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									Authentic Mexican Food
Mexican dishes usually fill the table with all sorts of soups, stews and sauces. Mexican food recipes are cooked using a variety of ways from
quick-frying to slow roasting. All Mexican food recipes have some distinguishing key elements in them. Below are some of these distinguishing
elements common in most Mexican dishes.

Corn is one of the key elements in Mexican food recipes. Some of the recipes that use corn are tortillas and tacos. Tacos are prepared by stuffing
tortillas with beef, chicken, fish or cheese. Tamales are also prepared by using corn. They are first stuffed with meat or vegetables and then steamed.

Chilies are also an important ingredient in any Mexican food recipe. Chilies are cooked in either their dried-up or in their fresh state. The hottest parts
of the chilies are the white veins and the seed pods. Mexicans regard the hot taste as a distinguishing part of the flavor. As a result, they use a wide
variety of chili varieties, from chipotle, jalapeno, cascabel to varieties like ancho and poblana.

Beans are also a common add-on to Mexican food recipes. Bean varieties run from lentils, fava beans to kidney beans and they can be found in many
Mexican stews and soups. Some small bean types are served in light broths.

Tomatoes are another key element in Mexican food recipes. One common example of their use is in the preparation of salsa Mexicana. They are also
used in beef and fish servings to spice them up. A small green tomato type called tomatillo that has a stiff husk is used in making tomatillo salsa. The
recipe also includes lots of chilies to spice up the food.

Another key element in Mexican food recipes are fruits. Their use is commonly seen in desserts and sauces. The common ones are coconut, papaya,
mango and pineapple. Fruits are generally eaten raw. A fruit like nopales is a vegetable of sorts and is used to sweeten desserts. Other special
ingredients found in certain Mexican food recipes are squash blossoms, herbs like romeritos, pumpkin seeds and a form of fungus called huitlacoche.

When serving chilies, Mexican food recipes specify that they first have to be cooked. Chilies are used for cooking a variety of foods. However, they
first need to be roasted, cleaned and peeled along one side so that they can easily be reconstructed after stuffing. Meat is first boiled, and then spices
and garlic are added after which the chilies are added, 15 minutes later to serving.

When preparing sauce, first boil the water and add garlic, onions, chilies and other spices as stipulated. After boiling for 30 minutes, drain the mixture
and reserve the resulting liquid. From here, add the necessary ingredients following the recipe. Then season to taste. Both the red and green sauces
are prepared using this method. It is therefore not a surprise that Mexican food recipes are preferred by a large majority of food enthusiasts.

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