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									                             TAKE A LOOK INSIDE TIMBERLAKE                                    SUMMER 2003

                By Connie Edwards, CKD, CBD

     the kitchen tends to be square or rectangular
    in order to maximize the perimeter work
areas. Sometimes that means the kitchen is in
danger of looking like a box. But it is easy to
break up that boxy look with a few design ideas
that can add professional polish and help grab
the homebuyer’s attention.

Coastlining is one approach that works well. Add      Combining tall and short cabinets into the design
inexpensive design appeal by pulling a sink or        of a kitchen is another strategy that creates visual
cooktop cabinet forward 3 inches. Then accent the     appeal and provides an additional layer of interest.
prominent “coastline” with fluted fillers, turned     For the easiest molding installation, make sure the
legs, or split posts. For the maximum aesthetic       taller cabinet is also deeper than those next to it.
impact, finish the sides of the pulled cabinet. One   The increased depth should be at least 1/4" more
word of caution: coastlining affects the overall      than the overall projection of the molding. That
countertop design, so it is important to advise the   way, the top molding treatment will butt neatly
countertop fabricator of this design feature well     into the side of the taller cabinet. Wall cabinets
ahead of time.                                        that are increased to 15" in depth are perfect for this
                                                      application and provide storage for today's larger
                                                      dinner plates.

                                                      Every kitchen needs one or more standout features
                                                      to catch the buyer’s eye. Coastlining base cabinets
                                                      and varying wall cabinet heights are cost-effective
                                                      solutions that can take an ordinary kitchen design
                                                      and make it special.

                                                      Connie Edwards, CKD, CBD, Timberlake Director of Design, has
                                                      over 20 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry. She
                                                      is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers,
                                                      and a chair holder of the Color Marketing Group.
Getting Better All the Time
Timberlake has some exciting new SKUs available in the Value-Built category. Now all Portfolio SKUs are
available in the Value-Built offering. This opens the door to upgrade opportunities for homeowners.
Look for matching interiors, mullion-framed doors, and open-framed doors in many of these well crafted
cabinets. Style and value now converge into more affordable options. Such tasteful selections are sure to
appeal to a variety of homebuyers and to homeowners interested in remodeling or upgrading their
kitchens and baths.

  WEA1242        Wall End Angle                 B21 SS2        Base SSK
  WEA 1236       Wall End Angle                 B24 SS2        Base SSK
  WEA 1230       Wall End Angle                 B24-1B SS2     Base SSK
  BLPW2442       Blind Wall Penisula            SB39           Sink Base
  BLPW2436       Blind Wall Penisula            SB45           Sink Base
  B12 SS2        Base SSK                       UB60           Utility Base
  B15 SS2        Base SSK                       MC1530         Medicine Cabinet
  B18 SS2        Base SSK                       MCM1530        Medicine Cabinet (not available in B5W/A1H)

NOTE: MI available for P/Q/R/F; MFD for P1/R1/F5/S3w/H3W; and OFD for P1/Q1/R1/F5/S3w/H3W

Expanded Line of SKUs
When builders and distributors tell us their SKU wish list, we listen. After all, helping you sell kitchens and
baths in new homes or remodeling projects helps us, too. Here are some new SKUs to make designing with
Timberlake cabinets even easier.

         15" Wide Utility Cabinets          Over the Fridge Cabinets              Vanity Line Additions
         UT1524                             W3018 X 24DP                          VSB1534H
         UT1524 X 90                        W3318 X24DP                           VSB1834H
         UT1524 X 96                        W3012 X24DP                           VSB2134H
         UT1512                                                                   VSB2734H
         UT 1512 X 90                                                             VSB3334H
         UT1512 X 96                                                              VSB4234H
         Base End Angle                                                           VSB241834H
         BEA 12                             Microwave Cabinets                    VSB301843H
                                            WCMSC241236                           VSB361834H
         Shelves and Shelf Units            WCMSC271236                           VSDB241834H
         S1512                              WMSC271236                            VSDB301834H
         S1524                              WMSC271836                            VSDB361834H
         SK1512                             WMSC271842
         SK1524                             WMSC301236
         USS-3K (three pack)
   Say Hello...

       Call it what you will, there is a design trend under-
       way that borrows from the best of these historical
   styles to create an informal and warm look in contem-
   porary homes. For kitchens, baths, libraries, and media
   rooms, that means keep it elegant and casual. Keep it
   simple with clean lines and make sure it functions

                                                               Timberlake's new Sonoma Collection is the per-
                                                               fect choice for today's new homes. It is a true
                                                               Shaker style full overlay door with recessed
                                                               veneer panels. The new Sonoma Door styles are
                                                               available (April ‘03) in 28NS Maple Natural and
                                                               28SS Maple Spice, as well as in Cherry Spice
                                                               28CSS and Cherry Bordeaux 28CBS (July ‘03).

Say Goodbye...
Timberlake is always working on improving our products. To make room for new options, we’ve discontinued
a few others.

  • Rushmore Maple Frost – M5F/D5F
  • Rushmore Oak Frost – U1F/V1F
  • Rushmore Oak Toffee – U1T/V1T
  • Washington Maple Frost – V5F

Warranty replacements on any orders with these finishes will require a 6-week lead time.

In addition, Timberlake updated its microwave cabinet line (see previous page) and the following items
have been replaced with improved SKUs:
  MU2421       WMC2436
  MU2721       MWMCS
Little details make all the difference between a nice kitchen or bath and a spectacular one. Cabinets today
are enhanced by special moldings and accessories so that each kitchen and bath can be tailored to the
tastes and needs of a variety of buyers. Timberlake introduces the new moldings, accessories, and glass
inserts below:

   CAM8          Cabinet Angle Molding
   IVI8          Ivy Molding
   LBM8          Library Molding
   EDM8          Egg & Dart Molding
   ACM8          Angle Crown Molding

   Decorative Accessories
   ATL         Accent Turned Leg
   FCL         French Carved Leg
   SC9         Scroll Corbel
   LSO         Shell Ornament
   SIA         Shell Appliqué
   PA15T       Split Post
   PA18T       Split Post
   PA24T       Split Post
   PA30T       Split Post
   PA36T       Split Post
   PA42T       Split Post
   BTL         Base Turned Leg

   Decorative Glass Inserts (including clear glass)
   Alcove Leaded Glass
   Derbyshire Seeded Glass
   Fern Glass
   Grid Glass
   Rice Paper Glass
   Ribbed Glass
   Tatting Glass

NOTE: Order as DGI (size) and glass selection.
       For example, DGI 1242 Rice Paper.

               P.O. BOX 1980, WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA 22604          WWW.TIMBERLAKE.COM

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