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					The Simpsons, Animation Characters, Animation Art, Characters at Comics Collectables

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                                                                                       Simpsons Bart Dvd/Cd Travel     Bart Simpson 2004 Toy Fair
                                                                                       Case Wallet Holder 48 iUk       Exclusive Nj Croce Numbered
  The Simpsons                                                                         $9.99                           $2.00

  The Simpsons is an Emmy and Peabody
  Award-winning American animated sitcom
  created by Matt Groening for the Fox                                                 The Simpsons Christmas
                                                                                                                       The Simpsons Number 2 Lead
  Network. It became one of the first hits for                                         Ornament Set 5 Piece Bart
  the network, and is one of the most                                                                                  Real Wood Pencils - Nip $1.96
                                                                                       Homer $7.99
  successful and critically acclaimed television
  shows in the history of the medium. more...

                                                                                       New Talking Homer Simpson       Homer Simpson Plush Adult
    Action Figures
                                                                                       Moe's Tavern Cuckoo Clock       House Slippers/Shoe 12/13
    Animation Art, Characters                                                          $32.99                          New $24.99
      Animation Art
      Animation Characters
        Betty Boop
         Bags, Cases
         Boxes                                                                         Simpson's Nip Itchy &           The Simpsons Krusty Official
         Figures                                                                       Scratchy Watch $2.99            Talking Watch-Nib $2.50
         Jewelry, Watches
        Casper The Ghost                                                               The Simpsons Homer Official     Simpsons Family Sitting on
        Curious George                                                                 Talking Watch- $1.99            Lounge $7.00
        Dr. Seuss
        Felix the Cat
        Ghostbusters                                                                   Duff Beer Can The Simpsons      Simpsons Full Size Comforter
        Hanna-Barbera                                                                  w/ Poker Playing Cards new      76" X 86" Homer, Bart.....
         Other Hanna-Barbera                                                           $6.95                           $45.99
         The Flintstones
        Hello Kitty                                                                    Duff time At Moes Tavern
        King Features                                                                  Illuminated Simpsons Clock      The Simpsons $10.00
        Muppets                                                                        $9.99
        Other Animation Characters
         Cups, Mugs                                                                    The Simpsons Movie Mini Film    Homer Simpsons Freezer Mug
         Figurines                                                                     Cell Homer Special Edition      With Duff Can New Set Of 2
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         Plush Items
        Pink Panther
                                                                                                                       Homer Simpsons Moe'S
        Popeye                                                                         Simpson'S Homer "D'Oh!"
                                                                                                                       Tavern Talking Duff Beer Mug
        Rocky & Bullwinkle                                                             Baseball Cap $17.44
                                                                                                                       32Oz $9.99
        Sesame Street
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The Simpsons, Animation Characters, Animation Art, Characters at Comics Collectables

        South Park
        SpongeBob SquarePants
                                                                                       Simpsons Wos Interactive        Set Of 9 Simpsons Glasses
        The Simpsons                                                                   Figure, new in package -        Variety Of Pictures Vg Cond
       Tom & Jerry                                                                     Lenny $8.99                     $17.48
       Walter Lantz/Woody...
       Warner Bros.
         Bugs Bunny
         Daffy Duck                                                                    Homer Simpson Squishy Toy
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         Marvin the Martian                                                            Ball Simpsons Rare Promo
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         Other Warner Bros. Items                                                      New! $9.99
         Pepe Le Pew
         Porky Pig
         Powerpuff Girls
         Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote                                                   The Simpsons Merry              3617 Homer Simpson Ralph
         Sylvester                                                                     Christmas Orn Mip 2003          Wiggum Eats Paste Iron Patch
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     Japanese, Anime
    Apparel & Accessories                                                              3616 Homer Simpson Lisa
    Bronze Age (1970-79)                                                                                               3615 Homer Simpson Bart
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    Silver Age (1956-69)

                                                                                       Simpsons ~ Nighthawks
                                                                                                                       Simpsons ~ Homer To Alcohol
                                                                                       Donuts Poster The Homer
                                                                                                                       Beer Toast Poster The $6.95
  The television series is a spin-off of a series
  of animated shorts originally aired on The
  Tracey Ullman Show.

  The series is a satirical parody of the                                              Simpsons ~ Complete Cast Of     Simpsons ~ Homer The
  "Middle American" lifestyle epitomized by its                                        Characters Poster The Movie     Scream Poster Edvard Munch
  title family. It lampoons many aspects of                                            $5.95                           parody $5.95
  the human condition, as well as American
  culture, society as a whole and even
  television itself, being famous for its
  frequent use of self-referential humor, and
  meta-references. The Simpsons itself has                                                                             Simpsons ~ City Of Springfield
  had an impact on popular culture.                                                    Simpsons ~ Classic Character
                                                                                                                       Map Overview Poster The
  Catchphrases have been used in real life                                             Quotes Poster The Movie $5.95
  and the annoyed grunt d'oh has been
  accepted into the English dictionary. The
  show has been cited as an influence on
  many adult-oriented animated series in the
  late 1990s, such as King of the Hill, South                                          Simpsons ~ A Day At The         Simpsons ~ Character Phrases
  Park and Family Guy.                                                                 River Cast Poster The $5.95     #1 Poster The $5.95

  The Simpsons is the longest-running
  American sitcom, as well as the longest-
  running American animated program, to                                                Simpsons Movie ~ Homer          Simpsons Movie ~ Homer
  date. Since it debuted on December 17,                                               Spider-Pig Sympathy Poster      Praise Jebus Poster The Jesus
  1989, the show has aired 385 episodes (see
                                                                                       The $5.95                       $5.95
  list of episodes) in eighteen seasons. As of
  March 20, 2006, the show has been
  renewed through its nineteenth season,
  which would air in 2007–2008. The
  eighteenth-season finale will be the 400th
  episode, and the 20th anniversary of The                                             Simpsons Movie ~ Bart Keep      New Homer Simpson Tv Warm
  Simpsons franchise will be celebrated in                                             On Streaking Poster The $5.95   Fleece Snuggle Blanket $19.99
  2007. A feature-length movie is currently
  being produced, to be released on July 27,
  2007. (2 of 5)11/28/2007 3:09:56 PM
The Simpsons, Animation Characters, Animation Art, Characters at Comics Collectables

                                                                                       The Simpsons Table Lamp        Radioactive Man Comic #711
  Groening first conceived of the Simpsons in                                          Homer Bowling Duff Simp21      & Krusty O's Cereal-Simpsons
  the lobby of James L. Brooks' office. He had                                         Cool! $14.99                   $16.99
  been called in to pitch a series of animated
  shorts, and had intended to pitch his Life in
  Hell series. When he realized that animating
  Life in Hell would require him to rescind
  publication rights for his life's work,                                              Radioactive Man Comic #711-    Frosted Krusty O's Cereal-
  Groening decided to go in another direction.                                         Mint- Simpsons Movie Promo     Simpsons Movie- Kwik-E-Mart
  He hurriedly sketched out his version of a
                                                                                       $7.99                          $9.99
  dysfunctional family. He named the
  characters after his own family, choosing
  "Bart" since it is an anagram of "brat."

  The Simpson family first appeared in                                                                                The Simpsons Table Lamp
  animated form as shorts on The Tracey                                                Really Rude Bart Simpson
                                                                                                                      Bart Baseball Simp07 - V.
  Ullman Show, with the first short, "Good                                             Talking Doll By Mattel $4.99
                                                                                                                      Cool! $14.99
  Night," airing on April 19, 1987. The family
  was crudely drawn, because Groening only
  handed over sketches to the animators,
  believing that they would clean them up,
  but instead they just traced over his
                                                                                       Homer Simpson "Etch A
  drawings.                                                                                                           Maggie Simpson Collectible
                                                                                       Sketch " Spec. Edt. "New"
                                                                                                                      Rag Doll 1990 $3.99
  In 1989, The Simpsons was adapted into a
  half-hour series for the Fox network by a
  team of production companies that included
  what is now the Klasky Csupo animation
  house. Due to the fledgling position of the
                                                                                       Simpson's Moe's Tavern
  Fox network, Jim Brooks obtained an                                                                                 Simpsons Ornament 2001 Bart
  unusual contractual provision that the                                               Motion Lamp Motor Glow in
                                                                                                                      & Friend Mint $8.50
  network could not interfere by providing                                             Dark $29.99
  show notes. Groening has been quoted as
  saying that his goal in creating the show
  was to "offer an alternative to the audience,
  and show them there's something else out
  there than the mainstream trash that they                                            The Simpsons Smell O Rama      The Simpsons Radioactive Man
  are presented as the only thing." The first                                          trading cards Near Mint 1994   comic #88 (#2) Mint 1994
  full length episode shown was "Simpsons                                              $1.98                          $2.79
  Roasting on an Open Fire" in place of the
  intended first episode, "Some Enchanted
  Evening." The latter had to be reanimated
  after the creators saw the poor quality of
  the final animation, and was eventually
                                                                                                                      The Simpsons Talking Bart
  shown as the final episode of the first                                              Homer Simpson Ball Unopened
  season.                                                                                                             Simpson Quotes Writing Pen
                                                                                       Rare $1.99


                                                                                                                      The Simpsons Homer Head
  • [List your site here Free!]                                                        The Simpsons Drinking Game
                                                                                                                      Illustrated Ceramic Coffee Mug
                                                                                       Illustrated Pint Glass $8.99

                                                                                       Original Simpsons Production   Homer Simpson Talking Wall
                                                                                       Cel $200.00                    Clock / Nib $14.95

                                                                                       The Simpsons Flaming Moe's     The Simpsons Duff Beer
                                                                                       Recipe Illustrat. Pint Glass   Illustrated 22 oz Plastic Stein
                                                                                       $8.99                          $6.99

                                                                                       The Simpsons Wisdom of         The Simpsons Marge Limited
                                                                                       Homer Illustrated Pint Glass   Edition Bust Figure Rare Ltd
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The Simpsons, Animation Characters, Animation Art, Characters at Comics Collectables

                                                                                       The Simpsons Lisa Collectible   The Simpsons Bart Collectible
                                                                                       Figure Limited Edition Nr       Limited Bust Figure Rare
                                                                                       $19.99                          $19.99

                                                                                       The Simpsons Talking Krusty
                                                                                                                       The Simpsons Tv Series Cast
                                                                                       Clown Quotes Writing Pen
                                                                                                                       Illustrated Pint Glass $8.99

                                                                                       The Simpsons Homer's Beer
                                                                                                                       The Simpsons Flaming Moe
                                                                                       Solution 25 oz Illust. Mug
                                                                                                                       Logo Embroidered Patch $5.99

                                                                                       Wolverine Kotobukiya Statue     Funny Simpsons T-Shirt
                                                                                       X-Men Diamond Select Marvel     *New* Homer And Peter
                                                                                       $154.99                         Family Guy $11.99

                                                                                       The Simpsons Talking
                                                                                                                       *Scared* Color 8x10 Photo of
                                                                                       Ornament Homer D'oh! Ho!
                                                                                                                       The Simpsons $5.00
                                                                                       Ho! Ho! $6.00

                                                                                       *On Roof* Color 8x10 Photo of   Bart Simpson & Sister -
                                                                                       Homer & Bart Simpson $5.00      Christmas ornaments $2.99

                                                                                       *Fork* Color 8x10 Photo of      The Simpsons Sofa Buddies ,
                                                                                       Homer Simpson $5.00             Gift Colection, Nodder $45.00

                                                                                       New The Simpsons Giant Bart     Lot of 4 Simpsons Dolls -
                                                                                       Talking Pez Dispenser Nib       Vintage Bart, Lisa, & Maggie
                                                                                       $8.99                           $4.99

                                                                                       simpsons Ralph Wiggum           The Simpsons Homer
                                                                                       Bendable Figure Keychain, Nib   Decorative Light Set 10 Lights
                                                                                       $3.50                           Nib $5.99

                                                                                       Bart Simpsons Bendable          The Simpsons Musical
                                                                                       Figure , Nib $3.95              Snowglobe Nib $6.99

                                                                                                                       Amazing Margret Maggie The
                                                                                       Simpsons Complete Box of
                                                                                                                       Simpsons Montage #ed to 25
                                                                                       Film Cards $14.99

                                                                                       Amazing Homer Simpson
                                                                                                                       The Simpsons Complete Guide
                                                                                       Montage The Simpsons b/w
                                                                                                                       and Forever 2 Books $3.00
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The Simpsons, Animation Characters, Animation Art, Characters at Comics Collectables

                                                                                       Lisa Simpson Stencil Set, 1990         Simpsons B-Day Party Plates
                                                                                       $9.99                                  24 7" 1990 $9.99

                                                                                                                              The Simpsons Glassware Gift
                                                                                       Simpsons Christmas 2 Singing
                                                                                                                              Set Beer Mug & 3 shots New
                                                                                       Santa Homers $7.99

                                                                                                                              Simpsons Ornament 2001
                                                                                       Lot 6 Simpsons Matt Groening
                                                                                                                              Marge & Officer Wiggins Mint
                                                                                       Maggie Marge Plates Nr $9.99

                                                                                                                              High School Musical 2 - Usa
                                                                                       The Simpsons Pez Party
                                                                                                                              Weekend Mag with Centerfold
                                                                                       Favors-New-L@@K!!!!! $2.00

                                                                                                                              Amazing Simpsons Krusty the
                                                                                       Kanye West - August 17-19,
                                                                                                                              Clown Montage Limited Ed.
                                                                                       2007 Usa Weekend Mag $1.99

                                                                                                                              2008 Simpsons Fun Calendar
                                                                                       Bart Simpson 11 Inch Doll
                                                                                                                              99 cent ship with BuyItNow
                                                                                       1990 $4.50

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