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									                                               SPEECH TOPICS

Candidates are to choose one topic and prepare a three to five-minute speech to be
presented at the All Star Reception.

1.       How do you feel 4-H can benefit high school youth of today?

2.       What kind of leadership role should an All Star have?

3.       Tell about a leadership experience you have had with younger members.

4.       What do you feel is the importance of an All Star?

5.       What is the greatest piece of advice that a 4-H leader gave you and how has it

         helped you?

6.       If you could give back one thing to 4-H what would it be?

7.       What are the purposes of 4-H

8.       Is 4-H fulfilling its purpose to teach young people in a fun type way?

9.       If you could live over your 4-H experiences what would you do differently?

10.      How to recruit older members?

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