sound healing by tomsgreathits


          with Jane Butterworth SRN, MNFSH, MICCH, Cert EHyp, CertNLP

                                                SOUND HEALING
aims to act swiftly & deeply upon the energies of the mind and body correcting misalignments and calming us
down to work in harmony with the frequencies of the natural world. Modern life has completely altered this natural
state so we have become highly strung, over-wrought and full of nervous tension. Using ancient & modern methods and
a wonderful collection of Sound Healing instruments, Jane intuitively works on your Aura to clear stressed blocked
areas and help your mind and body to relax again, release stress at all levels and heal. If you seek a unique, fabulous &
sometimes quite profound experience, try this therapeutic form as you bathe in the extraordinary sounds & vibrations of
antique Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Navajo & Peruvian rattles, Ting Sha, Rainsticks, Drums, Chimes and the great
awe inspiring Moon Gong!

At your one hour appointment, after a brief discussion to identify any physical/emotional problems and medical history,
you will lie in your preferred chosen position (floor, table or chair), fully clothed, perhaps with a blanket for extra
comfort. Sound has the extraordinary ability to penetrate into every cell of the body. A great deal of scientific, as well
as anecdotal, evidence has shown that sound can have a profound effect on our cells and energy fields. This has the
potential to have considerable impact on the progress of mental stress and disease. So Sound Healing Therapy manages
to act as a bridge between practical healing and the profound – definitely the way forward in this New Age of
knowledge. Visualisation methods (such as Aura Clearing Therapy or Hypnotherapy) may be included, to enhance the
healing process, as well as Spiritual Healing, when appropriate.

Cost: £50/hour

                                    SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE READINGS
Readings are offered as one hour appointments, which are taped for you to take home. They aim to highlight the
forthcoming trends in your life to give you the chance to act upon what you have received, either to strengthen
the path ahead, or change any influences that seem unacceptable. The aim can be specific, working around your
chosen questions, or general, for example, looking at a spread of cards for the year ahead.

Using experienced skills of channelling, intuition and clairaudience, Jane will guide you carefully to a greater
understanding of your present difficulties and abilities. Tarot cards are used as tools to expand such information (rather
then for old-fashioned fortune telling) in conjunction with channelled information given by your and Jane’s Spiritual
Guides. If questions are of a deeper spiritual nature, such as information on Spirit Guides, past lives, loved ones etc,
Jane will opt for direct channelling.

Cost: £40/hour

                   APPOINTMENTS at AristiA are held on the first TUESDAY of each month

   Jane Butterworth is a Spiritual Healer, Channel and Teacher
 and has extensive experience, having worked in the UK and abroad
 over the past 18 years, encouraging people to heal and re-empower
 themselves with whichever methods suit them best. Apart from Sound
 and Spiritual Healing, she is also fully qualified and practises at home
 as a Crystal Healer and Hypnotherapist. For many years she has
 combined these techniques to practise Energy Space Clearing in homes,
 offices and other commercial premises. Psychic work has also included
 running The Pendragon Group (spiritual/psychic development) and, of
 course, giving Readings. At present she is developing Sound Healing
 workshops at AristiA and coordinating the Spiritual Development
 program for the OPAL college. She combines a sensible and grounded
 approach with a deep and profound understanding and love for her
 work. Home is in Kingsley Green, West Sussex, where she lives with
 her eccentric family and animals.
                    For further information / leaflets:
          Tel: 01428 658833 E:

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