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					            The Eye of the Storm—Financial Crisis and the Global Economy
           Presentation of the Spring 2008 IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO)
               Charles Collyns, Deputy Director, IMF Research Department*
                                Monday, May 5, 10:00 a.m.
                                  WTO Building, Room E

The financial turmoil spreading from the US sub-prime mortgage market has evolved into
one of the largest financial crises since the Great Depression and has brought the U.S.
economy to the edge of recession. This presentation by Charles Collyns will draw on the
Spring 2008 IMF World Economic Outlook to examine how well the global economy will
weather this storm. Topics to be covered include: How much damage will the financial crisis
do to the global economy? How deep and protracted will be the U.S. downturn? What will be
the impact on industrial, emerging, and developing economies? What are the prospects for
commodity markets and global inflation? How should policy makers respond to the current

The WEO is available at:

The presentation is open to staff of international organizations, delegations, academics,
students, media representatives, and other interested persons. To expedite entry to the WTO,
those who plan to attend but do not have a UN or WTO badge should contact Ms. Stephanie
Lyard, IMF-Geneva ( at 022 918 0300 by noon Friday, May 2.

*Among his responsibilities as Deputy Director of the IMF Research Department, Charles
Collyns leads the team that prepares the ―World Economic
Outlook.‖ Mr. Collyns received first class honors as an
undergraduate at Cambridge University and earned a Doctorate
in Economics from Oxford University. He was responsible for the
Fund’s surveillance work on Japan from 1997–2001, on the
United States from 2001–03, and on Brazil from 2004–06. He is
author of a number of publications on international macro-
economics and is co-editor of ―Post-Bubble Blues—How Japan
Responded to Asset Price Collapse,‖ ―Managing Financial
Crises—Recent Experience and Lessons for Latin America,‖ and
―Stabilization and Reform in Latin America—A Macroeconomic
Perspective on the Experience since the early 1990s.‖


Dear colleagues,

The attached announcement concerns the Geneva presentation of the IMF's
World Economic Outlook (WEO) by Mr. Charles Collyns, Deputy Director of the
IMF Research Department and leader of the IMF's WEO team.

The presentation will take place on Monday, May 5, at 10:00 a.m. in the WTO
building, Room E.
Participants without UN or WTO identification should register in advance
with the IMF Geneva Office (022 918 0300) to facilitate access to the WTO
building (which will nonetheless be through the Visitor Entrance).

Kind regards,

Brad McDonald
IMF Office in Geneva
(41) 22 918 0300