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									Tips for Finding Cheap Wedding Dresses
Your wedding is your magical day. Your wedding dress is a substantial investment, but there are ways to find beautiful, and cheap wedding dresses.
By spending less on your wedding dress, you give yourself even more money to buy other things for your wedding. The extra money can be spent on
more flowers, a DJ or a band or getting a better photographer. This is what I would suggest, since a bad photographer can leave you with photos
you'd rather not see. The questions is, how do you find quality cheap wedding dresses that are still beautiful and you feel good about wearing?
Bridal Outlets Think about going to a bridal outlet. Bridal outlets may be a good drive from your house, but if you take your mom and your wedding
party it can be a fun, money saving road trip. Bridesmaids Dresses Have you seen the choices of bridesmaid's dresses lately? There are some
amazing choices available, and many of them will serve you just as well as a wedding dress. You can get them in just about any color. When you find
the perfect dress, simply order it in white, off white or beige. If you're really brave or a more modern bride you can order it in just about any color you
want. Used Wedding Dresses A used wedding dress may not be what you dreamed of, but it can be a great idea if you are trying to save money on
your wedding dress. You can find cheap used wedding dresses in quite a few places. When you think about it, buying a used wedding dress is a little
different than buying used clothes. A wedding dress is worn once! So it is really barely used at all. Some great places to look for used wedding
dresses are: Craigslist, Ebay, local thrift stores. Here's a hint, go to local bridal stores and try on dresses, find the ones you like the best, note the size
you need and then look and see if you can find it used online. Make Your Own What a great way to bring your mom or another loved one into the
process of your wedding. If your mother, family member or a good friend is a great seamstress making your own wedding dress might be perfect for
you. Making your own wedding dress immediately creates an heirloom piece of clothing. It also allows you to have exactly what you want, and a
custom one of a kind wedding dress that's sure to fit you and only you. Bridal Rental Now this is certainly not for every bride, but it is an fast growing
trend. Men have been renting their wedding attire forever, why not think about renting your wedding dress! How many times do you actually take your
wedding dress out and look at it? Realistically will you ever wear it after your big day? Of course you would still have all your wedding pictures to
remember your dress by. It is possible to find and wear a designer gown you never could have bought for only a couple hundred dollars. The down
side of this is you have less of a selection and sometimes you can't alter the dress, you have to find one in your size. But if you are an average size,
the price might make it worth it. Borrow a Wedding Dress Do you have a friend or relative that had a lovely wedding dress? Why not ask if you can
borrow their dress? It may not be the right option for everyone, but it might work for some.

About the Author
I hope this gives you some good ideas about finding cheap wedding dresses. You can find more ways to buy cheap wedding dresses and make the
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