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					                            CURRICULUM VITAE
Name :              DJINNIT SAID
Date of birth :     June 7, 1954
Marital Status :    Married, with 3 children
Nationality :       Algerian
Present position:   Commissioner of the African Union, in charge of Peace and Security

Higher education
1988 – 1989 :    Centre for International Relations Studies (University of Brussels),
                 Brussels, Belgium.

1973 – 1977 :       Ecole Nationale d’Administration – Algiers, Algeria

1973 – 1974 :       Institute of Political Studies, University of Algiers, Algeria

1977:         Diploma of the “Ecole Nationale d’Administration” (Diplomacy)


2003- to date       Commissioner for Peace & Security of the African Union

1999 – to date:     OAU Assistant Secretary General in charge of Political Affairs
                    (1999 – 2002) and subsequently Interim Commissioner of the African
                    Union, in charge of Peace, Security, and Political Affairs
                    (2002 – to date).

                     Under the overall leadership of the Secretary General of the OAU
                    and later the Interim Chairperson of the Commission, spearheaded the
                    efforts of the OAU General Secretariat/AU Commission in promoting
                    the Continent agenda relating to:
                           - peace and security;
                           - democracy, governance and human rights.

                     Spearheaded all the efforts deployed by the General
                    Secretariat/Commission, in supporting peace processes in the
                    Continent (Ethiopia – Eritrea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi,
                    Comoros, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Côte
                    d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sudan, Somalia etc.).

                     Contributed to the enhancement of AU’s role in and contribution to
                    the peace efforts in Africa through the deployment of Special
                    Envoys/Representatives covering all conflict situations in the

                    Special Initiatives and Assignments

                    Initiated and spearheaded the efforts of the General
                    Secretariat/Commission in conceiving and operationalizing the
                    following important OAU/AU initiatives:

 elaboration of the Conceptual Framework on the African Standby Force
and Military Staff Committee for the consideration of the 3rd Meeting of
Chiefs of Defense Staff (15 – 16 May 2003);

 convening of the 1st AU Ministerial Meeting on Human Rights held in
Kigali, Rwanda (5 – 9 May 2003);

 convening of the 1st ever AU Conference on Elections, Democracy and
Governance (Pretoria, South Africa, 7 – 10 April 2003);

 elaboration of the Draft Protocol to the African Charter on Human and
Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa adopted by the
Ministerial Meeting from 27 – 28 March 2003;

 elaboration of the Draft Common African Defence and Security Policy
(examined by the Experts Meeting of AU Member States, Randburg,
South Africa, 27 – 29 March 2003 and Sun City, South Africa 19 May

 leading the AU Commission efforts for the deployment of the 1 st ever
AU peacekeeping operation under the mandate of the Central Organ (the
African Mission in Burundi);

 elaboration of the Protocol on the African Union Peace and Security
Council (2002);

 the High-level Intergovernmental Meeting of the AU on the Prevention
and Combating of Terrorism in Africa, Algiers, Algeria (Sept. 2002);

 promotion of OAU-AU/Civil Society relations:
Convened and organized the first ever OAU/Civil Society Conference in
June 2001 and the 2nd OAU-AU/Civil Society Conference in June 2002;

 the Conference on Security, Stability, Development and Cooperation in
Africa (CSSDCA). In this respect, he initiated all the preparatory work for
the adoption of the Lome Solemn Declaration on CSSDCA (2000). He
also spearheaded efforts towards the implementation of this Declaration,
in particular, the creation of a CSSDCA Unit within the General
Secretariat/Commission and the consultations which led to the adoption
by the 1st African Union Summit, in Durban, of the Memorandum of
Understanding on CSSDCA (2002);

 elaboration of the protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African
Economic Community relating to the Pan-African Parliament (March

 elaboration of the Declaration on the Framework for an OAU Response
to Unconstitutional Changes of Government (2000);

 led the OAU team which participated in the proximity talks between
Ethiopia and Eritrea, which culminated in the signing by the two parties
of the Algiers agreements of June and December 2000; and

               served as Chairman of the OAU Secretariat Task Force on the drafting
              of the Constitutive Act of the African Union (1999 –2000).

              Relations With OAU/AU Partners

               Contributed to the Strengthening of cooperation with External partners
              including the USA, the Nordic and the European countries and Canada as
              part of a programme to include other partners such as Japan and the
              Gulf countries.

               Within the framework of the Africa/Europe Dialogue (follow up to the
              Cairo Declaration and Plan of Action), undertook close contacts with the
              European Union, which culminated in the signing of the agreement on 10
              Million Euro support to the AU peace and security agenda and additional
              contributions to the AU efforts in Burundi and Central African Republic.

               Initiated contacts with the European Union Commission and the G8 for
              a greater and strategic support to the AU peace support operations.
1999:         Elected Assistant Secretary General by the 35th Ordinary Session of the
              Assembly of the OAU Heads of State and Government (July).

1998:         Appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary by the
              President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. Seconded to the

1989 – 1999: Director of Cabinet of the Secretary General of the Organization of
             African Unity (OAU).

               In addition to his responsibilities as Director of Cabinet, he contributed
              in conceiving and elaborating:

                - the Declaration of the OAU Heads of State and Government on the
                  Fundamental Changes Taking Place in the World and Africa’s
                  Response (1990) which is considered as the Landmark Declaration in
                  the transformation process of the OAU, focusing on peace and
                  security, democracy and human rights, integration and socio-economic
                - the Declaration of the Heads of State and Government Establishing
                  the OAU Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and
                  Resolution (1993), and
                - The Programme of Reform and Renewal of the OAU, including the
                  Restructuring of the General Secretariat (1997).

               Under the leadership of the Secretary General, and in liaison with the
              Political Department, he was involved, on a day-to-day basis, in the
              monitoring of conflict situations in the Continent and in supporting
              different Peace Missions deployed by the OAU (Rwanda, Burundi) and in
              advising the Secretary General on policy options.

                 Was closely involved with all peace efforts initiated by the OAU. In
                particular, he served as leader of the OAU Secretariat teams concerned
                with peace negotiations relating to conflicts in Comoros, Democratic
                Republic of Congo, Ethiopia - Eritrea and Somalia.

                 Led the Secretariat team which participated in the efforts of the OAU
                High Level Delegation composed of Heads of State and Government
                which dealt with the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea and which
                culminated in the submission of the Draft Framework Agreement
                between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

 1988 – 1989:   Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Algeria in Brussels accredited to the
                Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the
                European Community.

 1986 – 1989:   Deputy Head of Mission, Algeria Embassy in Brussels, in charge of
                relations between Algeria and EEC.

                Co-Secretary of the Council of Cooperation between Algeria and EEC.

1982 – 1986:    Counsellor in the Embassy of Algeria in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), in
                charge of OAU Affairs.

                 Member of the Algerian delegations to all OAU meetings.

                 Rapporteur of the OAU Sanctions Committee against the Apartheid
                Regime of South Africa, member of the OAU delegation to the
                International Conference on Sanctions Against The Apartheid Regime of
                South Africa, (Paris, June 1986).

                 Representative of Algeria to the OAU Advisory Committee on
                Administrative, Financial and Budgetary Matters and to various other
                committees (Ad-hoc Committee on Structural Reforms, Permanent
                Steering Committee, the Policy Committee of the Special Emergency
                Assistance Fund for Drought and Famine in Africa, the Contact Group
                on Africa’s External Indebtedness, the Charter Review Committee, the
                Committee on Sanctions Against the Apartheid Regime of South Africa
                and the Commission of Fifteen on Refugees).

1979 – 1982:    Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Head of the Political Affairs and Liberation
                Movements Desk (Africa Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

                Member of various Algerian Presidential and Ministerial Delegations to
                OAU meetings and on official visits to African countries.

1978 – 1979:    Administrator – Special Advisor of the Governor of Batna Province.

 1976:          Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Internship), Algerian Embassy in Havana,


             Attended numerous meetings and conferences, including the

              all Ordinary and Extraordinary Sessions of the Assembly of the
             OAU/AU Heads of State and Government from 1979 to date (with the
             exception of those ones from 1987 to 1989);

              all Ordinary and Extraordinary Sessions of the OAU/AU Council of
             Ministers from 1979 to date (with the exception of those ones from
             1987 to 1989);

              all meetings of the Central Organ of the OAU/AU Mechanism for
             Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution held at Ambassadorial,
             Ministerial and Heads of State and Government levels;

              meetings of the NEPAD Heads of State and Government
             Implementation Committee;

              various meetings of the OAU Liberation Committee;

              numerous meetings of the Ad-hoc Committees of Heads of
             State and Government (on Western Sahara, Chad and Southern Africa);

              various OAU Ministerial Sectoral Meetings (Labour Commission,
             Ministers of Information, Defence Commission, etc.) and other Experts

              Sessions of the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council;

              meetings of the UNHCR Executive Committee;

              meetings of the League of Arab States;

              summit Meetings of the Non-Aligned Countries and other Ministerial
             Meetings of the Movement;

              France – Africa Summits of Ouagadougou (1996) and Paris (1998)
             and (2003);

              World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia
             and Related Intolerance: August – September 2001, Durban, South
             Africa; and

              numerous Conferences – Round Tables on AU, NEPAD, CSSDCA, Civil
             Society, Peace and Security and Conflicts in Africa.


              Forty-five (45) out of fifty-three (53) Member States (most of them
             several times).

                Good command of three working languages (Arabic, French, English).


                Contributed to various publications issued by the General Secretariat
               highlighting OAU peace and development efforts in Africa.

                Wrote several articles on OAU’s role and efforts in newspapers and


                Officer of the Central African Order of Merit – Central African Republic