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									                         Frequently Asked Questions on
                      Foreign Language Translation Services
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Q1. What does Foreign Language mean?

We undertake translation jobs in non-Indian foreign languages – like French, German, Japanese
and the like. We do not deal with Indian languages like Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit.

Q2. What are the Languages you deal with?

List of Foreign Languages:

    o Armenian                                   o Arabic
    o Bulgarian                                  o Brazilian
    o Chinese                                    o Croatian
    o Chez                                       o Danish
    o Dutch                                      o English
    o Esperanto                                  o Finnish
    o French                                     o German
    o Hungarian                                  o Indonesian
    o Italian                                    o Japanese
    o Korean                                     o Malaysian
    o Mongolian                                  o Nepali
    o Norwegian                                  o Persian
    o Portuguese                                 o Polish
    o Romanian                                   o Russian
    o Slovakian                                   o Sinhalese
    o Spanish                                    o Serbo-Croatian
    o Swahili                                     o Swedish
    o Ukrainian

Q3. Where does English come in?

English could be either the source language – language from which Translation is needed or the
Target Language – language into which translation must be done.

Q4. Who are your translators?

We have a carefully chosen group of Translators who:
   ? are highly proficient in both Source and Target Language Pairs;
   ? have demonstrated experience in technical literature translation;
   ? have specialized subject backgrounds of our customer’s interests.

In fact we have developed a database of over 800 Indian Translators spread over 35 plus cities.
Q5. Do you undertake Interpretation too?

Interpretation is telling orally something said by someone in a language not known to
you, in a language understandable by you. While many of our translators can also do
interpretation work (for tourists, travelers, businessmen etc), we do not generally accept
Interpretation assignments. Q6. How much do you charge per translation? Charges vary
depending upon the language-pairs involved, complexity of the original (business letters,
thesis, journal articles, patents etc), subject mater, time allowed for carrying out the job
etc. Sometimes it is even necessary to look at a sample page before quoting. Rush orders
of course cost more. All the same, please contact us for a very generalized quote.

Q7. What types of originals are accepted?

Almost any type of technical literature like:

       • Periodical Articles
       • Newspapers
       • Conference proceedings
       • Thesis
       • Standards
       • Safety data sheets
       • Governmental regulations
       • Patents
       • Engineering drawings
       • Software documentation
       • Agreements and deeds
       • Books
       • Manuals
       • Laboratory instructions

Q8. What is not accepted?

We do not accept to translate any document for which you do not possess legal access or
the right to get translations done. We do not accept orders for translation into or from
Indian languages.

Q9. What are the formats in which the original may be sent and the translations are

Any type of original (paper / fax copy/ soft copy) is accepted. We prefer to send
translated version by email; In fact we prefer to correspond through Email only
Q10. What is special about your service that other translation agencies may not offer?

We are special in this way: In case you want us to procure the original. (Patents,
Standard, Journal Article) we can do so and thereafter translate the same. We are
basically specialists in Document Procurement & delivery.

Q11. Well, that is interesting. Can you say something about your customers?

Our Customers come to us by “word-of-mouth” publicity. They remain with us and help
us grow with repeat orders.

They come to us often stating: “we have tried everywhere … Can you please help?”

Q12 And who in fact are they – your customers? Can I have a list?

As the list of customers is essentially confidential, we are hesitant to make it public. Ask,
you will surely get references.

Q13. I am a translator myself. How do I get registered with you?

Great! Just ask for a Registration Form, fill it up and return it to us. Registration is free.
You are welcome to be our partner in progress.

Q14. I have exhausted all that I had to ask! Anything else you would like to say?

Why not send in right away your trial order! Or refer us to your friends who might need
our services.


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