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                 Ping G5 driver
                 Contact: 01427 619224 or
                 Price: £249. Lofts: 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 13.5°. Options: Right, left-handed
                 and offset head (9°, 10.5°, 12°). Custom-fit: Choice of shafts and grips

                  The Ping G2 driver has stormed the                      maximise distance. This all makes
                  market since its launch a year ago. Its                 sense as higher loft makes the club more
                  sheer quality and solid performance was                 forgiving and a little easier to control.
                  a hit with Tour pros and yet still had a                   The changes to the G5 are subtle
                  reasonable price tag. And that                          improvements aimed at finely tuning ball
                  combination of class and cost has                       flight. You can see from our test session
                  changed the market.                                     that Ping’s claims of lower spin were
                      It’s very rare these days to see a                  justified. It did, however, fly a little lower,
                  top-range titanium driver for much more                 although this could be explained by the
                  than £250 rrp and that normally results in              difference between lofts – TG’s
                  a ‘real’ price of around £200 in the shops.             Equipment Editor Simon Daddow has
                  Ping has never been keen to update its                  been custom-fitted for a 9° loft.
                  product line every 12 to 18 months like                    The head looks similar to the G2’s, with
                  other manufacturers, preferring to                      a healthy impression of loft on the face.
                  unleash new gear when there’s a                         The G5 has a smaller, neater half moon-
                  significant improvement on previous                      shaped alignment aid which is very
                  models. But Ping knows it’s onto a winner               simple to set up behind the ball and easy
                  with the G series and feels it has moved                on the eye. The club sounds as good as
                  things on another notch. Look out, the G5               ever and forgiveness has not been
                                                                                                                                  Spin doctor
                  family is in town and it wants to party!                compromised by the improvements.                      The G5 has been
                      The new G5 460cc, all-titanium driver                                                                 specifically designed to
                  sports a slightly lower centre of gravity               TG Verdict: A worthwhile update. Solid            produce lower-spinning
                                                                                                                               drives, maximising
                  achieved by removing excess weight                      all round performance especially when              distance for everyone.
                  from the face and crown. The club has                   you take the time to be custom-fitted to
                  been designed specifically to reduce spin                find a shaft that really suits your game.
                  to help golfers hit the ball as far as                  For anyone considering a G2, the new G5
                  possible. Less spin means the clubs are                 will be a sound investment. For those
                  slightly harder to get airborne and                     who already have a G2, don’t be too
                  company boffins are suggesting golfers                   miffed – you’ve still got a classy club that
                  increase the loft on their driver to                    has not been left behind.

                 Test results against TG’s driver test winner
                                            Carry Distance   Club Speed    Launch    Backspin   Flight time   Shot Height
                                                Yards           MPH        Degrees     RPM       Seconds         Yards

                   Ping G5 9°                   239            105          13.8     2,743         6.6           34
                   Ping G2 10°                  239            104          14.1     3,279         7.2           43

088-093 TG Oct05.indd 2                                                                                                                               9/8/05 9:19:37 am

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