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2007 top songs


EMBARGO 6pm, Thursday 4th October 2007

2007 Play It Strange National Secondary School Songwriting Competition

The winners of the 2007 National Secondary School Songwriting Competition
are Wellington students Deakin Palmer and Marco Vinten who attend Hutt Valley
High School and Hutt International Boys School respectively. From a total of 302
entries, the song ‘Commuter Train’ topped the list of 50 finalist award winners.
The top 40 finalists now head into a recording studio for a day and their songs will go
on the 2007 Play It Strange double CD.

Deakin and Marco also receive $1,000 worth of retail credit from the NZ Rockshop,
Chief Judge Jordan Luck describing their song as “straight out of a 60‟s jukebox” and
“talent in abundance”.

The Hon. Judith Tizard presented the award at a live show event at The Centennial
Theatre in Auckland on Thursday 4th October. The show was hosted by C4 presenter
Jane Yee and the top 5 finalists had their songs performed by established artists to an
enthusiastic crowd of family, music industry and school supporters.

In its‟ fourth year, the songwriting competition continues to be embraced by songwriting
students throughout the country, the School Of The Year Award this year going to
Church College Of New Zealand, Hamilton for having 3 songs in the Top 50.

2006 winner, Anna Macdonald received the inaugural Lyric Award with her entry

The Top 5 finalists have been followed by a film crew over the past weeks with a
documentary to screen on C4 soon.

The Top 5 are (in place order);
„Commuter Train‟
Deakin Palmer                          Hutt Valley High School and
and Marco Vinten                       Hutt International Boy’s School (Wellington)
„LA (But You‟re Much Better)‟
James Wong                             St Peter’s College (Auckland)
Anna Macdonald                         St Hilda’s Collegiate School (Dunedin)
„Three Ladies‟
Louis Baker                            Wellington College (Wellington)
„Grand Vocation‟
James McCully                          Rangitoto College (Auckland)

For the full Top 50 go to

Play It Strange is a Charitable Trust established in November 2003 for the purpose
of encouraging young New Zealanders to develop interests and skills in songwriting and
musical performance. The song competition is their flagship programme and other
programmes include the Band Of Strangers, Songnet (a website songwritng tool) and
Ukulele Orchestras.

For further information go to,
email, call 09 377 7919 or
Debbie Little on 0275 332 548


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