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               Laboratory Instruments (all with user manuals) and Accessories

Philips PM3410 Sampling Oscilloscope, 1-GHz bandwidth, rise-time =< 0.35 ns, with plug-in
PM3419A Sampling Dual-Trace Amplifier (switch-selected vertical scale-factor from 1 mV/cm to
200 mV/cm in 1-2-5 sequence) and 50 ohms input impedance. PM3419B Sampling Time Base.
(The black plastic decorative external frame outside of the bezel was misplaced; maybe I can find it;
that has no effect on being able to see the traces on the CRT face and the horizontal and vertical
grid-lines on the transparent plastic scale in front of the CRT.)

four Tektronix P6057 probes for input to 50-ohm input of oscilloscope, 100X attenuation, 5000
ohms input resistance from DC to 350 MHz, decreasing to 1500 ohms at 1 GHz, and input
capacitance of approximately 1 pF. Probe rise-time 0.25 ns, bandwidth DC to 1.4 GHz.
One of those probes has copper foil wrapped around the probe cable to reduce EMI that had been
picked-up from a nearby strong source of EMI.
Spare parts included for repairing probes when needed.

two Tektronix P6051 FET probes, DC to 1 GHz when feeding oscilloscope 50-ohms input, step-
response rise-time =< 0.35 ns for all attenuation choices. Probe attenuation 5X. Probe attenuator
heads of 4X, 20X, or 40X, in addition to probe itself of 5X, gives total attenuation of 5X, 20X,
100X, or 200X. Input impedance 1 Megohm in parallel with 1.8 to 2.8 pF, depending on which
probe attenuator head is being used.
Tektronix Type 1101 Accessory Power Supply supplies power to up to four P6051 FET probes.
Two additional P6051 FET Probes with “no output signal” can be cannibalized for replacement
parts when needed.

Hewlett-Packard 1720A Oscilloscope, DC to 275 MHz, with two vertical channels and two probes
Tektronix P6131, 10X attenuation, bandwidth DC to >300 MHz, input impedance 10 Megohms in
parallel with 10.8 pF, probe cable length 1.3 meters.

Tektronix Scope-Mobile Type 200-1 Model A. HP 1720A oscilloscope listed above can be
mounted on this roll-around cart.

Polaroid CR-9 Land Oscilloscope Camera with two types of hoods for two types of oscilloscope
bezels; photograph oscilloscope displays. Uses Polaroid 667 black and white film in film-pack, ISO
3000-speed film, still available from distributor in New York City. Film develops in about one
minute. Two film-packs (20 photos) come with the camera.

two Boonton Radio Corp. (later, Hewlett-Packard) Signal Generator Power Amplifier Type 230A,
10 to 500 MHz in six switch-selected bands (the Hewlett-Packard 230B was named “Power
RF input and output on BNC connectors, nominally 50 ohms impedance.
RF output: up to 15 Vrms across external 50-ohms load (4.5 W to 50-ohms load). NEVER operate
without a load on the output.
RF input: 1 Vrms maximum.
Spare vacuum-tubes of all types used in the 230A amplifier (including seven 2C39A output-power
tubes; the amplifier uses three such tubes in three amplifier stages).

Hewlett-Packard 5383A Frequency Counter, up to 520 MHz.

Bird Electronic Corp. Model 43 Thruline RF Wattmeter with plug-in elements 50H (50 W full-scale
at 2-30 MHz), 25C (25 W full-scale at 100-250 MHz), and 5C (5 W full-scale at 100-250 MHz)

Bird Electronic Corp. Model 4370 Thruline RF Wattmeter, 25-175 MHz and 175-500 MHz; 10, 25,
100, and 500 W full-scale forward power and 1, 2.5, 10, and 50 W full-scale reflected power.

Hewlett-Packard 436A RF Power Meter with HP-calibrated power sensor 8482B and 1801A
attenuator, calibrated together from 0.1 MHz to 4200 MHz, 1 mW to 25W full-scale. Option 002:
front-panel and rear-panel sensor input connectors are in parallel.

Narda Microwave Corp. Model 3000-10 50 ohms Coaxial Directional Coupler, 225-460 MHz,
coupled output -10 dB, calibrated at 225, 280, 350, 410, and 460 MHz, three female Type N

Solar Electronics Co. Type 7205-200 High-Pass Filter, 50 ohms, corner frequency 200 kHz, two
female Type-N connectors.

Tektronix TM503 Power Module (3-wide main-frame) with A6302 Current Probe and AM503
Current Probe Amplifier.
A second A6302 Current Probe is probably not OK, but should be checked; it might be OK. If not
OK, maybe it can be repaired or cannibalized for future repairs on the now-OK current probe.

Tektronix P6022 AC Current Probe with Termination 011-0106-00. Switch-selection of two
sensitivities: at 1mA/mV, low-frequency 3 dB =< 8.5 kHz and time-constant approx. 18 us, and
high-frequency 3 dB at =>140 MHz and rise-time =<2.5 ns; at 10 mA/mV, =<935 Hz and =>250 us
and high-frequency =>159 MHz and =<2.2 ns.

two Tektronix CT2 Current Transformers, 1 mV/mA feeding P6041 miniature 50-ohms cable with
male BNC connector at the end, to be terminated with 50 ohms. Rise-time approx. 0.5 ns and 3-dB
at approx. 700 MHz. Low-frequency time-constant 125 us, 3 dB at 1.3 kHz with zero dc current.
Tektronix molded the transformers with a plastic material that melted when touched by a hot
soldering iron. As a result, the transformer bodies have “melt” marks from having been
accidentally touched by a hot soldering iron while being installed into tightly packed areas in the
equipment being instrumented. They look used (which they are), but they were in good working
condition the last time they were used. They have male mounting screws extending from one end
of the molded transformer, as one way of mounting the transformer in the equipment that is being
instrumented. One of the transformers is missing that mounting screw; it worked fine electrically.

                                  Digital Multi-Meters

A.W. Sperry Instruments, Inc., Model DM-7010, DC and AC voltages, DC and AC current,
resistance, and frequency (I can’t find the User Manual). Accessory Transistor and Diode Test
Adapter, Model HFE-840 (with User Manual), measures NPN or PNP transistor hFE and emitter-
collector reverse leakage current, and diode forward-conduction voltage and reverse current.

      RF Coaxial Terminations: 50 Ohms, 75 Ohms, Short-Circuit, and Open-Circuit

three Hewlett-Packard 11048C BNC Feedthrough 50 ohms, 1 W, male and female BNC connectors

Tektronix 011-0049-01 BNC Feedthrough 50 ohms, 2 W, VSWR < 1.2 from DC to 500 MHz, male
and female BNC connectors

U.S. Army DA-138/TRM-3, 50 ohms, 1 W, female BNC connector

Hewlett-Packard Model 908A, 50 ohms, 0.5 W, male Type-N connector

Sierra Electronic Div. of Philco Corp., Model 160-100D, 50 ohms, 100 W, female Type-N

Sierra Electronic Corp., Model 160-500FN, 50 ohms, 500 W, female Type-N connector

Bird Electronic Corp. Model 81B Termaline, 50 ohms, 80 W, female Type-N connector

General Radio Co. Type 874-W50B 50 ohms, Type 874 hermaphrodite connector

General Radio Co. Type 874WN short-circuit terminator, Type 874 hermaphrodite connector

six BNC short-circuit terminators

four Type F (television) 75 ohms
Type F (television, open-circuit terminator

5 laboratory-made 50-ohms BNC terminations: one 1-W female, four 0.5-W: three male and one

                 RF Power 50-Ohm Coaxial Attenuators and Line-Sections

Narda 765-10, 10 dB, 50 W, DC-5 GHz, male and female Type-N

Narda 765-6, 6 dB, 50 W, DC-5 GHz, male and female Type-N

Empire Devices Products Corp. AT-70, 3 dB, 50 W, two female Type-N

Microlab AB-20N, 20 dB, male and female Type-N, probably 2 W

two Texscan Corp. (Indianapolis, Indiana) FP50, 10 dB, probably 1 W, male and female BNC

Tektronix 011-0059-01, 20 dB, male and female BNC

Tektronix 017-044 10XT Type 874 attenuator, 20 dB. 1 W, Type 874 hermaphrodite connectors

two General Radio Co. Type 874-G20 attenuators, 20 dB, 1 W, Type 874 hermaphrodite connectors

General Radio Co. Type 874-G3 attenuator, 3 dB, 1 W, Type 874 hermaphrodite connectors

Unknown maker, Type 874 13-cm coaxial line-section, about 0.07 dB attenuation

                            RF 50-Ohms Adjustable Attenuators

three Kay Electric Co., Model 30-0 toggle-switch boxes: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 DB, and four 20 dB (0 to
101 dB), zero insertion loss, one Type 432D rated 1 W max. power; two Type 432C rated ½ W
max., two female BNC

Jerrold Electronics Corp., Model A-500, dc to 250 MHz; 1, 2, 3, 6, and 10 dB, and three switches of
20 dB (0 to 82 dB), two female BNC

Telonic Instruments TB-50A rotary 12-positions stepping switch, 0-10 dB in steps of 1 dB, and
open, DC to 900 MHz, two female BNC

two Telonic Instruments TC-50A rotary 12-positions stepping switch, 0-1 dB in steps of 0.1 dB, and
open, DC to 400 MHz, two female BNC

Weinschel Engineering Model 905 continuous- rotation: minimum loss 0 dB at DC to 0.6 dB at
1000 MHz; dial rotation adds 0 to 10 dB. Correction Chart gives corrections at DC, 300 MHz, 500
MHz, 750 MHz, and 1000 MHz, at dial readings of 3 dB, 6 dB, and 10 dB. Male and female Type-
N connectors. Probably 5 W.

Weinschel Engineering Model 940, Type 940-60-1, attenuation 6-66 dB, DC to 4000 MHz, 5 W,
male and female Type-N connectors.

                                 RF Power Coaxial Switch

Bird Electronic Corp. Model 74 rotary 6-position coaxial switch; input connector can be connected
to any one of the six output connectors. Safety feature: Mechanical design allows rotation of the
switch only when the input and output connectors are automatically disconnected from their
external connections. Input and output are female Type-N connectors. Probably about 100 W.

 Constant-Impedance “Trombone” Adjustable-Length 50-Ohms Coaxial Transmission Lines

General Radio Co., Type 1602-PI, straight-line, adjustable stub 20 cm, General Radio 874
“Hermaphrodite” connector.

General Radio Co., Type 874-LT, U-shaped, variable 45 cm, General Radio 874 “Hermaphrodite”

Microlab Coaxial Transmission Line, U-shaped, variable 61 cm (use for 0-60 cm), male Type-N

Microlab SR-05N Coaxial Transmission Line, straight-line, variable 30.5 cm, male and female
Type-N connectors

                 RF Coaxial Transmission Lines with Coaxial Signal-Pick-Off

E-H Research Laboratories, Inc., Model 960, -40 dB, 1 W

General Radio Co., 874 VR, 6.8 dB attenuation from “R” end to non-R end; signal pick-off at non-
R end, with 15 dB attenuation from non-R end to pick-off output.

                        RF Connector Converters and “T” Connectors

General Radio 874-T
General Radio 874 to 5.9 cm (2.3”) of RG58C/U flexible coaxial cable
GR874 and male Type N
GR874 and female Type N

GR874 and male Type N
three GR874 and female BNC
GR874 and male BNC
two female Type N and male BNC
Female Type N and female BNC
nine male Type N and female BNC
Male Type N and male Type N
two Type-N T with three female connectors
two male TNC and female BNC
four male HN and female BNC
six male UHF and female BNC
three female UHF and female BNC
six BNC T with 2 female and one male
three BNC T with 3 female connectors
three BNC with two female connectors
three BNC with two male connectors
two male SMA with female BNC
four male banana-pair and female BNC
Female banana-pair and male BNC
three single female banana with screw-down on wire, and male BNC
Other converters for RCA phono connectors to various other types; descriptions available on

                            RF Signal-Processing Components

Hewlett-Packard 11665B Modulator, 15 MHz-18 GHz
Hewlett-Packard 10515A Series 651 Frequency-Doubler, input female BNC, 0.5-500 MHz, 180
mW maximum, output male BNC
Hewlett-Packard 423B Crystal Detector, input male Type-N, output female BNC

                            Communications Radio Receiver

National Co. NC-183D, 540 kHz – 31 MHz and 47-55 MHz, with bandspread dial for fine-tuning,
operates on 115 Vac or 230 Vac

                                      DC Power Supplies

Kikusui Electronics Corp. (Japan) Regulated DC Power Supply, Model PAL 35-30, adjustable 0-35
Vdc at 0-30 A.

Hewlett-Packard 6215A Regulated DC Power Supply, adjustable 0-25 Vdc at 0-400 mA.

Hewlett-Packard 6236B Triple-Output Regulated DC Power Supply, adjustable 0-6 Vdc at 0-2.5 A
and 0 to + and – 20 Vdc at 0 to 0.5 A.

Harrison (Hewlett-Packard) 6294A Regulated DC Power Supply, adjustable 0-60 Vdc at 0-1 A.

Kepco Voltage-Regulated DC Power Supply, Model PR-310-0.6M, 0-310 Vdc at 0-0.6 A.

Laboratory-made unregulated DC power supply, adjustable 0-200 Vdc at 0-18 A.

            Bank of Adjustable Load-Resistors for Use at DC and Low Frequency

Laboratory-made Adjustable Power-Resistors Load for dc or low frequency load, six adjustable
rotary power resistors: 0-6 ohms, 50 W; 0-0.25 ohms, 50 W; 0-20 ohms, 50 W; 0-200 ohms, 50 W;
0-3.5 ohms, 300 W; 0-10 Kohms, 50 W; mounted on a black vertical panel, 12.3” wide x 8.2” tall
(including the thickness of sturdy mounting-feet) x 3.1” deep (the mounting feet).

                                       Pulse Generators

E-H Research Laboratories, Inc., Model EH 139B Pulse Generator, 0-50 MHz; output must be
terminated in 50 ohms.
A second EH 139B, no output, can be repaired or can be cannibalized for repair parts, when needed
for the presently working pulse generator.

Datapulse Inc. (Systron Donner) Model 110 Pulse Generator, 4 Hz-40 MHz in seven decade ranges;
drives a 50-ohm load.
An inoperative Datapulse 110B can be cannibalized for repair parts for the presently working 110.

Laboratory-made Electrical-Noise Generator for testing the noise-immunity of an electronic
assembly or equipment. A hand-held probe emits electric-field and magnetic-field noise of
adjustable amplitude. The probe can be positioned at many places in the equipment, to search for
noise-sensitive places that need better circuit layout or shielding.

                                         Technical Book

A. S. Kislovski, R. Redl, and N. O. Sokal, Dynamic Analysis of Switching-Mode DC/DC
Converters, third edition, 2003, Design Automation, Inc., Lexington, MA

                                       Air-Blowers (Fans)

Rotating Components, Inc., Rotary fan, 115 Vac 50/60 Hz single-phase @ 0.55 A, 1/20 HP, 3350
RPM, capacitor 4 uF @ 600 WVDC. 8” x 6-1/2” x 8”

Rotary fan, 115 Vac 60 Hz single-phase, 3000 RPM, 0.01 HP. 5” x 4-1/2” x 5-1/4”

Flat fan-blade, 115 Vac 60 Hz single-phase 4-5/8” square x 1-1/2” deep with bolted-on removable
plastic mounting fixture, 4-1/8” deep

Boxer Fan, flat fan-blade, 115 Vac 60 Hz single-phase, 4-5/8” square x 1-3/4” deep

Flat fan-blade, 115 Vac 50/60 Hz single-phase, 2-3/4” square x 2-3/4” deep, Fast-On connectors

Globe Motors, flat fan-blade, 12 Vdc @ 0.20 Z, 4-5/8” square x 1-1/8” deep, bolted onto a control
board for a computer disk drive; can be removed easily: remove four hex-nuts and un-solder the two
power wires from the PC board

Oriental Computer, Model 8PT12L, flat fan blade, brushless dc motor, 12 Vdc @ 0.14 A, 3-1/16”
square x 1” deep

                                           Heat Sinks

Assorted heat sinks of various types and sizes, for cooling power components (transistors, diodes,
and power resistors) that are dissipating power. Some are aluminum extrusions with fins, others are
clip-ons with fins, to clip onto semiconductor devices of various sizes and styles.

                                Transistors and Integrated Circuits

Several hundred transistors, diodes, and analog integrated circuits of assorted types.

                                  Personal-Computer Accessories

D-Link DI-624 wireless Router 802.11g, up to 54 Mb/sec (never used)

                                   120-Vac Line-Cords for Equipment

seventeen 120-Vac 10-A line-cords for equipment, most with three vertical slots, a few each of the
two other styles.

                                 Static-Dissipative Work-Station

“Plastistat” Static-Dissipative Work Station, made by Plastic Systems, Inc., Static Control Division,
(617) 485-7390. 4’ wide x 2’ deep, with 3 wrist-straps to be connected to a local earth-ground
connection, to be worn by up to three people working on electronic components or assemblies that
could be damaged by a static-electricity discharge.

                                    Laboratory Supplies

Many ferrite and powdered-iron magnetic cores of many styles and sizes, and a few wound-metal

Axial-leaded resistors: molded carbon-composition (1/4 W, ½ W, 1 W, and 2 W, 10 ohms to 18
megohms, 5% tolerance, in three cabinets with divided drawers), 1% precision film resistors
(mostly ½ W, 0.39 ohms to 24.3 megohms, and 0.01 ohms, 5%), wire-wound power resistors (axial
or radial leads)

Rotating-shaft potentiometers, 10 ohms to 1 megohm

Large stock of capacitors of all types: mica, ceramic, film, electrolytic, variable (rotating ceramic
and air-variable rotating inter-meshed metal plates)

Inductors, fixed-value and variable (rotating magnetic slug moves in and out of the wound coil)

Wire: insulated hookup wire, magnet wire, solder-plated bus wire (some silver-plated for low RF
resistance), 350’ of Litz wire, audio and RF cables with various types of connectors, shielded wire,
TV 300-ohm twin-lead cable, RF coaxial cable (50 ohms, 75 ohms, 93 ohms), multi-conductor

Signal and power semiconductors (RF and low-frequency): transistors (BJT, JFET, MOSFET),
diodes (signal, rectifier, Zener, and transient-voltage suppressor), ICs

Sheet copper: 2 mils, 3 mils, and 5 mils thick x 13” wide

Teflon sheet and tubing


Husky soldering irons, 100 W

Solder, and solder-wick for wicking-up solder from a soldered joint

Vacuum-tubes for replacement in some of the instruments listed above

Nathan O. Sokal, President
Design Automation, Inc.
4 Tyler Road
Lexington, MA 02420-2404
Tel. (781) 862-8998 Fax (781) 862-3769

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