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For Immediate Release                            Contact:   Mike Stotz
February 10, 2008                                 

         Medicine Shoppe International, Inc. Names Kirby Lester As
                           Designated Vendor

Lake Forest, IL (February 10, 2009) – Medicine Shoppe International, Inc. (MSI) today
named Kirby Lester, LLC as its Designated Vendor for pharmacy counting technology.
Kirby Lester will offer its complete line of automated counting devices to benefit nearly
800 Medicine Shoppe® and Medicap Pharmacy® franchisees.

The MSI-Kirby Lester agreement is a natural, says Christopher Thomsen, Kirby Lester’s
Vice President of Business Development. “Kirby Lester has enjoyed a long and
rewarding relationship with Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy stores, on an
individual store basis. Now we can consolidate our approach to this important group of
community pharmacies,” Thomsen notes. “The daily prescription volume and the store
layout of so many Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy stores are tailor-made for
Kirby Lester’s unique and complete line of automated prescription dispensing systems.
Our compact, affordable, and always-accurate counting systems will bring MSI’s
franchisees immediate improvements in workflow, efficiency, affordability and
prescription dispensing accuracy.”

MSI chooses its Designated Vendors with care, selecting the products and
manufacturers that can bring the most benefit to its member pharmacies. “With gold-
standard counting technology like Kirby Lester at their side, Medicine Shoppe and
Medicap Pharmacy franchisees have the freedom and time to provide more personal
attention and advice to empower customers with greater confidence in making family
health decisions,” says Keith Cook, Vice President of Clinical Operations at MSI.

Kirby Lester counting technology is world-renowned for its accuracy and its affordability,
an essential combination in today’s economy. Flagship products include:
    • KL15e: the “gold-standard” tablet counter with an expected ROI in 1-3 months.
    • KL20: Kirby Lester’s next-generation counting and verification system with two-
       way interfacing to pharmacy management systems, built-in workflow software,
       inventory tools, and more.
    • KL25: simple, hands-free counting technology for high-volume dispensing and


About Kirby Lester
Kirby Lester was established in 1971 and maintains the largest market share of
automatic tablet/capsule counter sales in the United States plus 35 other countries.
More Kirby Lester counters are used to dispense prescriptions in retail, mail order,
hospital and long-term care pharmacies and manufacturing facilities than any other
automated counting system; almost 30,000 pharmacies worldwide rely on Kirby Lester
for their counting needs…exactly! For more information, contact Kirby Lester at
847.984.3377 or

About Medicine Shoppe International, Inc.
Medicine Shoppe International, Inc.,, a Cardinal Health
Company, is one of the largest franchisors of independent community pharmacies in the
U.S. In 2003, Medicine Shoppe International acquired Medicap Pharmacies
Incorporated, which franchises independent community pharmacies
in the U.S. under the trade name Medicap Pharmacy®. Medicine Shoppe® and
Medicap Pharmacy® locations are distinguished for their commitment to providing
expert, personalized health care. There are approximately 800 domestic Medicine
Shoppe pharmacies and Medicap Pharmacy locations and 400 Medicine Shoppe
pharmacies in five other countries.