E.   Locking a Layer
             III.F.   Showing and Hiding a Layer
             III.G.   Picking Colors
             III.H.   Using the Rounded Rectangle Tool
             III.I.   Adding Texture and a Drop Shadow
             III.J.   Changing the Stacking Order on a Layer
             III.K.   Using Single-Layer Editing
             III.L.   Setting the Default Colors
             III.M.   Aligning Objects

 IV. Adding Text
             IV.A.    Adding Text
             IV.B.    Aligning and Indenting Text
             IV.C.    Checking your Spelling
             IV.D.    Importing Text
             IV.E.    Using the Text Editor
             IV.F.    Using the Line Tool
             IV.G.    Using the Subselection Tool
             IV.H.    Using Paste Attributes

 V.   Advanced Techniques
             V.A.     Combining Shapes
             V.B.     Duplicating Objects with the Repeat Command
             V.C.     Creating a CD
             V.D.     Adding a Gradient
             V.E.     Changing the Opacity
             V.F.     Adding Text Along a Path
             V.G.     Using the Intersect and Crop Commands
             V.H.     Converting Text to Paths
             V.I.     Applying Transformations

 VI. Creating Buttons
             VI.A.    Using a Button Editor
             VI.B.    Adding a New Button
             VI.C.    Changing Your Buttons
             VI.D.    Adding Name and Link to Buttons
             VI.E.    Importing Your Buttons
             VI.F.    Changing Graphics to Buttons

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Toll-free: 877-WEBUCATE (877-932-8228)
From outside the U.S.: 315-849-2724
Fax: 315-410-5320

 VII. Creating Slices and Hotspots
             VII.A.    Crating and Image Map
             VII.B.    Working with the Web Layer
             VII.C.    Slicing an Image
             VII.D.    Adding a Slice
             VII.E.    Creating Disjointed Rollovers
             VII.F.    Adding Frames
             VII.G.    Adding a Behavior
             VII.H.    Viewing Full Screen
             VII.I.    Adding More Slices

 VIII. Optimizing and Exporting
             VIII.A.   Using the Export Wizard
             VIII.B.   Choosing the Image Format
             VIII.C.   Exporting JPEG Images
             VIII.D.   Previewing in a Browser
             VIII.E.   Exporting HTML
             VIII.F.   Using the Quick Export Button

 IX. Creating GIF Animations
             IX.A.     Creating an Animation
             IX.B.     Using Onion Skinning
             IX.C.     Sharing a Layer
             IX.D.     Using Animation Symbols
             IX.E.     Controlling Playback
             IX.F.     Exporting a GIF Animation
             IX.G.     Using the Export Preview with Animations
             IX.H.     Applying Tweening
             IX.I.     Tweening Effects

 X.   Masking and Pop-Up Menus
             X.A.      Creating a Template
             X.B.      Masking an Image
             X.C.      Masking Using the Layers Panel
             X.D.      Using Text as a Mask
             X.E.      Creating a Text Slice
             X.F.      Adding a Pop-Up Menu
             X.G.      Editing a Pop-Up Menu

 XI. Integrating with Dreamweaver CS3
             XI.A. Fireworks CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3
             XI.B. Exporting Your Pages for Dreamweaver 8

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Toll-free: 877-WEBUCATE (877-932-8228)
From outside the U.S.: 315-849-2724
Fax: 315-410-5320

Class Materials
Each student will receive a copy of Adobe Fireworks 8: Training from the Source by Patti Schulze, which
will serve as a guide for the class.

Technical Requirements
Technical requirements and setup instructions available at

For more information...
Toll-free: 877-WEBUCATE (877-932-8228)
From outside the U.S.: 315-446-0560
Fax: 315-410-5320

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