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                      Acuitec iPhone Application Receives Industry Awards

                  Provides real-time patient information - anytime, anywhere.

Birmingham, AL- January 21, 2010 - Acuitec, an innovator in integrated technologies for high-
acuity healthcare, announced its iPhone application for the company’s Vigilance product
recently received two industry awards. Presented by the Society for Technology in Anesthesia,
the Vigilance iPhone application won both the 2010 Innovation Award and the 2010 Clinical
Application of Technology Award. The iPhone application for Vigilance is the recipient of the
Innovation Award presented as part of the Computers in Anesthesia Engineering Competition.

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About Acuitec

Acuitec offers the only fully integrated, comprehensive solution designed by critical care
clinicians featuring remote presence monitoring and situational awareness. Acuitec’s products
are designed to enhance clinical outcomes, patient care and safety, while improving care
providers efficiency, regulatory compliance adherence, reimbursement and overall business

Acuitec focuses on providing innovative solutions in the field of high-acuity care, including
perioperative, intensive care and emergency response. Acuitec’s flagship products are VPIMS,
an integrated clinical solution for the perioperative continuum of care, and Vigilance, a clinician
customizable, rule-based remote presence monitoring solution. Our strategic relationship with
Vanderbilt Medical Center (VMC), enables us to ensure our products are clinically verified
through in depth due diligence and validation of all clinical algorithms.

About Vigilance

Vigilance is a remote presence monitoring and clinician decision-support application for
anesthesiologists, intensivists, and other healthcare providers. Regardless of their location,
with Vigilance, caregivers have instant access to vital patient information. Clinicians are able to
concurrently monitor all stages of call for multiple patients in multiple care units
simultaneously, including OR, ICU and ED. With clinician-defined patient monitoring, intelligent
rule-based messaging with automated notification, and situational awareness, Vigilance
provides remote presence monitoring wherever and whenever it’s needed – anytime,

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