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									                           Architectural Specifications

DOUBLEPLAY Moveable Glass Walls

A. Work Included. Provide material, labor, equipment and services necessary to deliver,
install and finish all work of this section as shown on the drawings, as specified, but not
limited to the following:
1. All glass walls, including doors and court view windows.
2. All hardware, anchors and related items described in this section.
A. The approved manufacturer is A Best Enterprises, Inc., 879 Brickyard Circle, Unit
B-9, Golden, Colorado, 80403.
B. The Glass wall systems by manufacturers other than the one approved must submit
sufficient data to enable approval to be given. For example, design considerations, test
results, installation instructions and a listing of prior installations.
A. All glass walls shall be structurally sound and free from defects in material and
workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years after the date
of delivery of the wall and fixtures to the purchaser.

A. Work included. Provide all material, labor and equipment and services necessary to
furnish and completely install the DOUBLEPLAY moveable wall system, complete with
all glass and hardware as shown on the drawings.
B. The standard opening height shall be 7'-3/8" (2143.125 mm). The standard opening
width shall be 20'0" (609.6 cm).
1. Aluminum frame shall be constructed of a tubular frame powder coated a brilliant
white. The horizontal members shall be 4" x 2-1/8" x 1/8" (101.6 mm x 53.975 mm x
3.175 mm) with a 9/16" (14.2875 mm) ledge to support the ½" (12 mm) tempered safety
glass flush to the frame. The vertical members shall be 4" x 1-3/4" x 1/8" (101.6 mm x
44.45 mm x 3.175 mm)
2. White foam tape 1/8" (3.175 mm) thick is placed between the glass and aluminum
3. All holes to be countersunk on the playing surface of the glass.
4. The locking system shall consist of six (6) heavy duty slide bolts which lock into flush
mounted plates embedded in the court floor and walls.
5. On each side wall, 32' (9753.6 mm) from the front playing wall, there will be two (2)
flush mounted plates.
6. On the floor, 32' (9753.6 mm) from the front playing wall, there will be two (2) flush
mounted plates.
7. An overhead self-storing support arm will extend out while in the squash position
located at the center span of the wall. This arm will attach to the top horizontal extrusion
on wall and the back wall header. Moveable walls with out center span overhead
support will not be allowed.
8. The frame will rest on twelve (12) high-density urethane casters. No less than 12
casters will be allowed.
9. The wall is stabilized during movement by expanding steel arms located on opposite
ends of the wall. No grooves or tracks in the side wall or floor will be allowed.
10. All glass panels shall be installed completely on the interior of the aluminum frame.
No exposed aluminum frame on the interior of the court will be allowed.
11. Sounding board or tell tale will be a bright red 2" x 2" x 1/8" (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm x
3.175 mm) aluminum angle, easily removed and stored while not in use.
1. All glass shall be fully tempered ½" (12 mm) thick safety glass manufactured by a
horizontal process. The tempered glass shall meet at the time of installation, quality and
strength requirements of Federal Specification ASTM C 1036, ASTM C 1048, ANSI
Z97.1 and CPSC Standard 16 CFR 1201. All edges shall be polished.
1. Glass connection fittings shall be of cast aluminum, powder coated a brilliant white.
Other colors available upon request.
2. Fasteners through glass are made of steel.
3. Countersinks in glass are nylon, white in color.
4. A clear, flexible, vinyl gasket will be placed between all aluminum fittings and the
glass. No glass to metal contact will be allowed.
1. Door shall be locked by means of a positive locking system, with a knob set on the
exterior and flush pull ring on the interior. Lock housing shall be powder coated a
brilliant white.
2. Door hinge shall be of cast aluminum, powder coated a brilliant white. Hinge shall
attach to the door and adjacent sidelite. The hinge will reside on the interior of the
aluminum post. Hinges attaching solely to exterior of the post will not be allowed.
1. All silicone shall be a clear, high modules, acetoxy construction grade silicone.
GE-1200 or equivalent.
1. White Play Lines.
a) Rear walls to have a permanent marking of lines, painted white, being 1" on center,
30" high 3/16" wide (25.4 mm x 762 mm x 4.7625 mm)
2. Doubleview.
a) Glass panels to be covered with a vinyl wall-covering. Application to the exterior of
the court. This vinyl to be white on the side facing the interior and black on the side
facing the exterior. The vinyl shall be perforated to allow clear view into the court from
the exterior. Dot-on-dot decals will not be allowed.

A. Installation of glass wall shall be performed by a qualified installer or as approved by
A Best Enterprises, Inc.
1. Installer shall be responsible for and provide interface coordination between work
specified thereunder and the work of other trades.
2. Install walls, doors and related work using experienced workman, as specified and as
detailed on drawings. Set walls plumb, level, and square and true, and securely anchor
into place, with all joints siliconed smooth. Provide all anchors, clips and fasteners and
accessories for complete installation.
I. All DOUBLEPLAY glass walls are protected by the following U.S. patents.
A. Moveable walls: # 5,297,368
B. Hinges: # 5,499,428
II. All Foreign patents are pending.

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