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                         Tattoo Aftercare Instructions
Do not expose your tattoo to excessive sunlight or sunlamps for three to four weeks. After the tattoo has
healed, it is strongly suggested that you use a sun block of at least 30 or 40 SPF, especially for tattoos with
color. UV radiation fades all colors.

For the first seven to ten days do not submerge the tattoo in water, bathtubs, swimming pools, etc.
Although the tattoo should not be submerged, this will not hinder your ability to take a shower. It is
recommended that you wash the tattooed area no more than twice a day unless absolutely necessary.
When washing the tattooed area, use lukewarm water and a mild, non-scented soap. Do not scrub the
tattooed area. When drying a tattoo pat the skin dry, do not rub it dry.

Do not wear tight clothing that may irritate the tattoo site. Clothing with elastic bands or fabric that is
tight fitting will severely hinder the healing process. Wearing loose fitting clothing or omitting certain
pieces of clothing will facilitate proper healing of the tattoo.

The tattoo will itch, however, scratching damages the healing cells. When it starts to itch, gently pat it or
have someone else pat the itchy area.

Keep the tattoo moist by applying a light coating of ointment or creams such as Bepanthen, Zam Buk,
A&D, Polysporin or Bactitracin. Make sure it is a light coating; any excess ointment will just attract dirt
and bacteria. The ointment should be applied every 4 hours or more if necessary. Applying a little extra
before going to sleep will prevent the tattoo from sticking to your bed linens. Be sure to always apply the
ointment with clean hands. In the mornings gently wash off the area with plain soap and water, to
prevent the build up of ointment or cream. Continue this procedure for at least 5 days.

Proper application of the ointment will hinder the growth of scabs and will help your body heal more
quickly. The presence of scabs may lengthen the healing time of your tattoo. Ointment should be applied
until there are no scabs present and the tattoo has a smooth, shiny appearance.

Some redness and puffiness is expected. If the area is not properly cared for, you may experience
excessive redness or puffiness due to a build up in bacteria. This does not indicate a serious infection,
however, if you experience a rash, blisters, or notice the appearance of streaks or smelly puss coming from
the tattoo, seek medical attention.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about the tattoo healing process.

                    Touch-up Guidelines and Limitations
A ‘touch-up’ is defined as ‘applying ink or color to small areas of a tattoo that had difficulty healing’.

Tattoos are expected to fade over time. The amount of fading may be reduced by limiting the amount of
sunlight that the tattoo is exposed to. The reapplication of ink or color to a tattoo due to fading is not
considered a touch-up and will not be the responsibility of Tattoo by Art or its individual contractors.

Touch-ups must be completed within one (1) year of the original tattoo date.

The first touch-up will be provided free of charge, however, if more than one touch-up is required, it is at
the artist’s discretion whether or not to charge for their services.

The touch-up may not be performed until the tattoo has had at least four (4) weeks to heal.

Touch-ups are the responsibility of the individual artist or contractor. Tattoo by Art will in no way be held
responsible for performing touch-ups of tattoos that were received from individual artists or contractors.

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