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									Christmas Crafts
For a Christmas feast of crafty ideas and activities for kids leading into
Christmas, visit

DLTK's Crafts for Kids features a variety of fun, printable children's crafts,
colouring pages and more. It includes projects for holidays with religious and
educational themes, birthdays, and favourite cartoon characters like Blues
Clues or the Rugrats. It’s run by Canadian mum Leanne ‘with two girls (aged
6 and 10 ) as my official craft testers and daddy as my technical support’.

Try this as just one of the many suggested Christmas crafts (http://www.dltk-

Handprint and Footprint Angel Craft (with Poem)
This Christmas angel has a footprint body and two handprint wings. Use a
heavy paper, craft foam or poster board for a longer lasting version.
The craft is made with paper, some crayons, scissors, string and glue. You
will also need a (fairly big) photo of the child or a picture from a magazine
(you could even use a teddy bear head for a teddy angel).
        This little angel is special you see;
        Because she is a part of me.
        Her wings are my hands,
        Her body my feet,
        And on the tree she'll look very sweet
Find full directions on how to make at the site.

Stamp collecting
One of the perennial favourite hobbies of childhood, Stamp Collecting Month
this year featured another great favourite of kids around Australia – their pet
cats and dogs! The issue features Edward, the Jack Russell on the $1 stamp
and four 50c stamps with Max the Labrador pup; Ezzie, the black and white
cat; Lily and Bridie, West Highland terriers and Tinkerbell, a ginger kitten.
Visit for more information. There are also fun
activities for kids available at with the Possum
Post Activity Book.

Age Guide for Toy Buying
If you’re stuck for inspiration for that next birthday or Christmas gift is a useful website to visit.
For each age there are handy summaries of their skills and achievements and
suggested toys and games.

For example, children aged four to five years:
   ü Can walk along a curb, climb up the steps of a slide, use a monkey bar,
      ride a bike, dodge when chased and carry large toys.
   ü Can learn to swim, skate, ski, dance, use a trampoline.
   ü Can be engrossed by for extended periods of time by a new creative
   ü Are starting to add details to drawings; they may be large and they do
     not count how many there should be, so that people may have three
     enormous fingers and houses are filled with windows.
   ü May print their names on their paintings.
   ü Understand that other people have thoughts, experiences and feelings
     that are different from their own and begin to take this into account in
     interaction with others.
   ü Can explain what happened when adults are not there.
   ü Move in a more grown-up way, although lacking an adult’s strength and

Suggested toys for this age:
•   Dollhouses and accessories
•   Cars, vehicles and action dolls
•   Role play products eg carpenter’s tools
•   Toys that encourage physical activity eg beginner inline skates
•   Child’s tape recorder, telephone, camera
•   Dress-up clothes and accessories
•   Toy house-keeping and fix-it tools
•   Musical instruments
•   Toys for learning shapes, colours, numbers and letters
•   Simple board games
•   Simple computer programs for early learning
•   Two-wheeled bike with training wheels and helmet
•   Sport balls eg soccer, football, tennis balls, super bounce balls
•   Climbing gyms with slides ands ladders

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