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									ABS FO STEEL / AB-LIVION / ABSOLUTION Firm up your mid-section               CHEERLEADING Gimme a G, gimme a Y, gimme an M, gimme a B…
with this intense half hour of torso toning.                                 Shake your pom-poms and feel like a true American cheerleader.
ADVANCED GYMBOXING Learn to box in our very own, world-famous                CHOI KWANG DO This is a unique martial art based on scientific
boxing club coached by the best pro boxers in London. Some                   principles and developed to promote optimum health, fitness and self-
experience required.                                                         defence. The system is meant for all individuals who want to learn real-
                                                                             life, practical self protection skills and achieve a greater level of well-
AEROSKIP This skipping workout combines high and low impact
                                                                             being. (Paying class)
skipping moves combined with aerobics, to challenge you mentally and
physically.                                                                  CORE Firm up your mid-section with this intense half hour of torso
ASS(ETT) MANAGEMENT Get tight assets in this 30 minute booty                 toning.
blaster! Toning and conditioning for the lower body and abdominals.
                                                                             CONDITION CRAZY Well you’d be crazy not to join in if you want what’s
Ideal if you’re on a tight schedule.
                                                                             best for your physique. All the right moves to create and sculpt the right
BAG BATTLE Bring the boxing ring into the studio and fight your way to       body for you. Is it time to pump some iron?
health in this fun packed class. Our unique free standing bags allow you
                                                                             CREDIT CRUNCH Firm up your mid-section with this intense half hour
to move freely, strike effectively and be the fighter you always wanted to
                                                                             of torso toning
                                                                             CYCLE PUMP What more could you want from a class, 20 mins of
BALLET POLE The elegance and grace of Ballet mixed with the                  hardcore cycling, topped off with 20 mins weights.
sexiness of pole dancing gives you fabulous upper body strength,
                                                                             DOUBLE TROUBLE TRIATHLON SPIN Ever feel that you’re just getting
flexibility, control and poise and it’s a great cardio work out too.
                                                                             into it as the class comes to the cool-down? This is the answer- a
BEACH BODY PILATES This pilates class will get you ready to hit the          double session of cycling, as gruelling as training for a triathlon. Don’t
beach this summer with a body to rival Halle Berry and Raquel Welsh, so      worry if you can’t make it for the start, join in at 6:45pm for the second
get your itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny at the ready!!                               half of this punishing spin class.
                                                                             DETOX SWEATBOX If you’ve been overdoing the partying at the
BELLY DANCE Learn the art of the mystic, seductive eastern dance
                                                                             weekend, one too many cocktails, not enough sleep, kebabs or illicit
form. In this class you’ll be encouraged to discover your unique personal
                                                                             substances… you need to sweat it out!! High octane and fast paced, a
expression of this beautiful art form whilst you learn to train specific
                                                                             mixture of cardio and weights to wake you up and help you flush out
muscles, and forming individual style. Particular emphasis is placed on
                                                                             those toxins.
building confidence and community (5 spaces only available for
                                                                             DYNAMIC YOGA This form of Yoga is a general term used in the West
                                                                             to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa style yoga.
BHANGRA STREET An energetic, fun and active dance class which
                                                                             Most dynamic yoga is closely modelled on the Astanga style of practice.
offers a strong emphasis on bollywood dance in fusion with various
styles such as Bhangra, Street,Jazz and Arabic dance. A hybrid
                                                                             FIERCE & FRISKY YOGA Fluid, fierce and frisky yoga is animated and
of Western and Eastern moves which not only provide you with great
                                                                             enlivened by spirit. Vinyasa based yoga, challenging and dynamic,
exercise and a good work out but can also leave you feeling toned and
                                                                             experience the practice which releases you from restriction.
fit too. (Paying class, 5 free spaces for members)
                                                                             FIGHT KLUB A kick boxing workout to music, using a freestanding
BITCH BOXING Sorry guys, this one’s for the girls! Time to glove up
                                                                             training bag.
and get down on that boxing ring, ladies. Let one of our professional
female boxers take you through the grand art of boxing and you’ll be         FLEX An energetic flexibility class to distress, loosen and energise,
amazed how much power you really have.                                       using a mixture of yoga, Pilates and dynamic dance based stretches.
                                                                             Moves are linked together to build up a routine to challenge range of
BODY BLAST This interval training class will have your fitness levels up
                                                                             motion within joints and flexibility of muscles.
super quick, with interesting and ever changing combinations of cardio
and weights you’ll blast your body blues away in no time!                    FLEXI-PUMP Pump and flex with this part weights class, part Flexibar
                                                                             class to fatigue your muscles to the max. Designed initially for athletes
BOLLYWOOD A unique dance class with a unique concept combining
                                                                             the bar uses vibrations to work your core muscles intensely.
Bhangra, the folk dance of Punjab with the contemporary dance moves
of Street dance. An active work out with great choreography, so raise        FUSION FUNK Hot and sexy dance that will leave you wanting more. A
your heart beat and burn calories! (Paying class, 5 free spaces for          fusion of all the latest street moves and stage performances to the
members)                                                                     funkiest tunes.
BOOTYLICIOUS Toning for the Booty and other bootylicious bits                GYMBOXING The main attraction! Learn to box in our very own, world-
                                                                             famous boxing club coached by the best pro boxers in London.
BOTTOMS UP Total lower body shaping.(30 mins)
                                                                             GYMBOX FIT Get fit the GymBox way, boxing fitness at its finest
BOXING CIRCUITS Guess what… it’s a circuit involving various
methods of boxing training and techniques!                                   GYM THAI BOX Martial arts from Thailand using punches, kicks, elbows
BOYLESQUE With a mixture of Burlesque influenced dance moves, AJ             and knees. Including shoot boxing, which involves take downs and
heats things up and brings his own funky style to this genre to get you      throws / striking based class that includes karate and boxing techniques.
hot and feeling confident and ultra sexy !
                                                                             HATHA YOGA Flowing dynamic heat producing classes with hands on
BUFF YOGA Get buff in this class that fuses strength training and core
                                                                             adjustments. Classes based on twelve poses. Variations are included to
abdominal work with traditional yoga practices. Focus on a different
                                                                             boost practice balancing body, breathe and mind.
muscle group each week to build the strength and stamina necessary for
challenging yoga postures.                                                   INTRO TO PILATES Learn the basics in this gentle toning technique for
CAPOEIRA A unique exhilarating form of afro-Brazilian martial arts.          a foundation to improve muscle control, flexibility, strength, co-ordination
Combine the elegance of dance, the power of martial arts with afro-          and tone. The essence of a mat-work class is core control, strengthening
Brazilian music rhythms for a dynamic workout that improves endurance        the deep abdominal and back muscles. Excellent if you are recovering
and strength. (Paying Class)                                                 from injury or new to exercise.
CARDIO COMBAT A challenging combat workout using punches, kicks,             IRON (WO-) MAN A fast cardio packed class based on the ironman
cardio and strength exercises using our free standing punch bags.            discipline that will push you to your limits, using the studio and the cardio
Caution: Extremely sweaty and great fun - come and get your fighter’s        vascular equipment in the gym.
body!                                                                        JENNY PUMP Let Jenny take you through a gruelling total body
CELEBRITY BODY Get the body even the stars dream of. This                    workout. She’s full of energy but be warned: she takes no mercy!
conditioning class lead by Celebrity Trainer Troy Dureh will have you        KANGOO What do you get if you cross roller-skating and trampoline?
rocking the red carpet look in no time at all!                               Well here it is. Kangoo gives you a hard yet fun workout by bouncing you
CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Hard hitting and jam packed full of moves.               around the dance studio in a unique way, and getting you working
Let our pro boxer knock you into shape with this winning boxing class.       muscles you never thought you had. Now take it to another level and see
                                                                             you throw some punches and kicks.
CHAV FIGHTING Protect yourself form the ‘YOUF’ of today. Learn how
to defend yourself from gangs of HOODIES, avoid HAPPY SLAPPINGS              KICK-BOXING Western based martial arts combining boxing and Thai-
and feel safe in KNIFE CRIME-ridden London. Using a mixture of self          boxing.
defence techniques (see Krav Maga) and other martial arts, our very own
Chav Maga will keep you confident, switched on and ready for action!
KICK IT Interested in Martial Arts but no idea where to start? Kick it is       PSYCHO CIRCUITS An hour and a half of killer circuits, not for the
specifically aimed at beginners, covering the fundamentals of kickboxing-       squeamish or faint hearted! Survive it and you’ll be seeing the benefits
punching, kicking, blocking etc, increasing your fitness and building your      in no time at all.
confidence to be able to progress to the classes on offer in the boxing
                                                                                PUMPED & PRIMED Pump that body. A hotter, wetter, tighter, deeper,
ring. Come and have a go if you want to be hard enough.
                                                                                stronger training workout for extreme results.
KICK BOX CONDITIONER A sweaty conditioning class in the ring
                                                                                PUMP IT Pump that body. A hotter, wetter, tighter, deeper, stronger
based around the traditional moves of kick boxing.
                                                                                training workout for extreme results.
KICK ARSE CONDITIONING This conditioning class is ideal for those
with an interest in martial arts or dance. It draws on the basic core skills    RAVE This is the one to go to if you can’t wait for the weekend to start:
to develop balance, muscular strength and endurance and most of all,            An explosion of energetic dance and rave moves to uplifting music with
flexibility. For all levels.                                                    laser light show and glow sticks. Come on you cheesy quavers!!!
KINETIC REBOUNDING Fusion Dance/Martial Arts Aerobic Low Impact                 REGGAETON This is one sexy workout! A funky hybrid of latin hip hop
Cardio/ Core!! What more do you need? Use a mini trampoline to                  and dance hall. Get your booty shakin…
improve cardio fitness, core strength with very little impact- great for your
joints.                                                                         RELENTLESS An unforgiving, merciless, circuits based workout for the
KRAV MAGA Protect yourself with the Israeli Defensive Tactics System
(Modern Street Defence) made ever popular by its use in The Bionic              S.C.S This stands for Strength Control System. Using barbells,
Woman TV series.                                                                dumbbells, body weight and gravity your true strength can and will be
                                                                                improved quickly. Learn the most effective and efficient techniques for
LAST MAN STANDING A mean, punishing, military style circuits class              becoming a stronger you.
designed to make you work til you drop.                                         SHAOLIN STYLE Be trained by a Master from the Shaolin temple in
                                                                                Thailand. Learn about the way of life of the Shaolin which gives them
LOOK BETTER NAKED Is it lights out? Or spot light on? Tone your                 the dedication and discipline to achieve what appears to be the
body so that you feel sexy and confident whatever the occasion! A total         impossible. Focus the mind to achieve great fitness, strength, agility and
body workout that will get those muscles pumping and lean.                      power.
MANIC MONDAYS Start the week with an early morning wake up call in              SIVANANDA YOGA/ SIVINANDA HATHA YOGA A traditional system of
the shape of hardcore circuits! Shake off the weekend blur and face the         yoga which practices breathing exercises, cleansing and purification of
working week bright eyed and bushy tailed!                                      the body, meditation, relaxation, sun salutation and postures.
MID-WEEK MAYHEM Feeling sluggish mid week? Last weekend a                       Adaptations and individual adjustments are given, making the class
distant memory? Next weekend too far away? Kick start your energy               suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced yogis!
and enthusiasm with this early morning, high energy, fast paced cardio
and conditioning class.                                                         SIX PACK Firm up your mid-section with this intense half hour of torso
MMA Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting Championships, Cage Rage,             toning.
true to GymBox form, anything goes in this ring based class.                    SKINNY JEANS WORKOUT Become a real tight ass in this early
MR AND MRS MUSCLE A great way to get in shape! Are you one of                   morning session that will leave you able to slip into those skinny jeans
these people that hate using the gym? Pump your way to fun and fitness          without a shoehorn!!
with this weight-assisted class to music.                                       SPIN & CHISEL What more could you want from a class, 20 mins of
MUAY THAI INTRODUCTION A 30 minute introduction to the popular                  hardcore cycling, topped off with 20 mins weights.
Thai martial art                                                                SPRING ENERGY Spring energy is step class utilizing new spring
MUAY THAI An advanced workout for experienced participants - directly           loaded step boxes and funky moves.
from Thailand. The pro boxing ring and heavy pads will be used as               STEP-A--JAM A great cardio workout designed to improve coordination
participants work on defensive and offensive kicking skills.                    and release those endorphins. To pumping house and garage, build up
MUAY THAI BORAN SITNARONG CAMP PAD-WORK/TEQUNIQUE                               a routine using basic steps and logical layering to get gradually more
This is the name of one of the biggest Muay Thai organisations in the           complex, resulting in something quite STEP-tacular!
world, teaching real Muay Thai under the founder Master Sken. Learn             STREET KANGOO Take advantage of the summer and get alfresco in
techniques involving boxing, kicks, knees, elbows, clinch work, counter         London on the bouncy boots that are great for your joints and fitness!
attacks, pad-work, bag work                                                     Meet at reception.
NATION OF RHYTHM This is an eclectic fusion of dance styles and                 SUPER ABS Firm up your mid-section with this intense half hour of
music from around the world. So if you want an energetic dance workout          torso toning.
to help get you in shape this is the one for you.
                                                                                SWEATSHOP Go from station to station, and endure the extreme
NEW YORK SALSA Manhattan mambo present a new style of salsa                     exercise found at each. Time to get physical and see if you can survive
evolved from the streets of New York. (Paying class)                            the circuits. It’s hot stuff, so prepare to sweat, move and have fun.
PILATES Improves muscle control, flexibility, strength, co-ordination           SWASTHYA YOGA The purest and most original form of yoga, from
and tone. The essence of a mat-work class is core control, strengthening        which all other forms originated. Its ancient roots make it the most
the deep abdominal and back muscles.                                            complete, dynamic and the strongest kind of Yoga.
POWER PILATES This is a Pilates class with a difference. Not for the            THAI BOXING An advanced workout for experienced participants -
faint hearted, you’ll be taken through a series of rigorous exercises by        directly from Thailand. The pro boxing ring and heavy pads will be used
the drill sergeant instructor, designed to improves muscle control,             as participants work on defensive and offensive kicking skills.
flexibility, strength, co-ordination and tone, all at speed. You’ll certainly
work up a sweat!                                                                TKO BOXING This boxing class is a Total Knockout!
POLE DANCING Have you ever wanted to try being graceful yet sexy?               TOUR DE COVENT GARDEN / HOLBORN / BANK An indoor cycling /
It’s been around for years but not in fitness clubs. Now in a workout           spin class that burns fat, tones muscle and all to great music. Our team
format you can learn those raunchy moves and still get fit.                     of indoor cycling instructors will ensure you get a mega interval cardio
                                                                                workout on our fine bikes. Choreographed or original cycle style. Great
POWER CHI YOGA A great combination of Astanga yoga and tai chi –                for shedding those pounds.
great for overall health, wellbeing and stress relief.
                                                                                TORSO TONE Firm up your mid-section with this intense half hour of
POWER DANCE WORKOUT Straight forward Hip Hop dance drills,                      torso toning
basic routines, logical layering, everyone welcome, sweat guaranteed!
POWER YOGA Power Yoga a general term used in the West to                        TWISTED FLEXIBILITY A wonderfully stretching yoga class, calming
describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa style yoga. Most         and relaxing, unwind after work and get twisted in knots.
power yoga is closely modelled on the Astanga style of practice.                WARRIOR WORKOUT A workout combat class to music, using fighting
POWER YOGA:CORE CONNECTIONS Cyclical, progressive and full                      sticks and free standing training bags.
bodied asana practice. Simultaneously build strength and flexibility with       WHITE COLLAR BOXING Sparring with the pros. One-on-one sparring
added stamina. Develop consciousness through form                               in the ring under the watchful eye of the coach.
PROGRESSIVE YOGA These classes raise body awareness, increase                   WONDER’S STREET JAM The legend, Dennis Wonder, is back by
muscular flexibility and joint mobility. Release energy blockages and           popular demand. He incorporates influences from his training and
tensions, rejuvenate your body and relax your mind. The pace is                 experience to create a unique style of dance - combining jazz, African,
progressive, intensity is gradual, flow is seamless and the atmosphere is       contemporary and other technical steps.
tranquil and playful.

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