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					The Forum on Entertainment and Sports Law (FEASL) October Liaison Report

   1. FEASL Annual Conference

         a. Oct. 8-10th at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, NY

         b. First time they held a new attendee and international reception

                i. It was well attended

               ii. There were several international lawyers in the field

              iii. There were several law students that showed, many from the 5th
                   circuit and the University of Miami and two from Stetson University
                   College of Law

               iv. All attendees were eager to mingle with each other and former
                   attendees joined in to welcome the new attendees

         c. The panels were amazing and very in depth with timely trendy topics

                i. Many law students attended and thought the panels were very
                   educational and the panelists were highly knowledgeable

         d. Networking

                i. The attorneys were more than willing to network

               ii. They gave great advice and were eager to meet new students

              iii. It was a well organized event except for they should have gotten the
                   materials out a little sooner for advertising purposes

         e. Governing Committee Meeting

                i. The Forum is really wanting to improve membership and the forum

               ii. Suggestions from the liaison were as follows

                      1. A link for students on the Forum Website to really be able to
                         communicate with law students

                      2. More law student interest in their publication of the
                         Entertainment Lawyer
3. Contacting schools and letting them know about programs
   that way they can get funding or can submit to the ABA for

      a. There has been a problem with the budget and the
         giving out of full scholarships

      b. More advice by another Governing committee member
         is to have partial scholarships instead of so many full
         rides. This will help students come but also allow the
         Forum to recover its funding

4. Giving more leadership to law students to help with the forum

      a. The idea that was approved is to contact the governors
         and let them know that for their spring meetings or any
         meetings, at schools, etc that this forum will be more
         than happy to help by providing speakers, maybe even
         co sponsoring, etc

      b. I am working presently on putting together a database
         of the Entertainment and Sports Law Societies across
         the nation. I am 60% finished with this task.

5. Mentor program started by the last liaison

      a. I will be working with Travis in order to try to
         implement this program again

      b. We decided that there needs to be more structure
         before we can successfully re start the program and are
         working on membership, etc to do such

6. Budget

      a. Budget seems to be hurting the Forum

      b. They are really wanting to work with the IP section to
         sponsor events

              i. Gain membership

             ii. Help with funding
                                iii. All because our Forum overlaps heavily with IP

           iii. Webinars

                   1. We have decided to try to have webinars for CLE credit

                   2. We have planned certain attorneys and topics for certain

           iv. March Meeting

                   1. The march meeting of 2010 will be specifically for talking in
                      depth about law students, the budget, etc

                   2. I have proposed some ideas and concerns that should be
                      brought up at the next meeting

2. Concerns/Notices

      a. As a Liaison, I have a few concerns which I confronted the committee
         about during the Governing committee- the members were very supportive

             i. The immediate lack of response from certain heads when I e-mail

            ii. The immediate lack of respect given from certain heads during the
                Governing Committee meeting.

                   1. The first thing stated was basically that they do not like law
                      students or liaisons (the YLD liaison was present)

                   2. Certain heads seemed to want to know how to basically get
                      rid of law students.

           iii. These heads, or head, was immediately confronted in a joking
                manner by myself as to let them know that I was taking my job very

           iv. Apparently there has been issues in the past with liaisons not doing
               anything or something that has left a bad taste perhaps in that head’s
               mouth. I am not sure.

      b. Nevertheless, I did notice that the members quickly put down the negative
         remarks made and stood behind law students.
       i. They really want to work with law students and are willing to help
          me and the LSD to boost membership and include law students

      ii. They came up to me individually afterwards and in groups to say
          whatever we need of them, let them know. They are looking forward
          to working alongside the LSD

c. The ABA staff member over this forum is truly a wonderful asset! She has
   helped in so many ways

d. It does show great promise with the group and they are in the need of
   membership and are trying to change the Forum into being more
   productive. I think this year, there can be a cohesiveness if we work
   together and plan things