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									                        Masks: The online journal of law and theatre
                                    CALL FOR PAPERS

Masks welcomes paper submissions to be published in the inaugural issue.

Masks: the online journal of law and theatre is a new multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed
online journal based at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law. The journal’s focus
is on the intersections of law and theatre. Diverse scholarship exists on some of these
intersections, including: courtroom as theatre; historical connections between theatre and the
Inns of Court; lawyer playwrights; images of lawyers in popular culture; law in literature
studies of plays; and legislative theatre. Masks seeks to bring together continuing
scholarship in these areas and to provide a forum for discussions of new areas of research.

For its first issue, Masks aims to showcase the range of potential scholarship in this field, and
encourages submissions on:
     Legislative theatre and other forms of participatory lawmaking (theory and application)
     Potential and current applications of sociodrama to law
     Use of theatrical tools to elucidate and/or transform power
     Theatrical tools in legal pedagogy (beyond role playing)
     Improvisation and the law (including connections between improvisation and
     Playback in legal contexts
     Theatre of the Oppressed and social justice
     Studies of legal drama, particularly new dramas exploring developing legal themes

Masks will be launched at a Law and Theatre conference in Vancouver, June 17-19, 2008.
Authors are encouraged to present papers at the conference and to consider proposing
related workshop activities. The first day of the conference will be an academic day, while the
second will focus on applied topics in theatre and law and the third will focus on community-
based initiatives. For more information on the conference, or to submit a conference
proposal, please see

Submissions are solicited from all scholars – not only those working in the fields of Law or
Theatre. Scholarship from the areas of sociology, psychology, social work, communication
studies, literature, business and other fields which focus on the nexus of law and theatre is
highly encouraged. As well, Masks encourages the submission of papers by graduate
students (including LL.B. students) and plans to include one student paper per issue. Student
papers will be included in the peer review process.

Please send your submissions or any questions to

Important Dates:

December 20, 2007: Submission of abstracts for consideration and feedback. This is not
required, but if you want feedback from the editorial board before preparing your submission,
it will be available.

January 31, 2008: Submission of papers. Notice of acceptance will be given before March 1,

February 15, 2008: Submission of proposals for Masks Conference.

June 17-19, 2008: Masks Conference at UBC, Vancouver.

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