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					                RATTAPALLAX PRESS
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    World Poetry Magazine Focuses on Caetano Veloso, Arnaldo Antunes, and
           Brazilian Poetry and Partners with Editora 34 in São Paulo.

CONTACT: Ram Devineni, Rattapallax, 1-212-560-7459 or
Alberto Martins, Editora 34, 55-11-3816-6777 or

American poetry magazine, Rattapallax, partners with Brazil’s leading literary press, Editora 34,
to release a major issue of the magazine featuring new and innovative poets from both countries.
The issue is edited by Flávia Rocha from São Paulo and Edwin Torres from New York City and
features leading contemporary poets as wells as songs and lyrics by Caetano Veloso, Arto
Lindsay, Arnaldo Antunes, and the Now Sound of Brazil.

“I am excited by the energy of Brazilian poetry and music,” said Rattapallax publisher Ram
Devineni. “There really has never been a serious focus in the United States on contemporary
Brazilian poets who are revolutionizing the Portuguese language. I believe Brazil will help define
commerce and culture in the Americas for many decades to come and I hope Rattapallax will
draw attention to the individuals who will be on the forefront of Brazilian innovation in the new
century. By partnering with Editora 34, which will distribute the magazine in Brazil, we plan to
introduce many new and renowned poets from other countries and try to develop an intellectual
exchange of ideas.”

Flávia Rocha, who has worked as a staff reporter for Casa Vogue and Bravo! replies, “It’s clear
to me that Brazilian poetry is in process of revitalization and a new enthusiastic generation of
poets is making its way in a country that, like any other, questions its faith in the powers of
poetical expression. And like in any other country, there are more poets than ever. A proof that
Brazilian poetry not only survives, but is quite energized, is in the great number of new
magazines, books and journals coming out every year, despite (or perhaps just because) the
economical unfavorable times we live in. The poets don’t miss an opportunity to reaffirm their

serious intentions and spread their word. They do it with historical perspective, linguistic
maturity, humor, and deep sincerity.” Some of the Brazilian poets in the issue are Jussara
Salazar, Ricardo Corona, Joca Reiners Terron, and Fabio Weintraub. With translations by
Michael Palmer, Chris Daniels, Macgregor Card, Cristiana Ferraz Coimbra, and others.

Leading American poet Edwin Torres adds, “With poetry as our global mirror, Rattapallax
continues its weaving of international dialogue with a vital collection of emerging voices,
contemporary masters, and innovative poets from Brazil and America that challenge the ‘now’
we find ourselves in; by exploring the reflections of a limitless limit that poets are particularly
suited for. Among the brilliant American writers I had a pleasure to include in this issue are
Juliana Spahr, Willie Perdomo, Elizabeth Alexander, and Ray Di Palma; poets who all work at
the contemporary crossroads of a continually borderless humanity.” Torres is the author of The
All-Union Day Of The Shock Worker (Roof Books) and the CD Holy Kid (Kill Rock Stars),
which was part of The Whitney Museum’s exhibition, The American Century Pt. II.

Rattapallax magazine and press has been on the forefront of world literature since it was founded
in 1999. The press remains the only poetry publisher in the world to include a CD featuring the
contributors with every issue and book. In addition, the press works closely with the United
Nations and UNESCO in programming events around the world for World Poetry Day. Last
year, the press organized readings on twenty mountaintops for the UN’s Year of the Mountain.
The magazine has published work from leading contemporary poets like Billy Collins, Marilyn
Hacker, Lou Reed, Abbas Kiarostami, and Breyten Breytenbach.

Editora 34, based in São Paulo, Brazil, published its first title in 1992. Since then Editora 34 has
become one of the most distinguished houses publishing in the areas of Human Sciences, Social
and Literary Studies, Fiction, Drama, Poetry, and Juvenile. With great care for literary and
graphical aspects, Editora 34 publishes from young unknown Brazilian authors to Dostoievsky,
from Gilles Deleuze to Paul Gilroy.

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