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									  List of FREE Test Preparation and Test Taking Practice Sites
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Go back to Links and Scroll down to Test Taking Practice and click on the sites
you want to visit. Many have sample quizzes and/or free study guides.
                (Websites are added and/or deleted as necessary)

Test Taking Practice-Algebra
This site contains lessons and worksheets to assist students in learning or re-learning algebra
Test Taking Practice-Auto
Automotive Electrical ASE Style Practice Questions 800 X 600 screen resolution or higher recommended
Test Taking Practice-Bloodborne Pathogens
US Department of Labor information.
Test Taking Practice-California State Contractors License
This site contains study guides and quizzes on a variety of trades.
Test Taking Practice-Carpentry
Contractor Assessments, Study Guides, & Test Prep
Test Taking Practice-Computers Java
This site contains practice test for Java.

Test Taking Practice-Custodian
Custodial site with a practice quiz and other resources. In left column of site is information on Safety, Restrooms
and a sample check-off list with sample custodial tasks.
Test Taking Practice-Driving
This site has practice driving tests, including commercial driver, from the State of California.
Test Taking Practice-Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Quiz
Test Taking Practice-English as a Second Language
Free site to learn English online.
Test Taking Practice-Food Service
Food Service Safety for School Employees
Test Taking Practice-Food Service HAACP
US Food and Drug Administration site on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.
Test Taking Practice-GED
Practice test questions for the GED.

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Test Taking Practice-Grammar
This site contains many spelling, language and grammar quizzes.
Test Taking Practice-Grammar/Vocabulary Practice Tests
This site has vocabulary and grammar practice tests.
Test Taking Practice-Interview Questions
This site has 109 sample interview questions to use as practice.
Test Taking Practice-Interviews
Tips on How To Successfully Answer Traditional Questions in Your Job Interview
Test Taking Practice-Math
This site has practice math tests.
Test Taking Practice-Math Concepts
This site contains math concepts with sample problems and the steps required to work the problems.
Test Taking Practice-Math Demos
This site contains instruction on basic math through geometry.
Test Taking Practice-Math Forum
Math problems at most levels are located here including formulas.
Test Taking Practice-Math Worksheets
Worksheets for various levels of math.
Test Taking Practice-Online Test Preparation Practice Tests
This is LA County's Test Preparation site. Online practice tests and tips are located on this site.
Test Taking Practice-Painter
This is True-Values site about Paint and Painting.
Test Taking Practice-Painter
This website gives tips on painting and has a short quiz.
Test Taking Practice-Plumbing
This site contains basic information on Plumbing.
Test Taking Practice-Plumbing Guide
Plumbing Repair Guide from Acme.
Test Taking Practice-Pre Algebra
This site has practice tests in pre algebra
Test Taking Practice-Safety
This site has safety tips for most occupations/trades.
Test Taking Practice-Standardized Tests
                                                                                              CODESP Test Materials
This is a practice test site for the New York Regents test and it has tutorials that help teach math and other
subjects found on the test.
Test Taking Practice-Standardized Tests has sample questions available for many standardized tests which are helpful for preparing
for the Instructional Aide test and many other employment tests. This link will open the CA High School Exit Exam
sample questions area. If you would like to preview sample test questions for other standardized tests, click on the
links in the left margin of this site such as the GED Practice test, etc. Many math and reading/language practice test
questions are provided in these areas. Remember to be successful in testing, you MUST practice.
Test Taking Practice-Statistics
This site contains questions and explanations on how to answer statistics questions.

Test Taking Practice-Statistics
This site has practice test for statistics (not on NCLB exam)
Test Taking Practice-Statistics Glossary
This site contains a glossary of statistical terms.
Test Taking Practice-Statistics Glossary
Advanced statistics glossary terms.
Test Taking Practice-Typing
This is another practice typing test center
Test Taking Practice-Typing and Ten Key
Practice and test your speed at typing and 10 key at this free site.

Test Taking Practice-Vocabulary
Some free tests are available on this site.
Test Taking Practice-Writing
11 Rules of Writing

Test Taking Practice-Welding Guide
Welding Guide from PolyHi Solidur.

Word Processing Tutorials:

Tutorial - Excel
This tutorial, which includes graphics, walks you through Excel.
Tutorial - Power Point
This tutorial walks you through Power Point.
Tutorial - Word
This website contains a tutorial on using Word.

                                                                                             CODESP Test Materials

CODESP does not endorse the private websites listed above and does not advocate buying
any information/materials that are available. There is FREE information out there, although
some sites offer extra materials at a cost, these sites also offer free information! The actual
list posted under Links may change periodically.

                                                                              CODESP Test Materials

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