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TSADIK KATAMAR           Lewandowski arr. Glass              Choir
BILVAVI                  Levey arr. Glass                    Lionel/Shimon/Choir
RACHEM NA                Rosenblum/Fisher arr. Glass         All
HANESHAMA LACH           Carlebach arr. Sobol/Levey          Jonny/Choir
SHIMON SINGS                                                 Shimon
HAMALCH HAGOEL           Levey                               Eli/Choir
TSUR MISHELO             Levey                               All
VESHAMRU                 Duniewski arr. Glass                Lionel/Choir
WEDDING MEDLEY           Various arr. Levey                  Jonny
TAL                      Levey                               Jonny/Eli
ZEMIROT MEDLEY           Various arr. Glass                  Lionel/Shimon
YIGDAL                   Saqui arr. Goldstein/Glass          All
WHEN YOU BELIEVE         S. Schwartz arr. Horn               Shimon/Eli/Choir
OSEH SHALOM              Levey                               All
SHEHECHEYANU             Machtenberg arr. Glass              All

                                THE CHORISTERS

             Maurice Black        Nick Kett             Julian Sander
             Brian Buckman        Russell Kett          Harvey Seitz
             David Galaun         Alan Koch             Michael Stone
             Sid Hass             Joe Kosky             Nicky Stone
             Simon Hochhauser     Neville Levy          Simon Stone
             Stephen Ison         Barry Lightman        Frank Weinberg
             Justin Kett          Mark Sacofsky         Adam Willman

                              Boy Soloist: Eli Baigel


We wish to thank:

   •     Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks for the constant encouragement, support and
         inspiration that he gives to the Shabbaton Choir;
   •     Stephen Glass for his wonderful musical arrangements; and
   •     Chazan Naftali Herstik and Raymond Goldstein of the Jerusalem Great
         Synagogue for permission to use musical arrangements.
               Musical Director: Stephen Levey   Assistant Conductor: Simon Stone

The Choir was formed in 1986 under the musical
direction of Stephen Glass; Stephen Levey has
been conductor and musical director since 1991.
The Choir’s innovative choral sound has been
heard in synagogue services and concerts
throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. The
harmonies and arrangements are written with the
aim of clearly bringing out the mood and meaning
of the words.

Since 2002, the Shabbaton Choir together with
Lionel Rosenfeld, Shimon Craimer and Jonny Turgel, have sung their way through five
emotional solidarity missions to Israel entitled “Solidarity through Song” led by Chief
Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks. The Choir and Chazanim have entertained and given
concerts throughout Israel – in hospitals, schools, orphanages, medical day-care centres
and homes for the elderly – and have conducted Shabbat services. The previous tour in
March 2008 was based in the south of Israel to demonstrate Anglo-Jewry’s solidarity
with Israelis living in peril of daily rocket attack. Concerts were given in Sderot, Kibbutz
Sa’ad, Ashkelon, Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva and many other locations.

The Choir has recorded many times for the BBC on radio and television, and has been
frequently featured as the musical accompaniment in the Chief Rabbi’s Rosh Hashanah
broadcasts. The Choir’s Midnight Selichot service in Manchester in 2001 was released
on CD as the recording “Selichot Live” with Chazanim Shimon Craimer and Lionel
Rosenfeld. A further CD, “Shir Chadash” with the two Chazanim is a collection of some
of their most popular concert music. A third recording with Shimon, Lionel and Jonny,
entitled “Bilvavi”, features music inspired by the choir’s “Solidarity through Song”

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                                    MUSICAL DIRECTOR

Stephen Levey’s association with the Choir began as a
chorister in 1986. In 1991 Stephen was invited to conduct the
Choir for the Induction Service of Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan
Sacks and he has remained the Choir’s devoted Conductor
and Musical Director ever since.           Stephen’s melodic
compositions for the choir have become established favourites
in services and concerts. Under his leadership, the Choir has
built up a reputation for a mellow sound, sensitive singing and
a rich interpretation of our tefillot.        Stephen’s latest
composition, Oseh Shalom, was recently recorded in a West London studio, sung by the
Choir with Jonny, Shimon, Lionel and children of the Moriah Jewish Day School (and the
Chief Rabbi), and was released on YouTube. It has become a worldwide hit, having
reached over 450,000 hits at the time of going to press!
                                 THE CHAZANIM


Lionel Rosenfeld was born into a Jerusalem family of rabbis and cantors
and imbued with an understanding of Jewish music and prayer by his
father, Rabbi Abraham Rosenfeld ‫ .זצ'ל‬His own creative interpretation of
the liturgy inspired the Choral Shabbaton services, from which the Choir
draws its name. Lionel works extensively with Stephen Glass and
Stephen Levey in the composition of new music and its interpretation to
bring out the mood and meaning of prayer. His most recent recording is
of Hatikvah with which the Chief Rabbi’s presentation “Israel - Home of Hope” ends.
Lionel has been Rabbi and Chazan of Western Marble Arch Synagogue since 2005.


Shimon Craimer was born in 1978 into a family with musical
connections on both sides and was fascinated by music from a very
young age. His musical talents were strongly encouraged and his
exceptional singing voice was recognised by his teachers at
Hasmonean High School and in the Ner Yisrael Community (London),
where he became a regular leader of the Shabbat and Yom Tov
services. After learning in Israel at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh, Shimon
studied at Trinity College of Music. Besides possessing a beautiful lyric tenor voice,
Shimon is an accomplished pianist. He served as Chazan at Edgware United
Synagogue to great acclaim, while officiating with Lionel Rosenfeld at the annual Choral
Selichot services, before moving to the USA to become Chazan at the Riverdale Jewish
Center, New York. Shimon is a highly-acclaimed solo singer and recorder of popular
Jewish music.


Jonny was born in London in 1984 into a family where his love for music
and tefillah was encouraged from an early age. After completing his
studies at Immanuel College, where he studied Music A-Level, he spent
a year learning at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh in Jerusalem and is
currently reading Jewish History at University College London. He is a
regular soloist with the Shabbaton Choir and his expressive and
melodious singing has featured in many concerts both in England and
abroad. In addition to leading the annual Choral Midnight Selichot
service together with Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld for the past five years,
Jonny conducts many of Anglo-Jewry’s official commemorative events, including the
annual remembrance service on Yom Hashoah at Logan Hall. At only twenty four years
of age, Jonny is already a popular Chazan at chuppot and lead singer at s’machot
across the country. After officiating as part-time Chazan at Mill Hill Synagogue for 2
years, he was appointed Chazan of Edgware United Synagogue in September 2006.