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					Dear Sir/madam,

My name is Errol Barnett and I am a correspondent for CNN International. It is with great
excitement that I am contacting you and other elite professors and students in an effort
to enhance our coverage of the U.S. Presidential election with a global perspective.

Our goal is to reach out to some of the brightest, most vocal students in the world to gain a
more pronounced view of their thoughts, opinions, and feelings associated with this election.
We are particularly interested in how this election will directly affect them in their part of the
globe. We’re calling this project, “America Votes – World View.”

We’re looking for answers to the following question:
         Why are the 2008 U.S. Elections important to you and your home country?

Video answers should be sent to where you’ll be able to view all
the submissions we’ll be getting in. There’ll also be advice and guidelines on how to create a
great video.

Once on, submissions may become included in our CNN election coverage and
I will be reaching out to submitters to talk one-on-one via webcam.

We have enclosed explanatory materials that go over all the details and I have made a special
video to help your students get started.

This letter and the attached poster are for you to send out, pin up on notice boards or even
talk about during class as a way of engaging the young in the democratic process.
I hope this is something you and your students will find stimulating as we get ever closer
towards this most global of elections.

Highest regards,

Errol Barnett | Correspondent | CNN International

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