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        Spring is here and it’s time to cultivate    Review, August 21, 1966, p. 28.
    our garden with new intellectual pursuits.           Edmund Wilson, Preface to A Season in
    AATF chapters in many regions across the         the Life of Emmanuel. New York: Farrar,
    U.S. have organized successful Book Club         Straus and Giroux, (1966) 1980, pp. v-ix.
    meetings. What a pleasure it has been for            Salut Galarneau by Jacques Godbout,
    teachers to read a book and discuss it with      is the third book on Myrna’s List. The year
    colleagues who are knowledgeable about           following its publication, it won the
    literature! Why not plan a Book Club             Governor General’s Award. The multi-
    meeting for your chapter before coming to        talented Godbout is a novelist, playwright,
    Quebec for the convention? Teachers are          poet, and filmmaker. He occupies a
    finding joy in the discovery of the great        quintessential place in Quebec culture.
    literature emanating from Quebec. There          Some suggestions for your guided reading
    will be Book Club discussions led by             might be:
    experts in Quebec literature at the July             • Jacques Godbout has seen his
    convention. Analyses of these works, as                writing as part of French literature, but
    well as pedagogical approaches to teach-               more particularly as American litera-
    ing them, will be presented. Everyone is               ture in French. What evidence of
    welcome to come and share their ideas.                 American culture is found in this
    Why not come aboard the AATF Book Club                 work?
    and order one of the books today!                    • How does Godbout’s use of lan-
        In the January issue of the National               guage reflect Quebec society of the
    Bulletin, we featured discussion questions             time? How does it add to the humor
    on Cet été qui chantait by Gabrielle Roy.              and artistry of the novel? What role
    Here are some food-for-thought questions               does writing play in this work?
    on the other two novels on the list:                 • Godbout describes the mother in
        Une saison dans la vie d’Emmanuel by               Salut Galarneau as being “like the big
    Marie-Claire Blais was hailed as a                     actresses who danced with Fred
    masterpiece both in North America and in               Astaire.” Compare the mother in this
    Western Europe when it first appeared. It              work to that of the mothers in other
    received international acclaim by winning              Quebec novels. e.g. Bonheur
    the Prix Médicis. Discovered by the critic             d’occasion or Une saison dans la vie
    Edmund Wilson, Blais has become an                     d’Emmanuel, etc. How does the
    icon of Quebec literature and is considered            portrayal of the feminine condition,
    to be one of the most important writers of             sexuality, reflect the evolution of
    our era. Here are some suggestions for                 Quebec society?
    discussion:                                          • What makes this work distinctively
        • Probably one of the most innovative              Québécois yet universal in its emo-
          and unique literary techniques used              tions?
          in this novel is the use of the point of       For analyses of this work, see the
          view of a newborn infant in the            following sources:
          opening chapter. Comment on how                “Reviews of Hail Galarneau!” Tamarack
          this and other techniques used by          Review, no. 57, Summer, 1971, pp. 86-87.
          Blais enhance the artistic value of this       Jacques Godbout, “Literature Forms
          work. i.e. her use of language, play of    Part of the Quebec Scheme,” Ellipse, No.6,
          words, poetry, etc.                        Winter, 1971, pp. 10-11.
        • Critics have tended to see in this work        Each of these inexpensive books can
          a microcosm of Quebec society. How         be purchased from Exportlivre: e-mail:
          do the basic institutions of family and    []; Fax: (450) 671-
          religion become a source of alien-         2121; Tel: (450) 671-3888. Contact per-
          ation for the characters.                  sons: Colette Dupuis and Thomas Deri.
        • How is the concept of love presented?      Just mention when ordering that you are a
          Describe the ways the characters           member of the AATF and you will be
          express this emotion. You may start        eligible to receive a discount. Prices do not
          with Grand-mère Antoinette, Héloïse,       include shipping, which will vary according
          Jean-Le Maigre. Could Jean-Le              to the number of books ordered and their
          Maigre be a portrayal of Blais herself?    shipping destinations.
        • What role does the use of black                We wish you all bonne lecture! Please
          humor play in this work? Would it have     write and let us know news of your Book
          as much artistic value if this were not    Club Meetings. You may also write to me
          used?                                      for further discussion questions or for an
        For analyses of this work, see the           exchange of ideas at: [delsonkaran@
    following sources:                     ].
        Robertson Davies, “A Season in the Life                          Myrna Delson-Karan
    of Emmanuel.” New York Times Book                                    Region I Representative
4                                                                        Vol. 30, No. 4 (April 2005)