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         Podtacular Show Notes
         Custom and Call-ins (Episode 44)

         Custom Games

                Warthog Explosion by Hannukah Harry:

         something everyone should do is do a custom game and put over shields on, set the map to
         Coagulation with tanks and warthogs. Have the host be driver in the warthog and have the person
         on the other team get into the tank.. you can shoot the warthog many many times without it ever
         blowing up as long as it doesnt land flipped over, dont shoot it if the host-driver isnt in.

                Redrover by Kimo23:

         Just like in real life, two teams will line up faceing each other. RED vs. BLUE standard. Best played
         in the pit of Midship…or actually any space… um anyway. The party leader will call out a gamertag,
         and him and the selected player will fight only using melee attacks. The winner of the showdown
         goes back to his side, and the whole team waits for the person killed to respawn, join their team,
         and add to the line. The winner of each showdown calles out the next name. Repeat this until
         everybody is on 1 team and in one big line.

         Make sure team changing is ON!

         um i guess magnums and empty all your ammo before starting. Normal shields and no extra stuff.
         (active cammo, overshield, dammage resistance, etc.)

         ok, thats about it, keep up the awsome shows, and we’ll keep on listening.

                Gang Wars by Purp1e He1met:

         Map: Head Long
         Score to win rounds: 100
         Respawn time: 3 seconds
         Suicide Penalty: none
         Shield type: no shields
         Motion sensor: off
         Team Play: on
         Friendly Fire: on
         Betrayal Penalty: 10 seconds
         Primary/secondary vehicle: Gauss Warthog
         Heavy vehicle: none
         Banshee: off
         Primary/Secondary turret: Large Machine Gun
         Starting weapon: Map default
         Secondary weapon: Magnum
         Starting Grenades: off
         Weapons on map: Human
         Grenades on map: off
         Powerups: off

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Podtacular Show Notes                                          file:///C:/DOCUME~1/MIKEDF~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/podtacular_sho...

         To play this game, you have to have at 8+ players. There are to be three teams, two different
         teams have to be gangsters and one team have to be cops (Blue team). Once you start the game,
         the gangsters are to only have legal weapons which are: SMG, Magnum, and Shotgun. The rest of
         the other weapons are illegal even turrets on the map and warthog turret. The gangsters jobs are
         to kill the other gang without the cops seeing you kill them.

         The cops jobs are to inspect the gangsters weapons to check if they illegal weapons and to prevent
         them from killing each other. If a cop sees a gangster killing another gangster, they are to kill the
         criminal. The gangsters can use the illegal weapons if they like, but stay away from cops while
         carrying them. Cops CAN carry any weapon they like, even illegal ones. Cops have to say ”
         Weapons Check (Insert GamerTag here)” in order to check if they have illegal weapons. If a cop
         finds you with an illegal weapon, they will kindly ask you to let them confiscate the weapon from

         If gangsters resist, cops are able to shoot them down. If a gangster kills a cop, the party leader
         will have to boot the person who killed the cop but are able to come back in (If they learned
         his/hers lesson). The building next to the under construction building will be the police building.
         Gangsters are restricted to enter the building (If no one sees them entering). Warthogs are cop
         cars. If cop sees gangsta riding in his whip (car), cop kills gangsta. This game is fun if people
         follow the rules.

         Now go out there and bust a cap in some gangsta’s head. Peace!

                Panitball by SPEEDY 9123:

         No sheilds,no radar,active cammo on,wepons on map plasma, staring wepon plasma rifle,
         secondary plasma pistol, no oversileds on map,1st to six wins 1 life for everyone can be played
         with teams or not no melees or vichels best played on backwash any number of players can play
         and one last thing no turrents.

                Swat CTF by Gop3dracer:

         My gamer tag: Gop3dracer

         In SWAT CTF, take matters into the hands of highly trained SWAT members. Battle rifle and
         magnum starting weapons, no shields, no radar. You got one life and a shot to the head ends it all,
         so use your skills to locate your objective (the flag) and bring it home. The terrorist group
         guarding the flag is relentless and will shoot on sight. Infiltrate the base, make your shots count,
         and stay alive. Thats an order…

         Lives per round: 1
         Grenades on map: off
         Rounds: 1
         Starting weapons: BR and magnum
         Single flag, round time limit 8 minutes

                Explodin Ninjas by Klay Sniper

         Hey Podtacular, check out my new custom. It’s Assault (one bomb: offense/defense) with camo on
         every player. 15 second arming with sticky arming. Starting weapon is Energy Sword w/ starting
         grenades. Weapons on map are Brute Shots and there is no motion sensor. The energy sword (or
         brute shot blade) is like the ninjas sword and camo/no motion sensor allows more assasinations.
         Oh yeah, there’s no vehicles. Brute shots/explosives let players keep their stealth but can explode

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Podtacular Show Notes                                         file:///C:/DOCUME~1/MIKEDF~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/podtacular_sho...

         and reveal others. Its fun with assault on maps like zanzibar and terminal because they offer lots
         of cover.

                MAYHEM! by RVB M Caboose:

         this is a slayer game but can be played with teams if you wish to split it into Humans and
         Covenant. You start off with an energy sword and a brute shot. The motion sensor is off, no over
         shield on the players or on the map. The most important part of this game is that you set all
         vehicles and weapons to random (excluding of course your starting weapons.) You can set the time
         limit to anything you want but the score should be 50 or below because if its any higher then it
         gets insanely drawn out. By the way the covenant MUST all be Elites because well… they are the
         covenant. This is hilarious because when played on small maps you can find bodys just piled
         everywhere at any given time during the game. Peace out guys and keep on fragging and beat
         down the newbs.

                MONSTER by GreNades:

         it is a jugernaut game played on Lockout w/ BR’s and sword as starting weapons, & no weapons on
         map. The juggernaut has radar and overshield. Who ever is the juggernaut (AKA the monster)
         goes into the lowest room underneath the tower. (NOT UNDER THE SNIPER TOWER…. THE OTHER
         tower) only the juggernaut can use the sword. All other players can rush the juggernaut any way
         they want. only using BR’s. When u become the juggernaut u stay in the room under the tower
         already described. This game is best played with at least 6 people. Keep up the good podcast-ing.

                Nathan says:

         NAME: HELL
         King of the hill
         Best played on Midship
         Random Primary and secondary weapons
         Random weapons on map
         Hill never moves
         Grenades on
         Best if played with 10-16 players
         Time to win 10 min.

         Tales from the fox hole

                Kimo23 says:

         1. Me and my bud were playing Team ActionSack, and we got duel weilding only. so, already off to
         a sad start. everyone else exept one guy on the apposing team was in one of the rooms in
         foundation. This one guy would wait for us to come, and thin assasinate us. I was getting sick of
         us dying, so i pick up some plasma grenades. This guy sees me from across the map, and starts
         throwing frags at me. I switch to plasmas, and chuck one in his direction. This guy was jumping
         around so I threw it kinda high. Well, as he was happily bouncing arround, he happend to connect
         my my lone grenade. TOUCHDOWN! I scream! RIGHT IN THE FACE! so I stuck the guy from across
         the map while he was jumping arround, and it was realllllllyyyy funny. after that, we rushed the
         room, and came back and won.

         2. This was a team snipers game on relic, and i was on the relic, looking for straglers coming up to
         me. All of a sudden, i here my shields beeping and the sound of beat downs. I did a 360 spin,

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Podtacular Show Notes                                           file:///C:/DOCUME~1/MIKEDF~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/podtacular_sho...

         fireing 3 random shots in hope of survival, and somehow I’m still alive. I extreemly luckily shot all
         3 of them in the head, just before they could press the B button one last time.

                bloodyrocker14 gamertag: your mr happy says:

         i have 2 tales from the foxhole

         1. i was on zanzibar and swords only with my buddies and 1 just got a double kill. so i trow a frag
         make a smoke screen and fly throught it and just start laughing cause he yells”HOLY S*” and

         2. i fell off the edge on lockout at the stiky respawn near the sniper. i was like wat the ill just trow
         a grenade for the hell of it. i look at the screen it says (stiky sign)youve just stuk dwarflord

                McKenzie Kramer says:

         I heard you guys like wierd gamertags….well I thought for a while and I
         guess the only wierd gamertag I know that is totally wierd is my own, “Redotonur4head” which is
         pronounced like, “Red dot on your forehead”. I meant it to be like those infared laser dot scopes
         that always leave that cool red dot on the bad guys body and or head before they get blown into
         the afterlife. However, I have been called a racist by people who think it offends Indian (the Asian
         kind) people! I dont know why they would even start to think I hate Asians (err..Indians). Anyway,
         yeah its kind of weird and nobody can ever pronounce more than red in matchmaking games.

                Gman says:

         DOOD u know rizkid54 i met him, he lives in andover, that’s unbelievable i met him on the skii lift.
         I was like u play halo he’s like ya, then we were talking about podcasts and he brought up
         podcasts and i was like do u know rizkid he’s like i am rizkid. i was like whoa. haha, just lettin u
         guys, know also ummmm ya nvrinmind. i was gonna askt to be in ur clan but i’m a clan hopper
         haha. better catch up on podtacular, ttyl.

                Painkilla05 says:

         I think the funniest thing I ever heard was JVB talking about takeing a bath with his uncle in a
         tower of power game.

                Macei says:

         One of the funniest things I’ve heard on Halo 2 was when I let my little sister (she’s 14) smack talk
         for me on the mike while I PWNED people. At the end of the game, this guy was like “WOw….. are
         you a ?” “Uh, yeah!” ”strange sighs and gurgles”

                the2cheat says:

         Me, Foo Mo, and a buch of Podtacular people were playing this assult game on terminal. OK, so we
         start out on Defense. We all go to our posts inside the base, and wait. So in runs this guy.So he
         has speed hacks on, so he comes in with the bomb, and sits at the bomb plant. Well, our wraith
         guy shoots and several of our guys rain down on him with bullets. Needless to say, the modder got
         owned. So, he tries the say thing 2 more times before our turn at defense is over. EAch time, he
         gets owned. So we start out on offense, and about 5 seconds into the game, the modder quits. So
         were all jeering the team and stuff. Much not to our surpirse, throughout that match, the entire
         team starts leaving one by one. It was hilarious.

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Podtacular Show Notes                                          file:///C:/DOCUME~1/MIKEDF~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/podtacular_sho...

                Macei says:

         I’ve seen some pretty funny gamertags in matchmaking… Ample Gravy, A Crippled Mexican, The
         Baby Jesus. People always mispronounce mine: Macei. It’s MASSEE, but I get May-cee, Macy’s,
         Muh-Sai, Mousy, May-Sigh, Makey, and Mastly.

                YellowSnow says:

         One day when i was playing some matchmaking with my friend, we saw someone with the name of
         “arandomwhiteguy” (a random white guy). It was pretty funny because whenever he would kill you
         it would say “You were killed by a random white guy”.

         Also I remember this one time where i was playing in a rumble pit game and there was this one
         guy and when he would kill you he would scream at the top of his lungs,”ARE YOU OK” or
         sometimes he would scream,”I’M SO SORRY! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” It was pretty funny but
         increasingly frustrating when you kept hearing him shout those comments. By the way, great show
         you guys. Keep it coming.

         Segments and Voice Mails

                Danl wanted to say that all of his halo songs use someone else’s music but his own lyrics, so
                don’t whine if you hear it and it sounds like another song.


                As usual, big thanks to freak in a box, our sound editor!

                Shoutout to Simm0 and thanks for getting us in touch with Spuzzum for that interview a
                while back.

                Excel: thanks for the cool image you sent! We’ll use it. And no, we’re not going to beg your
                mom to get you xbox live. get a job.


                Send in your tips, strategies, custom games, web resources, and mp3 segments to

                and/or call our voice mail line at 206-888-HALO.

                when fragging trucks, be sure to drive a truck and frag on the frag spot so trucks can be
                fragged with trucks.

                BUTTRUSH THE BASE!

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