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					                        Classes                                                  Workshops

      Monday 6:00 am – sunrise yoga (begins 3/1)            yoga 101 series: February 27 – March 27.            Meets on
                                                            Saturdays from 2:15 pm-4:15 pm. - $70
        Monday 5:30 pm – prenatal with Barbara
                                                            This Introduction to Yoga series is a perfect fit for the new
    Tuesday 6:00 pm - hot vinyasa flow with Tiffany         yoga student wishing to "start at the beginning", learning the
                                                            foundations of yoga practice.
         Wednesday 9:30 am - traditional yoga
                                                            In this series, students will learn correct breathing methods
                                                            and physical alignment while practicing yoga poses with
      Wednesday 7:15 pm – power with John Allen             assistance and techniques detailed for their individual body.

          Thursday 9:30 am - hot vinyasa flow               Through better knowledge of the wide range of postures
                                                            (asanas) students will be prepared and comfortable entering
          Thursday 6:00 pm – hot vinyasa flow               any class at Yoga Asana of Brandon with confidence.

          Saturday 8:00 am – hot vinyasa flow               Sunday Yin Yoga with Tiffany
                                                            Sunday, February 21, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm - $20
          Saturday 10:00 am - traditional yoga
                                                            Learn about Yin Yoga and the benefits of this quiet, but
                                                            powerful practice that encourages the body to open as each
  Sunday – 12:00 – restorative yoga (Feb 28- March 21)      pose is held passively for several minutes.

 Hot yoga classes are heated to approximately 85 degrees    Yin Yoga targets the deep, dense connective tissues – the
                                                            tendons, ligaments and cartilage, and activates the movement
                                                            of prana or “life force” through the core of the body.

                                                            Spring Detox & Asana Flow with Tiffany
             Asana Yoga approximately
hot yoga classes are heated to of Brandon 85 degrees        Sunday, March 14, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm - $35

                       Barbara Motte                        Join us to learn more about how to do a spring detox to
                                                            cleanse the body and better prepare it for the changing
             1252 Kingsway Rd Brandon, FL 33510             season.
              (corner of Kingsway and Windhorst              We'll also have a detox flow yoga practice to refresh our
                    in the Publix plaza)                    bodies and spirits. We’ll create heat in the body with standing
                                                            flow sequences and work with twists to release toxins and
                                                            encourage circulation. Our practice will end with a restorative
                                                            sequence to leave the body and mind feeling rested,
                    refreshed, and renewed.

                                            February 2010

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Description: Asana: "warm back" exercise - increase the power of the magic formula back. "Warm back" exercises can improve posture, keeping the spine flexible, the body becomes more flexible, more agile thinking.