alphabet designs by tomsgreathits


									                  Snowflake Alphabet
I originally got the idea from Ranger Rick (I think Jan 05 issue) where
they had an alphabet of animals. But their alphabet had things like
lions, camels, unicorns and alligators, that would not be relevant in
Iowa. So I came up with plants and animals that would be found in
Iowa for a snowflake alphabet. I did use 4 of the patterns from
Ranger Rick. I used the duck they had for D as my M, their newt as
my L, their quail for Q and their fox (which they had for X) as my V.

To make the snowflakes, I first cut circles from copy paper (I traced
around a ice cream bucket lid). Then I folded the circles in half and
tightly creased the fold. The half circle is then folded in thirds, also
tightly creased. (I fold one side forward and one side back, accordian
style, to make the cutting easier.) The finished folded paper is
shaped like a wedge of pie.

Next, draw an image on the wedge. Some part of the image must
meet each edge so that there is a portion of the fold that remains
uncut to connect to the image on the adjacent wedge. Cut out the
image. Use an exacto knife to cut thin lines and items that are within
the main design. Unfold to view your snowflake.

I have done this snowflake making part with ages 1st grade – Assisted
Living residents and it worked well everywhere. I had pre-cut the
circles and pre-folded the wedges for all groups. Most groups got
about 15 – 18 of the alphabet snowflake designs figured out.

My snowflake letters for Iowa plants and animals are: A-ant, B-bat,
C-cardinal, D-dragonfly, E-evergreen, F-flower, G-great blue heron,
H-hummingbird, I-inchworm, J-jewelweed, K-key, L-lizard, M-mallard
or marsh, N-nest, O-oak leaf, P-praying mantis, Q-quail, R-rabbit, S-
snake, T-tree, U-ungulate, V-vixen (could be Vulpes), X-Xylocopa, Y-
Yellow coneflower, Z-Zooplankton.

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