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					14 August 19, 2003 Byron Shire Echo


Holistic Dentist
Brunswick Heads Holistic Dental Centre
If you’re thinking of having your silver amalgam filling removed, it’s very important to follow strict guidelines to maximize your results. Here are some guidelines: • See a dentist trained in amalgam removals and detoxification, preferably a member of AOSMAT. Get your fillings charted, discuss side effects, get a quote and fill out a questionnaire to elicit any mercury related symptoms • Testing for mercury levels, for example, Hair Analysis, DMPS or NDF challenge test done by a doctor • If you have made an informed decision based on your health status, levels of mercury, and discussions with your health practitioner to go ahead, then you must follow strict guidelines. Four months is an average time span for pre detox, removals and post removal chelation therapy. However all programmes are individually tailored. • In general most patients require a two month pre-amalgam removal detox programme including: I) Bowel, Liver and Kidney cleansing II) Balancing body chemistry using blood tests, diet and supplements • When ready, have fillings removed over 4 visits using a Rubber Dam and breathing Oxygen • After removals comes mercury detoxification using, for example I) Chelation therapy eg DMPS, NDF, Intravenous Vitamin C II) Saunas, lymph drainage III) Supplements • Follow up Questionnaire and re-testing of mercury levels • Further detoxing if necessary

Farewell to Despina Alidenes of Mullumbimby
Mullumbimby matriarch and long time local Despina (Isabel) Alidenes passed away on August 1 leaving behind a legacy of family and farming tradition. Originally from Darwin where her Greek parents had migrated to, Despina was born in 1918, the first of their eight children. Described by her family and siblings as ‘the tree of life to her family’, Despina was a natural nurturer who helped rear her brothers and sisters and who later trained as a nurse. She attended a Catholic school in Darwin where students of Spanish-Filipino origin nicknamed her Isabel because of her likeness to Queen Isabella of Spain. As a young girl she loved bike riding, playing piano and fishing for crabs. In 1939 she met Andrew Alidenes in Sydney during a family holiday.They got married and she joined him at Palmwoods near Main Arm where Andrew was a banana grower. Despina helped in the running of that and subsequent farms and later even introduced pecan trees to the district. In 1942 after Darwin was bombed all of her family except her brother George, who was serving in the army, joined her at Mullumbimby until shortly after the war. Despina and Andrew moved to the Murbah area in 1946 establishing a farm at Tumbulgum. They returned to Mullumbimby in 1949 to set up plantations at Blindmouth, Montecollum and a 300 acre farm at Yankee Creek establishing the reputation that resulted in the naming of the nearby Alidenes Road after them. The couple had six children and Despina was widowed at age 43 when Andrew died aged 58. She continued her involvement in the community by serving as an unofficial translator in medical emergencies and legal matters. She also used her Stuart Street home to dispense business and welfare advice to the Greek Orthodox community. She died after a period of declining health at the age of 84 and left behind 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Award not to be sneezed at

A tissue box designed by former Mullumbimby High student, Bjarni Wark, will shortly be available on supermarket shelves throughout Australia. Bjarni, who is pictured above with his design, won a national design award recently organised by tissue manufacturer Sorbent. Part of the prize was the production of six winning packaging designs, one from each state, and distribution to retailers. Bjarni grew up in Main Arm, where parents Bob and Pam Wark still live, and is currently studying graphic design at the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Your life and what to do with it
Two new books by local writers are packed with suggestions for living your life and perhaps saving the planet in the process. In Change How You Live... Or Go Extinct, Laurie Stubbs suggests that individualism may have outlived its usefulness to human progress. Good for our hunter/gatherer past but dangerous for a world with a human population of six billion? Stubbs examines the nature of Western society and its problems and outlines ‘alternatives to the cult of the individual’. Among many other things, he calls for greater accountability of elected representatives in a democracy. He concludes, ‘A committed person can make a difference to a society.’ Stubbs’s book is published by Ginninderra Press (www. and is available locally at Abraxas and Linley Jones Bookstore. The recommended retail price is $22.50. Local author Rainer Taeni has self-published Love – The Goal Of Living, subtitled ‘The causes and effects of humanity’s fear of love and how to overcome it’. Taeni contends that ‘love is the vital creative force that rules the universe, connecting and directing all and constituting the very essence of our being. ‘The root cause of all humanity’s problems is that love is also what we fear most – more even than death.’ When we replace love with ‘an infinite variety of substitutes’ we end up leading alienated lives, according to Taeni. His book offers ‘effective solutions’ to get back to the state of love. Taeni’s book costs $34 (cheaper for multiple copies) and is available from the author at 18 Hottentot Crescent, Mullumbimby 2482, phone/fax 6684 4554, email See also http://people.smartchat.

Dr Nigel Cluer B.D.Sc (Hons) – Principal Dr Brian Tracey B.D.Sc A.T.I. Dr Marcus O’Meara B.D.Sc 18 Mullumbimbi Street, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483 Ph: 6685 1264 Fax: 6685 1593

Photocomp winners
CTC@Mullumbimby is delighted to reveal the names of four talented young Byron Shire boys, whose photographic creativity and skill have been rewarded in a statewide competition. They are Nelson McKev and Aimo Kostiainen, and the runnersup are Kimba Kuhlmann and Steve Kostiainen. ‘We are thrilled that of the 22 finalists in the competition, four of them are youth from the biggest, little town in Australia, Mullumbimby!’, said Derek McEvoy, Manager of CTC@ Mullumbimby. The state wide competition was a Youth Week initiative designed to encourage young people to explore the medium of digital photography, using the sophisticated computer equipment, scanners and digital cameras available at their local Community Technology Centre. The competition received over 450 entries, 15 of which were from the Byron Shire. CTC@Mullumbimby would also like to congratulate the additional nine local entrants: Ellery Herraman; Justin Moore; Anna Taylor; Ned Proctor;Wes Varty; Anna Kuhlmann; Toto MacDonald; Damon Keir and Max Thrift. You can view all of the fabulous photographic entries at the CTC@NSW website:

What is Video Production Skills about?
This course is designed for women with an interest in introductory skills needed in the TV and Film industry. It is a practical course and introduces the women to video production and editing. The course also includes study and employment options.

Is there a cost?
There is no Administration Fee for this course. This course commences on Monday 25 August 2003. To register for this course contact Lindy Kemp - telephone 6686 1531

Invitation to comment on the Issues and Options Discussion Paper for the Cape Byron Marine Park
The Cape Byron Marine Park was declared on 1 November 2003 as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to the development of a comprehensive, adequate and representative system of marine protected areas. As part of the planning process for the marine park, the Marine Parks Authority has prepared an issues and options discussion paper that contains important information on management options, including several examples of zoning arrangements for the park. You are invited and encouraged to comment on the discussion paper. Your written submissions will assist with the preparation of a draft zoning plan for managing activities within your marine park, which will be presented to the community for three months of public consultation. Written submissions on this issues and options discussion paper will be accepted over a six week period closing on 26 September 2003. A submission form is included in the document. Copies of the issues and options paper can be obtained from the Planner, Cape Byron Marine Park, PO Box 127, Byron Bay 2481 (ph (02) 6685 8505) and from the Executive Officer, Marine ParksAuthority, C/- GPO Box 5341, SYDNEY NSW 2001 (ph (02) 9228 4918). The document is also available on the Marine Parks Authority website Please send your submission to the address shown below, or submit it electronically at the Marine Park Authority’s website (follow the prompts to Cape Byron Marine Park). Marine Park Planning Officer Cape Byron Marine Park PO Box 127 Byron Bay NSW 2481 A background and resource information document on the marine park is also available from the Marine Parks Authority website, or from the Marine Parks Information Centre in Byron Bay at 1/14 Middleton St, Phone (02) 6685 8505.

NC 0455499

Art Of Healing out now
The Spring issue of The Art of Healing – Byron Bay is now out. In this issue there is a major article about The Pan Recall and The Way Forward which is delivered in an interview with Christopher Dean, Chairman of TP Health Ltd (formerly Thursday Plantation), one of the leading natural product companies in the Northern Rivers area. Christopher has also very recently been made the new President of the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC). Also featured in this issue is an article about Buddhist Psychology from Malcolm Huxter, a long term Buddhist meditator and practicing clinical psychologist in Lismore. The first of a series of articles about natural hormone replacement therapy introduces this concept and lets people know where they can go to find out more information locally. Available from newsagencies and health food stores, and selected giftshops and bookshops.