nature crafts

Bird Feeders
July 16 Saturday 9:30-11 am Join Halyburton Park to construct and paint bird feeders. This program is $4 per craft. This is a great activity for kids and parents!

Endangered Species Seminar
August 9 Tuesday 7-8 pm Join us at Halyburton Park as Dr. Eric Bolen takes you through a world of Endangered Species. Learn how plants and animals become endangered through their struggle for survival and how, against all odds, certain animals managed to reappear after believing to be extinct. This program is offered free.

Basic Orienteering
August 27 Saturday 2-3 pm Calling all adventurers! Join Halyburton Park to learn the basics of navigating through the woods. Discover the fundamentals of compass reading. This program is designed for kids ages 7-14 and is offered FREE .

Painted Bunting Observation Team
Have you seen a Painted Bunting in your backyard? Join the PBOT’s! You can report sightings to UNCW Professor Dr. Jamie Rotenberg at This research project tracks the migration patterns and importance of backyard habitats for these colorful birds.

Bug Boxes
August 20 Saturday 2-3:30 pm Make a box for your creepy crawly bugs! This building and painting project is offered for $4 per craft.

Lowe’s Nature Crafts
August 13, September 17, October 8 2-3:30 pm Join Lowe’s Hardware and Halyburton Park for our continuing series of kids nature crafts.

Project Wet
August 18 9am-4 pm & August 19 9am-1 pm Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is an interdisciplinary water education program intended to supplement a school's existing curriculum. The goal of Project WET is to facilitate and promote the awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through the development and dissemination of classroom ready teaching aids and through the establishment of state sponsored Project WET programs. Project WET offers the educator activity guides and modules designed for K-12. By using Project WET services and resource materials, young people will gain the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to make informed decisions about water resource uses and conservation.
For more information or to register call New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation at 798-6032

Enjoy your birthday at Halyburton Park!

Nature Art Class
Enjoy this basic drawing class! This threeweek class will give the fundamentals required for seeing and drawing objects. Experience the beauty of Halyburton Park through an artist’s eyes. Space is limited. This program is $25 for all three weeks! Kids Class ages 10-15 Wednesdays, July 13, July 20 & July 27, 6-7:30 pm Adult Class Wednesdays, August 3, August 10 & August 17, 6-7:30 pm

Aquatic Eco-Adventures
Learn about the diverse and unique world of marine ecology by taking part in several interactive explorations! Ocean from Carolina Surf Adventures will be leading participants on a quest to discover the wonders and wildlife of wetlands, both in Halyburton Park’s backyard and beyond. Kid’s Session (Ages 8-14): September 6, 13, &20, 4-5:30 pm $35 for 3 sessions Adult’s Session (Ages 15 plus): September 20, 27, & October 4 6-7:30 pm $35 for 3 sessions

Birthday parties are offered on Saturday mornings for children ages 3-14 from 9:3011:30 am. Other times and days offered based on availability.
Choose from a nature themed birthday: • •

Bird Birthday Frogs, Turtles & Snakes Oh My!

Each party will include a gift for the birthday person, a nature craft and a discovery hike.

Cost:$100 for 10 children $8 each additional child Items for gift bags may be purchased at the Halyburton Park gift shop.

REGISTRATION FORM Name: Address: City: Zip:___________ Email: Phone # (h) (w) Age:__________ Emergency Contact: Phone# Allergies: Are you currently taking any medications? If so, please list: Please list any physical limitations that might impact participation: Program: _____________Date: ________ Program: _____________Date: ________ Program: _____________Date: ________ Program: _____________Date: ________ Program: _____________Date: ________ Total Cost: _________ Please indicate method of payment. Check ______Cash ______Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard) Account#______________________ Expiration:_____________________ I hereby authorize the City of Wilmington to apply $_______ to the account listed above.

Halyburton Park

July 16 Saturday 2-3 pm August 6 Saturday 2-3 pm Discover the exciting lives of dragonflies as we explore the Halyburton Park ponds. This program is offered FREE.

Birding Boat Tour
August 11 Thursday 8-11 am Join avian naturalist Joey Abatte for a birding boat trip to discover the lives of shorebirds. Enjoy the vivid plumage colors of shorebirds in the summer. Cost of this program is $35 per person, children 12 and under half price.

Pond Life
August 21 Sunday 2-3 pm October 15 Saturday 2-3 pm Learn about the intriguing Carolina Bays that are located throughout southeastern North Carolina; discover the characteristics that make these bays one of a kind. This program is offered FREE.

Birding in the Park
August 6 Saturday 8-9:30 am Join birder Matt Werner from the Wild Bird Center for a Bird Walk in the Woods. This program is offered FREE.

Painted Bunting & Salt Marsh Sparrow Presentation
August 4 Thursday 6-7 pm Join UNCW professor Dr. Jamie Rotenberg to discover the lives of these fascinating birds. Learn their migration patterns, population distribution, and nesting habits. This program is offered FREE.

Discovery Hike
September 11 Sunday 2-3 pm October 8 Saturday 2-3 pm Discover the different plants and animal species that inhabit the park. Learn about the ecosystems that make this area biologically diverse. This program is offered FREE.

Summer/Fall 2005
Space is limited on all programs. Pre-registration is required. Sign up in the Events Center or call 794-6001 4099 S. 17th St. Wilmington, NC 28412

Backyard Birding
August 23 Tuesday 7-8:30 pm Learn about the power of various feeders to attract different wild birds to your yard. Rick Ferrell, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, will be displaying various feeders and houses as we learn how to create wildlife sanctuaries within our own backyards.

Animal Tracks and Signs
September 18 Sunday 2-3 pm October 9 Sunday 2-3 pm Learn to distinguish different tracks and see what goes on in the park while no one is watching. This program is offered FREE.

Your Location, Your Birds
October 13 Thursday 7-8:30pm Who is sharing your neighborhood? Whatever your location, Rick Ferrell, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, will be telling us what types of birds you can expect to observe and enjoy throughout the seasons.

Long Leaf Pine Ecology
July 23 Saturday 2-3 pm September 10 Saturday 2-3 pm This program focuses on the history of long leaf pine forests as well as its native species, need for burning, and current trends. This program is offered FREE.

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