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american eagle clipart


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									                    “AMERICAN EAGLE DAY”:
        An Extension Program of American Eagle Foundation

The not-for-profit American Eagle Foundation (AEF) has become widely recognized as a national non-
governmental leader in bald eagle conservation, recovery and public environmental education. Established in
1985, the Federal and State licensed organization operates the world's largest exhibit of non-releasable bald

The AEF is dedicated to the recovery and protection of bald eagles and their habitat. It has educated millions
of people nationwide. It operates a captive-breeding and rehabilitation facility at its Dollywood-based
headquarters, where many of its resident eagles have successfully reproduced in captivity and been released
into the wild. It has also rehabilitated numerous injured eagles and other birds of prey. For more information
on the AEF, please visit www.eagles.org.

The American bald eagle was selected as the USA's National Emblem by our country's Founding Fathers in on
June 20, 1782 at the Second Continental Congress. For over 200 years now, the eagle has served as the pride
of America's skies and the living symbol of all that we Americans stand for...Freedom, Democracy, Courage,
Strength, Spirit and Excellence.

Since the founding of our country, there has never been a “special day" set aside to annually recognize our
country's inspirational national bird and the role that it has played in our lives, past and present. Together, the
AEF and your organization/club can help make June 20th both a state and national “American Eagle Day” to
annually remember and commemorate this majestic and important American symbol.

You should complete activities of your choice from each of the following sections to learn more about the
important role the American bald eagle has played in our country’s history. Then, take a step to give it a formal
place on our calendar by helping establish an annually celebrated “American Eagle Day” both in your state and
nationally. When the activities are completed, your group can choose to purchase an “American Eagle Day”
patch to recognize the achievement of your participating group members.

HISTORY: Explore the history of how the American bald eagle became the symbol of our country.         Why was
it chosen and when? Discover how we almost lost this majestic bird to extinction in the lower 48 states. Learn
how caring Americans joined together to save and protect it.

Helpful Sites - The Bald Eagle As Our National Symbol - http://www.eagles.org/greatseal.html
and http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/eagle/eagle9.html

SYMBOLISM: The Great Seal of the United States depicts an American bald eagle. Learn what each part
of the symbol represents. What is on the back of the Great Seal and what does it represent?

    Find other places where the American eagle is part of the artwork such as the President’s Seal, flags, patches,
    sport teams’ mascots, etc. Look for places where the Great Seal is shown such as on our money. Do all the
    images show respect for the American bald eagle’s image as our National Symbol?

    Explore some of the myths and legends pertaining to the American bald eagle. How has the American bald
    eagle been immortalized by the Native American culture? Is the eagle used as a symbol for other countries or

                        Helpful Sites –
                        Eagles & Native Americans - http://eagles.org/native_american.htm
                        GreatSeal.com - http://www.greatseal.com/index.html
                        Great Seal of the United States - http://www.eagles.org/greatseal.html
                        Myths and Legends - http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/eagle/eagle-myths.html
                        Eagle Clip Art - http://www.fotosearch.com/clip-art/eagle_1.html
•   The American bald eagle is a raptor. Find out what that means.
•   Visit a facility that cares for raptors that have been injured and/or uses them for public education. Talk to the
    people who care for the birds. Why are the birds there? Will they be released into the wild?
•   Learn about Challenger, the American bald eagle that has become the symbol for the American Eagle
    Foundation and a famous educational eagle ambassador for our nation. http://www.eagles.org/challenger.html
•   Go on-line to see if you can observe American bald eagles on live cam or, if you live in an area where they are
    in the wild, take a field trip to see if you can spot some.
•   Do something to help educate others about American bald eagles.
•   Discover what makes the American bald eagle such a special bird. Learn about::
    How it almost became extinct
    Comeback from near extinction
    Habitat & migration
    Size and coloration at various ages
    Incredible eyesight
    Feeding habits
    Nesting habits
    Mating and care of young

    Helpful Sites –
    American Eagle Foundation’s Educational Resources - http://www.eagles.org/edresources.html
    American Bald Eagle Information - http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/index.html
    Live Eagle Nest Cam: AEF - http://www.eagles.org/eaglecam.htm
    Live Eagle Cam: MA - http://www.friendsofblackwater.org/camhtm2.html
    Live Eagle Cam: WA - http://www.wdfw.wa.gov/wildwatch/eaglecam/index.html
    Lesson Plan - http://www.can-do.com/uci/lessons98/Eagle.html
    Bald Eagle Sounds - http://www.thebigzoo.com/Animals/Bald_Eagle.asp
    Sights & Sounds of the American Bald Eagle - (National Geographic)

    THE ARTS: Ideas -
    •   Read poems about eagles. How is the eagle described in the poems? Write Haiku, Limerick or Cinquain
        poems about eagles. You could print them in a booklet and give to others.

        Helpful Sites –
        Haiku - http://www.readinga-z.com/poetry/lesson_plans/haiku/haiku_print.html
        Cinquain - http://www.readinga-z.com/poetry/lesson_plans/cinquain/cinquain_print.html
        Limerick - http://www.readinga-z.com/poetry/lesson_plans/limerick/limerick_print.html

    •   Create posters encouraging others to support the confirmation of an American Eagle Day. Hang them in
        public places.
•   Learn to write a news article promoting confirmation of an American Eagle Day. Send it to your local
•   Write a public service message asking for support of American Eagle Day and get it broadcasted on local TV.
•   Make images out of clay, paper, or other medium of American bald eagles. Put them on public display at
    school, the local library, etc. Add information about American bald eagles and ask for support to confirm an
    American Eagle Day.
•   Create an American bald eagle quilt. The quilt could be made of fabric with blocks showing images of the
    different aspects of the American bald eagle’s life or symbols of the meanings given to the eagle like power,
    strength, freedom, hope, etc. It could also be a made with blocks of paper. Hang your quilt in a local place
    like a school hallway or at a house of worship. Add a poster to tell people about the effort to have our federal
    government pass an American Eagle Day. Ask for support.
•   Listen to some songs that mention eagles like:
                               •    “ Save the Eagle” (AEF theme song), written & sung by James Rogers -
                               •    “Fly Eagle Fly”, written & sung by James Rogers
                               •    “Where Eagles Fly” (FOE theme song), written & sung by James Rogers
                               •    ‘The Eagle and the Hawk” written & sung by John Denver
                               •    “Eagles & Horses”, written & sung by John Denver
                               •    “On the Wings of an Eagle” sung by John Denver
                               •    “Rocky Mountain High” sung by John Denver
                               •    “Wind Beneath My Wings” sung by Bette Midler

For more information, visit - http://www.cadsoft.de/MusicHall
How is the eagle depicted in the songs? Are the lyrics representative of the actual bird or is it held as a symbol
of something else like freedom, democracy, courage, power, etc.? You could make up your own song about

•   Read stories that have an eagle as a symbol or as an import focus of the text like:
         Challenger: America’s Favorite Eagle by Margot Raven - http://www.eagles.org/books.htm
         The AEF’s Born To Be by Sally Moore (7-time Virginia teacher of the year) – by request
         The AEF’s 100 Most Asked Questions About Bald Eagles by Bob Hatcher – by request
         Helpful Site: Bald Eagle Poems - http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/eagle/poems.html

SERVICE PROJECT: In 1997, the American Eagle Foundation initiated a letter-writing campaign to
encourage the President, Congress and Governors of the United States to officially establish June 20th as a
special day to annually commemorate the Bald Eagle's selection as our National Symbol, celebrate its physical
recovery to America's skies, and observe the values, ideals and democracy for which it stands.

Why is June 20th an appropriate date for the commemorative day to honor the American bald eagle?

REQUIRED “AMERICAN EAGLE DAY” ACTIVITY: Begin by writing a draft of a letter you would like to send
to government officials. Have it checked for spelling and grammar. Make a good copy of it to send. Write
letters to your state governor, the President of the USA, and your elected Congressional representatives and
senators in Washington, DC. Ask each to designate June 20 as “American Eagle Day” nationally and for your
state. Tell them why it is important to honor and recognize the eagle in this manner. Get others to write letters

IMPORTANT: Use the letter format and proclamation wording
recommended by the American Eagle Foundation on its website, so that
all 50 state proclamations are written and formatted the same.

Helpful Sites for Organizing Your Letter Writing Campaign –
Contact Elected Officials - http://www.firstgov.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml
Sample Letters - http://www.eagles.org/eagleday.html

The American Eagle Foundation requests that organization/club leaders write a very brief letter to the
foundation to inform them that their members will participate in the letter writing campaign. If you receive an
official signed proclamation back from your governor, the foundation requests that you send them a copy.

This leader’s letter should include the following information:

   •   Name of leader
   •   E-mail address
   •   Fax number, if available
   •   Program age & grade level
   •   Number of group members participating in letter writing campaign
   •   Number of non- group members participating in letter writing campaign

The group leader’s letter should be sent to:

"American Eagle Day" Letter Campaign. c/o American Eagle Foundation
PO Box 333
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868

Your group could also vote to conduct a fundraiser for and make a charitable donation to the non-profit
American Eagle Foundation, or you can support their “Adopt-An-Eagle” program (info on their website). Your
donation will be used to fund actual eagle care and recovery programs conducted and/or supported by the
AEF, including eagle/raptor care and public environmental education programs.

Last compiled March 4, 2007

This program is being offered by the American Eagle Foundation as an "extension program". It was
developed by Carol Lee Spages & the American Eagle Foundation on 1/23/07

     Girl or Boy Scouts (Underline “Girl” or “Boy” to Designate Which or Both)
Responsible Adult ________________________________________ Phone #__________________________


________________________________________________________ Zip ____________________________

E-Mail Address ___________________________________ Council _________________________________

Number of Scouts Participating in the Project _________________Number Scout Adults__________________

Number of Non-Scouts ______________________ Number Non- Scout Adults_________________________

What kind of patches were provided for what project?

To whom were the patches delivered?

When were the patches delivered?

Describe the response of the recipient(s)._______________________________________________________



                              “AMERICAN EAGLE” PATCH ORDER
Mail Order To: Name ______________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________Zip ____________________

E-mail address ___________________________________________________________________________

Number of Patches _____________________________ at $1.25 each = $____________________________

Add Mailing Fee: Add $2 on orders 1 - 20 pieces
                 Add $4 on orders 21 - 40 pieces
                 For larger or international orders, contact aefeagles4@comcast.net for pricing

Total Payment Enclosed $___________________________

Payment will be by check payable to American Eagle Foundation and mailed to:

American Eagle Foundation
P.O. Box 333; Pigeon Forge, TN 37868, USA; (Send E-mail inquiries to: EagleMail@eagles.org)

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