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					                  Vineyard Market

                      Craft Show & Café
 You’re invited to submit an application for the sixth annual Vineyard Market Craft
 Show & Café. Our show welcomes handcrafted and market items. There are limited
 booth spaces available; therefore, completing and returning the attached form in a
                          timely manner is very important.

 We advertise the show extensively throughout Brazoria County. Our Vineyard Café
has an excellent reputation for great food and a quaint bed and breakfast atmosphere.

We treat our vendors like family. We would love the opportunity to work with you and
          show off our Northway Ladies Ministry hospitality. Please join us.

                            Friday, November 21st
                              11:00 am – 6:00 pm
                        Saturday, November 22nd
                              9:00 am – 4:00 pm

                            Northway Baptist Church
                   1421 Buchta Road       Angleton, Texas 77515

       For more information, contact Carolyn Masters at 979-864-3135
                   Or email
                            Vineyard Market 2008

The following rules for the craft show must be observed at all times to ensure fairness
for all vendors. There will be no exceptions.

   1. Any items deemed Inappropriate or vulgar will not be allowed in the show.
   2. Merchandise must remain within the marked boundaries of each booth. No
       merchandise is allowed in the aisle beyond your booth.
   3. All vendors must have an inventory of craft/market items for both days of the
       show. Order-only vendors are not accepted.
   4. Nails or tacks may not be used on the walls.
   5. Electricity is available in designated booths. All booths will not have access to
       electricity. Vendors must provide their own extension cords.
   6. We do not permit smoking or alcoholic beverages.
   7. There is no childcare provided. Unsupervised children are not allowed! This is
       for their safety and to ensure our shoppers and vendors a pleasant experience.
   8. Booth setup times available are Thursday (noon – 8:00pm) and Friday (8:00am-
       10:30am). All booths must be set up by 11:00am Friday.
   9. Each day will open with prayer. (10:30 Friday and 8:30 Saturday) Everyone is
       invited to join us in the main building.
   10. Vehicles: Participants are asked to park in the back of the Church to allow
       customers close parking for shopping. No vehicles will be allowed where
       outside booths are located, even during unloading. Please respect the barriers.
   11. Tear down may begin at 4:00PM on Saturday. No early teardowns are allowed. If
       you violate this rule, you will not be asked to participate in next year’s Vineyard
   12. Vineyard Market will take place rain or shine. We regret that we are unable to
       grant refunds in case of rain.
   13. No booth fee refunds without a 14 day notice.

Participants agree to release and hold harmless Northway Baptist Church and the Northway Ladies
Ministry from any liability resulting from theft, fire, water damage, smoke or any accident of any
cause. All property of the participant brought to the show will be at the risk and responsibility of
the participant. At no time will Northway Baptist be required to maintain security or provide
insurance for any damage or loss to any participant or participant’s property.
                                 Vineyard Market
                               November 21-22, 2008
                                    Booth Application

                  Please return this form with payment made payable to:
                                 Northway Baptist Church
                                    c/o Carolyn Masters
                                       628 Northridge
                                   Angleton, Texas 77515

Booth Name: _______________________________________________
Your Name: ________________________________________________
Street Address: ______________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code: __________________________________________
Telephone: (home)________________ (cell) _______________________
E-Mail address: ______________________________________________
Booth rental options:
(  ) 10’x10’ Inside Booth (Main Bldg) w/electricity (limited qty) $60.00
(  ) 10’x10’ Inside Booth (Main Bldg) no electricity              $60.00
(  ) 8’x12’ Inside Booth (Adjoining Bldg) w/electricity           $50.00
(  ) 10’x10’ Outside Covered Booth w/electricity                  $50.00
(  ) 10’x12’ Outside Uncovered Booth, no electricity              $40.00
(  ) One 6’ table and two chairs rental                           $5.00
TOTAL AMOUNT SUBMITTED………………………………………………………………………$__________

Craft/Product description: Please note that only items listed will be allowed
in the show __________________________________________________

       Please include a photograph of your booth display and product.
      (Returning vendors need not send photos unless product and/or display has changed)

By my signature, I signify that I have read the rules and disclaimer notice on the previous page. I
understand that the show organizers can and will ask me to remove any item that has not been
approved on the product description above.

Signature                                                            Date
            Please return this form along with payment ASAP.

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