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									                                              “I believe in health above all else.
                                              Working out is one way to improve your
                                              health, but is ideally is combined with a
                                              healthy diet, adequate sleep, friends and
                                              family as well as rest and relaxation. A
                                              great body should be a byproduct of a
                                              great life. If you make it a point to devel-

                                              op outstanding lifestyle habits, you will
                                              have outstanding energy and vitality, you
                                              will be of outstanding service to others,
                                              and you will be an outstanding example
                                              to all you know and love.”
                                                                          — David Snively

About David Snively, BBA
Certified by ACE, ACSM, CFP                 HOW TO USE THIS DVD

David Snively has been a leader in the      First, decide the length of your workout…
fitness industry for over 20 years.
A former seven-time Canadian diving         For a 20-minute workout, simply choose
champion, 1980 Olympic team member,         one of the 12 programs from the four
and a member of the 1980 All-American       different workout categories and you’re
diving team, David has hosted two suc-      on your way…
cessful workout television shows over       If you want a 40 or 60-minute workout,
the past 15 years, “Great Shape” and        you can choose from one of Dave’s six
“Caribbean Workout.” These television       “quick-picks” or customize your own
shows have been seen in over 15 coun-       workout by choosing the “custom work-
tries worldwide and continue to air in      out” option.
Canada and the USA.
                                            The “custom workout” screen will give
David has also been heavily involved in     you a menu of 12 20-minute blocks.
providing continuing education to other
fitness instructors and personal trainers   After selecting one, the same menu will
around the world, having presented at       appear again. You can re-select the same
over 100 major conventions and confer-      workout or add variety by choosing a
ences. He is also a strong believer in      different one.
his own continuing education and
spends as much time as possible taking      For the 60-minute custom workout, the
courses and internships in all related      menu will appear a third time.
fields of health and fitness.
                                            Once you’ve completed your selections,
He owns and operates a highly               your final custom workout will be con-
successful training studio in Montreal      firmed before you get going…
called DBS Fitness Concepts Inc.
3                                                                                                                                           4

    lifestyle tips
    1. The importance of change with                the fit of your clothes), the more like-     monounsaturated fats with every
       regards to working out:                      ly you are to have created a more            meal and/or snack.
       Your body becomes efficient when             metabolically active body (more lean
                                                                                                 d) Enlist the help of a buddy if you’re
       faced with the same workout day              muscle) that consumes more calories
                                                                                                 eating to lose weight or join an
       after day, therefore you end up              constantly and helps you avoid gain-
                                                                                                 organization like Weight Watchers™
       burning less total calories, and very        ing fat weight.
                                                                                                 to help support your efforts.
       often you’ll stop seeing improve-
       ments physically. You may also feel        4. SMART GOAL SETTING: Write your
                                                                                                 e) Avoid soft drinks and any other
       less motivated or bored with your             goals down and they’ll have that
                                                                                                 sweetened or artificially sweetened
       workout. In order to break through            much more power and influence in
                                                                                                 beverages. One 8-ounce soft drink
       workout plateaus and keep motivat-            your life. Read them every morning
                                                                                                 contains 16 teaspoons of sugar and
       ed it’s important to change your              and every night and revise or re-
                                                                                                 has no nutritional value.
       workout activities on a regular basis.        write them when needed. Use the
                                                     following SMART format for optimal          f) Drink plenty of water.
    2. Work your weaknesses/step out of              success:
       the box: Try to include workouts that        Specific: Be specific about what you       6. The importance of sleep: Quality con-
       you’re not necessarily good at. We           would like to accomplish.                     sistent sleep habits are important
       all tend to work our strengths and                                                         when it comes to your overall health.
                                                    Measurable: How will you measure
       avoid our weaknesses. A well round-                                                        Sleep is when the body regenerates
                                                    your progress?
       ed program will include some cardio                                                        and repairs itself, and a lack of
                                                    Action oriented: What is your action
       training, some mind/body training                                                          sleep can negatively affect all
                                                    plan in detail?
       and some integrated strength train-                                                        bodily functions. Try to main-
       ing. The boot camp workouts include          Realistic: Check to ensure your goal          tain consistent sleep habits,
       both cardio and strength training in         is realistic.                                 and if you’re having trouble
       one challenging package.                     Timed: It’s important to give yourself        sleeping, incorporate some
                                                    a completion date for your goals.             deep breathing and total body
    3. Measure your fat loss results in inches:                                                   relaxation strategies.
       Take your measurements with a tape         5. Nutrition Tips:
       measure (chest, arms, waist, hips,            a) Eat more organic fruits and veg-       7. Stress reduction: Exercise can play a
       thighs) and re-measure once a month           etables on a daily basis.                    positive role in reducing stress and
       if fat loss is what you are after.           b) Eat fresh produce when ever pos-           improving your overall health. Use
       Avoid the scale as your measure of           sible as opposed to canned food that          the Pilates and/or yoga workouts to
       success. Remember that muscle                can sit on a shelf for months.                improve your flexibility, core strength
       weighs more than fat, and muscle will                                                      and diaphragmatic breathing.
       increase you metabolism and help             c) If you’re trying to lose body fat eat      Work-out your frustrations with some
       you burn more calories all day and           often (every 2-3 hours), eat smaller          cardiovascular or boot camp work-
       night long. So the more you weigh,           portions, and try to eat some protein,        outs and gain some inner and outer
       and the smaller you are (check out           complex carbohydrates and                     strength with some strength training.
5                                                                                                                                                                                    6

    workout types

    a. Cardio – these activities are great      b. Strength – Strength training helps         c. Mind/Body – Yoga and Pilates            d. Boot Camp – Boot camp workouts
       calorie burners and improve the effi-       maintain and/or increase lean muscle          teaches important diaphragmatic            alternate strength and cardiovascular
       ciency of your heart and lungs.             tissue thus keeping both your body            breathing techniques and helps             exercises in one complete workout.
       There are four cardiovascular work-         and your metabolism strong.                   develop a more flexible and strong         These workouts are great, time-effi-
       outs on this DVD. Hi-lo impact aero-        Strength training also helps strength-        body. It is called mind/body exercise      cient alternatives and provide both
       bics is a traditional aerobic workout.      en your bones and develop strong              because of its unique approach to          strength and cardiovascular benefits.
       Cardio rhythm is a more “funky” or          muscles to help support your joints           each exercise or posture. Both             The two athletic boot camp workouts
       dance-oriented aerobic workout.             and enable you to enjoy the activities        these activities focus on strengthen-      included in this DVD use the stability
       Step training and mini-trampoline           you love with less risk of injury. There      ing the body from the inside out and       ball or medicine ball to provide an
       use the step platform and mini-tram-        are three strength workouts on this           encourage a mindful approach to            extra challenge for the core muscles
       poline respectively, but are both           DVD, one using the stability ball and         detail and your own personal limits.       and increase the overall effective-
       demonstrated without.                       dumbbells, one using the step and a           There are three mind/body workouts         ness of the workout.
                                                   strength bar or dumbbells and one             on this DVD. Included are two yoga
                                                   using an exercise tube with handles.          workouts, one using a yoga mat,
                                                                                                 and one using the stability ball and
                                                                                                 a yoga mat. Also included is a com-
                                                                                                 plete Pilates mat workout using an
                                                                                                 exercise or yoga mat.
7                                                                                                                                                                    8

    helpful tips                                                                            Trim20
                                                                                            Pre-programmed Workouts       Recommended Equipment
                                                                                                                                                20-Minute Workouts

    Workout Tips                                Equipment                                   CARDIO

    1. Watch workouts once before               Many of the exercise routines are           1. Hi-Lo Aerobics             None
       doing them.                              demonstrated without equipment, and         2. Step Training Interval     Step (optional)
                                                that’s actually a great way to start. You
    2. Never sacrifice form – rest just prior   can even substitute some of the equip-      3. Cardio Rhythm              None
       to form breaking down.                   ment with basic household items, like       4. Mini-Trampoline            Mini-Trampoline (optional)
                                                soup cans instead of dumbbells. But as
    3. Cardio – smaller movements less
                                                you become more fit and comfortable         BOOT CAMP
       intense/bigger movements more
                                                with the workouts, you can gradually        5. Stability Ball Boot Camp   Stability Ball
       intense – modify but keep moving.
                                                build up your own fully-equipped home
    4. Yoga – gently challenge yourself         gym. All of this equipment can be found     6. Medicine Ball Boot Camp    Medicine Ball (optional)
       with each position and honor your        in most major department stores, and will
       body’s signals.                          only enhance your enjoyment and the
                                                results you derive from these workouts.     7. Pilates Mat                Exercise Mat
                                                                                            8. Stability Ball Yoga        Stability Ball, Exercise Mat
                                                1. When choosing a stability ball, be
                                                   sure to choose the size that’s right     9. Power Yoga                 Exercise Mat
                                                   for you. When sitting on the stability
                                                   ball, your knees should be bent at       STRENGTH
                                                   least 90° and your hips should be at,                                  Step, Strength Bar or Dumbbells,
                                                   or slightly above, knee level.           10. Step Strength
                                                                                                                          Exercise Mat (all optional)
                                                2. Choose a light weight or no weight       11. Tubing Strength           Exercise Tubing with handles (optional)
                                                   to begin the strength workouts and
                                                                                            12. Stability Ball Strength   Stability Ball, Dumbbells
                                                   as you can complete the repetitions
                                                   with ease, gradually and over time
                                                   increase the amount of weight
                                                   you’re lifting.

                                                3. Tubing usually comes in different
                                                   thicknesses or strengths. Start with a
                                                   light resistance and gradually work
                                                   your way up to a more challenging
                                                   resistance tube.
9                                                                                                                                                                     10

    Fit40                                                   40-Minute Workouts   Super60                                                         60-Minute Workouts
    Pre-programmed Workouts          Recommended Equipment                       Pre-programmed Workouts                   Recommended Equipment
    1. CARDIO Mix:                                                               1. CARDIO Challenge:
    Hi-Lo Aerobics/Cardio Rhythm     None                                        Step Training Interval/Hi-Lo Aerobics/
                                                                                 Cardio Rhythm
                                                                                 2. CORE TRAINING Challenge:
    Stability Ball Boot Camp/
                                     Stability Ball, Dumbbells
    Stability Ball Strength                                                      Stability Ball Boot Camp/Stability Ball
                                                                                                                           Stability Ball, Dumbbells, Exercise Mat
                                                                                 Strength/Pilates Mat
    3. STRENGTH Mix:
                                                                                 3. STRENGTH Challenge:
    Stability Ball Strength/
                                     Stability Ball, Step
    Step Strength                                                                Stability Ball Strength/Step Strength/    Stability Ball, Step, Strength Bar or
                                                                                 Tubing Strength                           Dumbbells, Exercise Tubing/Mat
    4. MIND/BODY Mix:
                                                                                 4. MIND BODY Challenge:
    Power Yoga/Pilates Mat           Exercise Mat
                                                                                 Stability Ball Yoga/Power Yoga/
    5. CARDIO/STRENGTH Mix:                                                                                                Stability Ball, Exercise Mat
                                                                                 Pilates Mat
    Hi-Lo Aerobics/Tubing Strength   Exercise Tubing with handles
                                                                                 5. COMBO Challenge:
    6. ATHLETIC Mix:
                                                                                 Step Training Interval/Step Strength/     Step, Strength Bar or Dumbbells,
    Medicine Ball Boot Camp/                                                     Power Yoga                                Exercise Mat
                                     Medicine Ball, Stability Ball
    Stability Ball Boot Camp
                                                                                 6. ATHLETIC Challenge:
                                                                                 Medicine Ball Boot Camp/Stability Ball    Medicine Ball, Stability Ball,
                                                                                 Boot Camp/Stability Ball Yoga             Exercise Mat
Creative Direction: Brenda Bedard | Graphic Design: Daniel Dumond
 Photography: Sean O’Neill | Produced by: Athans Communications
    Original Music Composed & Performed by: We Do Records
                  DVD Authoring: Versatile Media 1

                           DBS9 50125

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